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Wardrobe Essential: 12 Best Blazers for Men

The blazer is essential, versatile enough to work with jeans or chinos, and ready for date night and work day pursuits. Find your new favorite option here.

Business Casual Attire for Men: How to Dress Well in 2024

Business casual is neither too stuffy or formal, nor too laidback – think of it like a middle ground, one that works at a large majority of offices these days. Here's how to do it the right way.

13 Best Durable Work Pants for Men

Work pants aren’t made for a life of leisure – they’re made to get the job done. Here are our top picks including helpful information on choosing the right pair for your situation.

11 Best Men’s Bomber Jackets Pay Homage to a Classic

Favored by pilots, the bomber jacket is a durable military staple turned into a versatile must-have for the modern man.

11 Best Electric Plasma Lighters: Ditch the Fuel

Electric lighters get the job done much faster and safer, and provide you with an eco-friendly solution for lighting up anything you want.

9 Best Men’s Wool Pants: Dressy & Warm

More refined than jeans and warmer than chinos, wool pants add durability to a wardrobe – they’re dressy yet fit for cooler weather.

15 Best Men’s Work Jackets to Keep You Warm & Protected

A good workwear jacket will keep out the cold and wind while offering extra protection against impact, abrasion, and safety hazards. Here are our top picks.

10 Best Men’s Leather Duffle Bags

Tough, handsome, and built for adventure. Leather adds something special to a duffle bag. Here are the best available.

Best Dress Shirts for Men: 11 Brands to Focus On

One thing tends to hold true across the years and seasons: there will certainly come a time when you need a quality dress shirt on your back. Here are the best brands to shop.

11 Best Chambray Shirts for Men

The chambray shirt has all the trappings of a classic buttondown shirt, but with textured cotton fabric and a rugged, timeless feel inspired by classic workwear. Here are our favorites.

13 Best Mystery Books of All Time

Bloody and perplexing crimes, clever detectives, and plot twists that’ll break your neck... the best mystery books according to a published author.

The Best Boots for Men in 2024: Types to Own & Brands to Know

To help you start your search on the right foot, we present iconic boot brands new and old that’ll round out your footwear rotation properly.

12 Best Black Jeans for Men: Versatile & Slightly Edgy

When you want a touch more edge and visual appeal than classic blue jeans, the right pair of black jeans can prove a nice change of pace.

12 Best Box Cutters & Utility Knives

The best utility knives are built to be sturdy, speedily deployed, and available to cut at a moment’s notice.

11 Best Rugged Denim Shirts for Men

Channel the OG workwear roots of the denim shirt with one of our favorite picks from classic Levi's to the modern stylings of Todd Snyder.

9 Best Cord Organizers to Throw in Your Bag

Tame that mess in your everyday bag with a handful of cable ties to keep everything organized and untangled.

13 Best EDC Pocket Pry Bars

A pry bar is the kind of tool you’ll use often, and if you don’t have one on hand, you’ll end up sweating and struggling and wishing you’d thought to carry one. Here are our favorites.

8 Best Corduroy Pants for Men

Don’t associate corduroy pants with getting dressed up to go to school. Today’s top styles feature modern stretch and clean designs for a flattering look.

15 Best Classic Chino Pants for Men

Chino pants deliver classic style and easy wearability with everything from a T-shirt or rugged henley to a crisp Oxford shirt (and beyond). We present our top picks.

13 Best Laptop Backpacks for Men

If a laptop is one of your daily essentials, consider one of these backpacks tailor made for protecting the device during transit.