Gear Buying Guides

“Gear” is a broadly used term. In the case of our buying guides, we use it to cover everything from the tools you use daily to the bags you carry to the gadgets that power your life and much more. Only the best in class are contained in these guides and we update them regularly.

14 Best Dopp Kits and Toiletry Bags for Men

Our top dopp kit picks for hauling around your random selection of travel essentials.

10 Best Carabiner Keychains to Clip Your Keys Into

Carabiner keychains are a low-key and ultra-versatile way to carry your keys. Here are our top picks for this practical piece of kit for your everyday carry.

21 Best Men’s Backpacks for Work, Travel & School

There is a backpack made for virtually every purpose and style preference. Here are the best we've come across.

13 Best Bottle Openers to Keep On Hand

Pry open your beer, soda, or whatever with one of our top unique bottle opener picks. Some have a single function and others are handy multi-tools.

12 Best Slim Wallets for Men

Here are our top picks for those slim, minimal wallets you need to start carrying. Leather, carbon fiber and aluminum options are covered.

16 Best Weekender Duffle Bags for Men

Here's our curated list of the best weekender duffel bag options for those quick trips.

The 21 Best Fantasy Books of All Time (Start with These)

As a long-time reader and author, I present a list of what I consider to be the “Best Fantasy Books of All Time” so you, too, can dive deep into my favorite genre and experience the wonder and adventure for yourself.

The Best EDC Gear: 30 Everyday Carry Tools

Everyday carry options are endless. From flashlights to pocket knives and multi-tools, we help narrow down EDC choices so you only collect the best kit.

29 Cool Gadgets for Men You Can Buy Right Now

Here's a cross-section of outstanding innovations & clever creations, all designed to make tomorrow better, simpler & smarter than yesterday.

12 Best Hip Flasks for Discreet Drinking

Hip flasks are a great choice for bringing something with a bit more kick wherever you go, yet remain discreetly tucked away until you need it.

Announcing Our New Book: For Good Measure (A Diabetic Cookbook)

Cookbook options are endless except for the over 37 million Americans living with diabetes. Here are 80 flavorful recipes to inspire someone on your holiday list to start the new year right.

11 Best Passport Holders & Wallets for Traveling Men

The passport wallet’s versatile design ensures they have enough space to accommodate all your travel documents, cash, cards, and IDs in one place.

10 Best Cookbooks for Every Man’s Kitchen

Compiling a list of the 10-best is obviously subjective, but these cookbooks are noteworthy across general categories every man's kitchen would benefit from.

The 14 Best Graphic Novels of All Time (Start with These)

Graphic novels combine the literary complexity of the written word with the visual engagement of artwork, which, put together, creates a form of fiction that can sometimes be far richer, deeper, and more compelling than either art or the written word alone.

10 Best Murder Mystery Books of All Time

Murder mysteries are one of the oldest forms of modern fiction. Since Edgar Allan Poe penned The Murders of Rue Morgue and the “whodunit” genre was born, it has grown to become—and remain for nearly 200 years—one of the most popular genres of fiction.

12 Best Horror Books of All Time (Start with These)

Sometimes, you just need a good old fashioned scare in your life. A proper horror tale that will give you the chills. Try one of these. They are some of the best ever written.

37 Best Coffee Table Books for Men

Great coffee table books—ones that inspire & entertain, add depth and dimension to our homes. They offer insight to our tastes and interests. Here is a selection of some of the best.

14 Best Fanny Packs for Men aka Belt Bags & Hip Packs

Today's fanny packs have been given a major facelift to not only look elegant, but also deliver maximum functionality. Here are a handful of the best options.

15 Best Multitools to Keep On Hand

Multitools are an essential tool most guys like to keep within arm's reach. Here are our top picks, covering many different purposes from quality brands such as Leatherman, Gerber and CRKT.

10 Best Thriller Books of All Time

Thriller books bring a high degree of excitement and anticipation, a speedily-moving plot, and high stakes, which combine to make for stories you just can’t put down. Here are my favorites.

13 Best Key Holders: Small Cases for Organization

Key cases are designed to keep keys neatly corralled and organized in a single, enclosed organizer. They’re the ideal solution for minimizing the amount of space keys take up.

14 Best Work Gloves for Men

Here's our list of the best work gloves to keep your hands protected no matter what you’re doing.

13 Best Leather Briefcases for Men

We researched and created this list of the very best leather briefcases for every price range.

11 Best Electric Plasma Lighters: Ditch the Fuel

Electric lighters get the job done much faster and safer, and provide you with an eco-friendly solution for lighting up anything you want.

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