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16 Best Casual Loafers for Men

Loafers class things up while keeping that casual look that guys strive for. A true staple for any wardrobe. The best are in this list.

12 Best Men’s Sandals & Flip Flops

Step into a pair of sandals or flip-flops when the air is warm and days laid-back. Here are our top picks for the season.

9 Best Men’s Gym Shorts for Better Workouts

An excellent pair of athletic shorts provide moisture-wicking capabilities, are lightweight, breathable and durable. Here are top brands that know how to achieve this.

15 Best Polo Shirts for Men

The classic polo shirt is one of the true staples of every man's wardrobe. It was tough to curate, but our top picks will impress.

9 Best Slip-on Shoes for Men

A sneaker with the convenience of simply slipping it on is what we enjoy in the warmer months. Grab a pair from this list.

10 Best Men’s Shorts for Summer

Guys need a varied selection of shorts in their wardrobe. From casual lounge, to tailored chinos, boardshorts and running shorts. The options are endless, but we help narrow down the options.

15 Best Men’s Clothing Brands for 2024

The best clothing brands fill an essential need by doing one thing–or several things–well. Stay current with this essential list of the best men's brands to shop now.

10 Best Plain Black T-Shirts for Men

The simple black t-shirt is one of those staples that goes with just about anything. Grab two or three from this stellar list.

14 Best Dopp Kits and Toiletry Bags for Men

Our top dopp kit picks for hauling around your random selection of travel essentials.

10 Best Carabiner Keychains to Clip Your Keys Into

Carabiner keychains are a low-key and ultra-versatile way to carry your keys. Here are our top picks for this practical piece of kit for your everyday carry.

8 Best Hybrid Shorts for Men

Hybrid shorts sit somewhere in between performance, athletic and chill-out summer casual. A staple for the summer months. Find a pair from our top picks.

21 Best Men’s Backpacks for Work, Travel & School

There is a backpack made for virtually every purpose and style preference. Here are the best we've come across.

11 Best Plain Baseball Caps for Men

Sometimes you don't want to advertise anything on your hat. You want a plain baseball cap that looks great with anything and protects. Here are the best.

13 Best Bottle Openers to Keep On Hand

Pry open your beer, soda, or whatever with one of our top unique bottle opener picks. Some have a single function and others are handy multi-tools.

10 Best Men’s Slides for Summer Pursuits

Slides are tailor-made for warm-weather excursions, like beach days and boating trips. Here's a short list of the best around.

12 Best Slim Wallets for Men

Here are our top picks for those slim, minimal wallets you need to start carrying. Leather, carbon fiber and aluminum options are covered.

15 Best Short Sleeve Button-up Shirts for Men

Keep cool in the summer but still achieve that put together look you crave with this selection of top button-up short sleeve shirts.

9 Best Men’s Moisture Wicking Workout T-shirts

Enhance your warm weather workouts with a moisture-wicking T-shirt. They absorb sweat and keep you feeling cool.

16 Best Weekender Duffle Bags for Men

Here's our curated list of the best weekender duffel bag options for those quick trips.

Best Workout Clothes for Men: 10 Brands Blending Performance & Style

Today’s top workout brands use dependable performance features while also incorporating a touch of style for your next gym session. Here are the best.

10 Best Camp Collar (aka Cuban Collar) Shirts for Men

The retro camp collar shirt is perfect for casually cool summer style. Here is a selection of the best for this season.

Best Jeans for Men: 14 Brands Doing it Right

There might not be a men’s style essential that gets more work day in and day out than the classic blue jean. Here are our favorite brands to consider.

12 Best Men’s Linen Pants for Summer

The cool, casual look and feel of linen pants is hard to beat. Our favorite brands do them well.

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As a long-time reader and author, I present a list of what I consider to be the “Best Fantasy Books of All Time” so you, too, can dive deep into my favorite genre and experience the wonder and adventure for yourself.

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