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10 Best Camp Collar (aka Cuban Collar) Shirts for Men

The retro camp collar shirt is perfect for casually cool summer style. Here is a selection of the best for this season.

Best Jeans for Men: 14 Brands Doing it Right

There might not be a men’s style essential that gets more work day in and day out than the classic blue jean. Here are our favorite brands to consider.

12 Best Men’s Linen Pants for Summer

The cool, casual look and feel of linen pants is hard to beat. Our favorite brands do them well.

The 21 Best Fantasy Books of All Time (Start with These)

As a long-time reader and author, I present a list of what I consider to be the “Best Fantasy Books of All Time” so you, too, can dive deep into my favorite genre and experience the wonder and adventure for yourself.

14 Best No-Show Socks for Men (That won’t slip)

No-show socks work well in the warmer months of summer, and they save your feet from stinky situations brought on by wearing no sock at all. The best don't slip. Here are the best.

The Best Men’s Linen Shorts for Summer Polish

For casual, put-together style in the summer heat, consider a pair of linen shorts from our list of the best.

The Best EDC Gear: 30 Everyday Carry Tools

Everyday carry options are endless. From flashlights to pocket knives and multi-tools, we help narrow down EDC choices so you only collect the best kit.

10 Best Sun Hats for Men: Portable Shade for Summer

Let's face it, sun hats aren't the coolest look, but the benefits truly outweigh the lack of style points. Here are our favorites.

15 Best Men’s Clothing Brands for 2024

The best clothing brands fill an essential need by doing one thing–or several things–well. Stay current with this essential list of the best men's brands to shop now.

10 Best Men’s Boat Shoes Deliver Grip & Comfort

Between dressy loafers and casual canvas kicks sits the boat shoe. More polished than sneakers yet more comfortable than loafers, they’re versatile as can be.

29 Cool Gadgets for Men You Can Buy Right Now

Here's a cross-section of outstanding innovations & clever creations, all designed to make tomorrow better, simpler & smarter than yesterday.

12 Best Hip Flasks for Discreet Drinking

Hip flasks are a great choice for bringing something with a bit more kick wherever you go, yet remain discreetly tucked away until you need it.

15 Best Polo Shirts for Men

The classic polo shirt is one of the true staples of every man's wardrobe. It was tough to curate, but our top picks will impress.

Announcing Our New Book: For Good Measure (A Diabetic Cookbook)

Cookbook options are endless except for the over 37 million Americans living with diabetes. Here are 80 flavorful recipes to inspire someone on your holiday list to start the new year right.

11 Best Passport Holders & Wallets for Traveling Men

The passport wallet’s versatile design ensures they have enough space to accommodate all your travel documents, cash, cards, and IDs in one place.

16 Best Men’s Swim Trunks for Summer

Fall into summer with one of the best swim shorts to round out your warm weather wardrobe.

12 Best Pocket T-shirts for Men

The pocket tee takes the standard T-shirt and gives it a bit more flair and visual interest. It’s a classically cool piece that’s only gotten better over time.

9 Best Slip-on Shoes for Men

A sneaker with the convenience of simply slipping it on is what we enjoy in the warmer months. Grab a pair from this list.

10 Best Men’s Shorts for Summer

Guys need a varied selection of shorts in their wardrobe. From casual lounge, to tailored chinos, boardshorts and running shorts. The options are endless, but we help narrow down the options.

8 Best Men’s Ratchet Belts: Ditch the Holes for a Better Fit

Featuring teeth placed along the strap, and a ratcheting mechanism that locks onto those teeth, ratchet belts are ideal for getting just the right fit.

8 Best Men’s Lightweight Jackets for Spring

Think of the lightweight jacket as your daily driver – it’s not quite the jacket you’d wear on a mountain hike, and it’s got a bit more fashion thrown in the mix, too.

10 Best Cookbooks for Every Man’s Kitchen

Compiling a list of the 10-best is obviously subjective, but these cookbooks are noteworthy across general categories every man's kitchen would benefit from.

12 Best Sneaker Boots for Men

A sneaker boot is a lightweight pair of footwear that blends both the comfort and cushion of a sneaker with the upper of a boot. Here are some of the best options.

10 Best Men’s Tank Tops for the Gym & Beach

A symbol of old-school toughness when worn by boxers and runners in days gone by, tank tops these days are largely unchanged and highly functional for the gym.

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