Best Workout Clothes for Men: 10 Brands Blending Performance & Style

By Beau Hayhoe  |  Updated June 4, 2024

Best Workout Clothes for Men: 10 Brands Blending Performance & Style

It’s often quite easy to figure out what’s leading to gains and what’s leading to a plateau in your workout routine. Is it as easy to figure the best workout brands to wear in pursuit of those gains?

In my experience, the answer is a resounding yes – if a brand delivers the performance you need, you can tell right away. And while the market is crowded, there are some hard-working brands that rise straight to the top.

  • Go beyond the swoosh: There are plenty of trusted workout brands on the market beyond just the world’s heavy hitters, each with their own sense of performance and style.
  • Form and function at once: Today’s top workout brands use dependable performance features while also incorporating a touch of style for your next gym session, from color to pattern and more.
  • Made to last: Many of my favorite workout brands make their flagship styles in multiple colors and designs, the better to power your workouts multiple days a week without missing a beat.

The best workout brands blend performance (like moisture-wicking fabric) with useful silhouettes based on the activity at hand. And unlike days gone by – where a cut-off college logo tee might suffice – there’s something deeper at play.

The best workout brands tend to use cool colors and designs for a (slight) dash of style. These are the brands I prefer, and you should train and gear up accordingly.


Best Known For: Designing some of the best-fitting, best-performing workout gear on the market, including proprietary stretch fabrics, in a vast array of colors.

The act of training isn’t often all that fun, but Vuori brings some enthusiasm to the process – along with plenty of performance.

Using incredibly lightweight fabrics and its own formula for 4-way stretch, Vuori makes workout tees, gym shorts and hoodies fit for weightlifting, distance running and more.

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Ten Thousand

Best Known For: Designing and then rigorously testing durable, all-purpose workout gear that can stand up to distance running, weight training, team sports and more.

If you happen to be on the hunt for a few crucial, versatile pieces that really can do it all, Ten Thousand is easily one of the best workout brands to add to your rotation.

In my experience, the brand’s gear is ridiculously tough, wicking away moisture and maintaining its fabric quality after loads of repeat wash & wear.


Best Known For: Bringing old-school, vintage designs into the 21st century, merging retro cool with modern performance fabrics and training silhouettes.

There’s an indefinable quality to the athletic gear of days gone by, in looks if not in performance materials.

What if a brand served up the best of both worlds?

Tracksmith draws inspiration from collegiate running and training gear of decades past, then uses its own proprietary materials for maximum utility.


Best Known For: Making some of the most buzzed-about, best-performing running and training shoes in a crowded field, complete with a full lineup of accessories and gear fit for every run.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen a pair or two (or more) of On shoes at your gym or track. The brand’s futuristic running and training shoes seem to be everywhere, and they’ve also expanded into a line of performance gear that complements every rep of your next workout and every step of your run.

Outdoor Voices

Best Known For: Taking a distinctly modern approach to workout gear, designing fun, functional pieces in vibrant colors while focusing on sustainability.

It can be tricky to make waves in a crowded market of the best workout brands, but Outdoor Voices has captured the attention of those who want performance gear with a mix of both minimal and stylish options.

Sustainability is also at the core of the brand, and its workout gear suits every training situation imaginable.


Best Known For: Powering your workout from the ground up with tough-as-nails, comfort-focused footwear and complementary training gear for multiple scenarios.

NOBULL takes workout footwear seriously, crafting everything from golf shoes to running shoes to traditional training shoes. They also take the act of working out in general seriously, at least in terms ‘of designing rugged, functional shorts, tops and outer layers.


Best Known For: Offering an affordable yet training-focused shopping experience for guys looking for gear built for everything from swimming to running and biking.

Can a workout brand be all things to all people? Gymshark is certainly giving that approach a shot, designing dependable performance wear for swimming, running, hiking and more, often using bold colors and graphics for the guy who values an eye-catching look on the road or at the gym.


Best Known For: Building a range of workout gear built for an active lifestyle from point A to point B, including training shorts, travel-ready joggers and stylish workout tees.

Lululemon was once known mainly as a women’s workout brand, but they’ve shifted into high gear as one of the best workout brands for men.

They’ve focused on excellent fits and a wide variety of styles, covering you from brisk morning training sessions to long hours at the gym, from sweats and joggers to track jackets.


Best Known For: Taking a non-traditional approach to running gear by fusing streetwear-type styles with modern trends, all crafted from useful performance fabrics using materials like Dyneema.

Running is, by nature, a global community, and the act of running can quite literally unlock a runner’s high – both are at the core of what Satisfy does.

The brand takes an irreverent approach to running gear, blending the worlds of GORP-core (or hiking) fashion with streetwear and athletic functionality. 


Best Known For: Pioneering the craft of hard-working athletic gear, first for boxers and then for athletes everywhere, particularly including its iconic hoodies and sweatpants.

Want to hit the gym in a way that calls to mind the training sessions of yesteryear? It’s hard to go wrong with Champion, the legendary athletic brand that now makes moisture-wicking, reliable workout staples in addition to its famed selection of hard-wearing hoodies and sweatpants.

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