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16 Best Dopp Kits and Toiletry Bags for Men

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated November 29, 2023

16 Best Dopp Kits and Toiletry Bags for Men
Courtesy of Billykirk

If there’s one thing a guy like me can’t live without when away from home, it’s my toiletries and grooming products.

You might be thinking: “I’m not like that! I don’t haul a full skincare regimen or a metric ton of cosmetics around with me everywhere I go.”

Well of course you don’t, because that’s not the sort of thing we guys need.  However, there are still a select few accessories that we just can’t do without.

Here are my favorite small bags to store those items in.

  • Century-old design: When first introduced nearly 100 years ago, Dopp kits were a spacious leather upgrade to the roll-up canvas kits distributed by the U.S. military to their servicemen and women.
  • Sized for travel: Though they need to be large enough to house all your toiletries and grooming essentials, they’re typically built small enough to fit in any backpack, duffel bag, or weekender bag.
  • Practical storage space: Dopp kits are built to store your basic toiletries (electric or manual toothbrush, shaving cream, beard oils, etc.) and feature modern interior materials that protect the kit in case of spills or leaks.

Best Overall Dopp Kit

Bellroy Toiletry Kit

Why did I choose it?

Eco-friendly, water-resistant, and ultra-tough—what’s not to love about this Dopp kit? Features like tough nylon grab loops, interior pockets, and an easy-clean interior make this a shoo-in for my favorite. 

Best Waterproof Dopp Kit
RAINS Wash Bag

Best Leather Dopp Kit
Kodiak Buffalo Leather Dopp

Best Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit
Billy Kirk No. 258 Standard Issue Toiletry Bag

Best Premium Dopp Kit
Lundi Juliet Toiletry Bag

Best Inexpensive Dopp Kit
Herschel Chapter Travel Kit

Best Silicone Dopp Kit
Tooletries The Koby Dopp Kit

Best Overall Dopp Kit

Bellroy Toiletry Kit


Bellroy does some amazing things with wallets, so it’s no surprise that they make a Dopp kit that stands out from the pack.

This stylish kit is made using an ultra-tough water-resistant woven synthetic fabric, using all recycled materials (can you “eco-friendly awesome”?). The water-resistant interior lining is easy to clean with just a quick wipe, and the mesh pockets will help to maximize organization and keep everything secure inside the kit. There’s even a toothbrush sleeve with a magnetic closure—perfect for making sure you’ve always got a spare toothbrush, just in case.

One thing you’re going to love: the nylon grab loops are designed for one-finger carry, so you can bring it to the bathroom along with your towel, change of clothes, and any other essentials. It’s definitely one of the toughest, most versatile, most reliable options I’ve found.

Best Waterproof Dopp Kit

RAINS Wash Bag


This Danish-designed bag is just what you need if you’re heading out into wet or rainy conditions but want to keep everything dry. Made from fully waterproof fabric (a blend of polyurethane and polyester), it’s tough enough to stand up to direct downpours—heck, I’ve taken it out on on lakes, rivers, even the ocean. It’s the perfect kit for kayakers and canoers like me.

I love that despite its sturdy, waterproof build, it’s still a good-looking kit that will pair well with stylish luggage sets or a rugged all-terrain backpack.

The smart matte finish gives it a minimalist look I particularly like, and the webbing grab handle offers a secure way to carry it anywhere I go. Best of all, the internal sleeve offers excellent organization for all toiletries and grooming essentials.

Best Leather Dopp Kit

Kodiak Buffalo Leather Dopp


If you want tough, well, let me tell you, it doesn’t get tougher than water buffalo leather. This kit is made using 100% top grain water buffalo leather, which is naturally water-resistant and capable of adapting to various temperatures. Whether you’re packing for a tropical getaway or a snowboarding trip, this kit will be up for the adventure.

I liked how roomy it was, a bit larger than the standard toiletry kit with expandable sides that let me stuff it nearly to bursting with both toiletries and a few important travel items.

The dual interior compartments make organizing everything easy, and the internal zippered pocket is great for securely storing items you don’t want sliding around or bumping against (like my contact lenses case).

Best Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit

Billy Kirk No. 258 Standard Issue Toiletry Bag


This beautiful Dopp kit is a throwback to the classics, designed to look and feel like the kits issued to infantrymen in World War II. Made with waxed canvas, it’s both lightweight and incredibly durable, with a natural water-resistance guaranteed to keep your precious essentials protected. Thanks to the full-grain leather bottom, your kit will be scuff-resistant and sophisticated in its appearance.

The bag is easy to clean inside and out, with a water-resistant nylon lining that can be wiped or washed in seconds. Thanks to the tubular webbing used for the handle, you can grab and go trusting the handle will never break or fray. It’s a classy piece of gear that you’ll always be happy to pack.

Best Premium Dopp Kit

Lundi Juliet Toiletry Bag


Upgrade your travel gear with this luxurious and eye-catching toiletry bag.

Crafted from semi-vegetable-tanned full-grain leather and pure recycled felt, the bag is smooth and soft to the touch but tough enough to survive any holiday abroad.

The polyester canvas inner lining protects your toiletries from impact and the case from leaks and spills. For a pop of color, the cognac leather accents add a classy touch.

Inside, it offers a main storage compartment for your regular toiletries, and zippered pocket to store your razors, scissors, and other flat tools. It’s as convenient as it is gorgeous.

Best Inexpensive Dopp Kit

Herschel Chapter Travel Kit


For guys who want a good-looking Dopp kit with space enough to carry all their essentials, the Herschel Chapter Travel Kit is just the thing for you. It’s a beautiful item both inside and out: a blend of sleek black exterior and signature striped interior liner that screams elegance and masculinity. Plus, it’s got more than enough storage space for everything you need to take on your week-long international vacation or overnight trip, plus an internal mesh storage sleeve that makes organization a breeze.

You’ll particularly like the over-sized carry handle, as well as the pebbled leather zipper pull. Both are small features, but add a versatility and durability that makes this one of our all-time favorite Dopp kits.

Best Silicone Dopp Kit

Tooletries The Koby Dopp Kit


I can guarantee you’ve never encountered a toiletry kit quite like this one! Instead of using leather or nylon, the case uses an ultra-tough silicone that has a leather-like feel, but which offers the sort of impermeable water-resistance that only silicone can. Plus, it’s very light and tinted in bright, eye-catching colors.

Even after all my extensive use and testing, the heavy-duty zipper just refused to break, rust, or snag, no matter how rough I was with it.

I love the roomy interior, which has more than space enough to store all my travel essentials—more than most of the other Dopp kits I tested, in fact. Plus, it’s not only easy to clean inside and out, but it’s naturally bacteria-resistant so I never had to worry about germs collecting on my toothbrush, comb, toothpaste, and other toiletries.

Topo Designs Dopp Kit


This triangle-shaped Dopp kit is designed for easy accessibility. Simply place it on your bathroom counter, open the zipper, and everything will be instantly within reach—no need to fumble around or dig through its contents. I liked how roomy it was for its size, with 3L of space that allows you to carry more than just the basics.

The exterior is made of tough synthetic fabric, with a nylon pack cloth liner that will help to keep everything dry and organized. It’s soft enough to flex and bend when you’re packing it, perfect for stuffing into a small corner of your suitcase or backpack.

Mack Weldon Nova Travel Kit


My son is a very eco-conscious young man (he even composts!), so this made for the ideal birthday gift for him.

The entire kit, inside and out, is made using 100% recycled materials. In fact, the production of each kit guarantees that at least three bottles are recycled and put to good use. As if that wasn’t “green” enough, each kit comes with travel-sized bottles that are A) made of recycled plastic, and B) refillable to reduce plastic waste.

Add to that the other practical features—a water-resistant exterior, water-resistant zipper, no-slip rubberized bottom, sturdy grab handle, and easy-cleaning interior and exterior—and it was a gift my son loved from Day One.

Huckberry x Mystery Ranch Spiff Kit


For guys who want gear purpose-built for their next hiking, camping, backpacking, or mountaineering adventure, I bring to you the Huckberry x Mystery Ranch Spiff Kit.

Built from durable 210d Hitra Robic nylon, it’s tough but also wonderfully versatile. I love the multi-functional design—it can be used as a Dopp kit for toiletries but also a packing cube for socks and underwear or a tech organizer as part of your daily loadout.

The camo print on the outside is a lovely touch for hunters like me, but the inside is what I really came to love. Divided zipper pockets, layered internal divisions, elastic storage loops, and an easy-to-clean lining made it very easy to secure everything I want to pack in place so it doesn’t slide around in my backpack. It is designed to “do it all”, and I have to agree that it lives up to that claim.

Aer Travel Kit


If you’re the kind of guy who likes to keep everything in precisely the right place, this is the Dopp kit for you! With two interior zippered pockets, elastic organizers, and quick-access front and back pockets, you’ve got plenty of ways to make sure that all of your grooming and self-care essentials are right where you want them when you want them. There’s even a toothbrush holder built into the bag’s exterior—perfect for keeping it handy for airplane/train freshen-ups.

The bag is made from 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon, which shrugs off rain and moisture. The interior water-resistant lining adds an extra layer of protection for all your toiletries to keep them dry as a bone even in the worst downpour. At just 0.4 pounds, it’s ultra-lightweight but tough enough to deliver years of hard use.

Heimplanet Carry Essentials Dopp Kit


This little Dopp kit is sized perfectly for trips when you want to take just the essentials and are operating with limited luggage space. At just 24 x 15 x 10 cm, it weighs just 350 grams and offers 1.5L of storage space—enough for the basics and nothing more. However, it’s perfect for keeping in your carry-on luggage because you can fit all TSA-approved-sized bottles in the kit and take everything you need for your trip.

The kit is made from 800D x 660D nylon polyurethane, with a 300D x 150D polyester lining to keep your items from bumping or cracking. The YKK Water-R zipper is both water and rust-repellent, so it won’t matter if the kit gets wet. It’s suitable for both a travel kit for all your toiletries or your electronics, keeping everything inside neatly organized and totally dry.

Filson Ripstop Nylon Travel Pack


Worried your Dopp kit isn’t up to the rigors of camping, hiking, or extended ocean voyages or downriver kayaking trips? With this Filson travel pack, that will never be a concern again.

It’s made from ultra-tough 500D Cordura ripstop nylon, and my testing proved that it’s both scuff- and abrasion-resistant. There’s also the webbing grab handle that survived just about anything the great outdoors threw at me. Oh, and did I mention that it’s also very water-resistant?

The YKK Aqua Guard zipper adds extra waterproofing, and it’s designed to give you access from three sides so you can easily get at the kit’s contents in a matter of seconds. I particularly liked the elastic loops and interior zippered mesh pockets that provide storage and organization solutions that even an ultra-neat man like me can appreciate.

Nomatic Toiletry Bag 2.0


Sleek, minimalist, and travel-friendly: those are the best words to describe this Nomatic Dopp kit. Available in two sizes (small and regular), it’s both water-resistant and incredibly durable, able to withstand rough baggage handling or the rigors of camping life. The zippers have all been reinforced for extra durability and waterproofing, and even if you end up floating down a river, you’ll never have to worry about the bag leaking.

The hanging strap is optional (you might not need it if you’re taking it in your carry-on), but you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the dedicated toothbrush pocket to keep your most important items close at hand. Thanks to the multiple interior pockets, you can organize and sort all your grooming products and toiletries with ease.

Bennet Winch Leather Wash Bag


For guys looking for a splurge, this premium-grade luxury leather Dopp kit is worth considering.

It’s made using full grain Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and I have yet to test any kit that can match its buttery-soft and silky smooth hand-feel. The interior is lined with nylon (also Italian-made) to give it natural waterproofing and to protect the luxurious leather.

Contrasting against the black leather, the brass hardware and RiRi zipper shine even brighter and stand out even more.

What made this such a great option for me was the clip in/out zipped wet compartment. I was able to pack my beard clipper (and all the attachments) for my working holiday, and everything remained organized and easily accessible.

Even though the kit requires regular maintenance (cleaning, rubbing out scuffs, and conditioning the leather), it’s backed by a lifetime promise to take care of any significant repairs.

Barebones Neelum Dopp Kit


Take one look at this gorgeously rugged Dopp kit, and you’re likely to fall in love with it as much as I did. It combines flexible and waterproof waxed canvas with full grain cow leather, pairing form with function in a delightfully stylish way.

The interior is simple: just one roomy compartment that you can fill with as much as you need to carry. Zip up the industrial grade zipper and everything inside is protected from even direct rainfall.

But it’s the exterior I particularly like. Both leather and waxed canvas develop a patina with age. The more I used it, the more complex the patina became. It’s a truly unique Dopp kit and adds a touch of flair to your travel gear.

What do guys put in a dopp kit?

To start, there’s deodorant—you’d better have it handy, especially if you’re a heavy sweater like me. Then there’s toothpaste and a toothbrush, critical for keeping your breath pleasant. I also pack of floss and maybe a tin of mints or bottle of mouthwash—oral hygiene really matters for our overall health, my dudes.

For those of us with beards, we’re going to need at least the bare essentials of a bottle of beard oil and/or beard balm. Maybe some styling wax for our beard and/or hair. Probably a comb or brush, just to get out the tangles in our hair and beard, plus a razor or shaver for when that facial hair needs a trim. And because we men should be conscious of our good looks, too, maybe a “skin serum for men” just to keep the wrinkles and sun spots at bay.

And would you look at that, you’ve got enough to carry around that you can’t just throw it into your backpack and call it a day!

That’s why Dopp kits are one of the most purchased items for guys.

Who invented the dopp kit?

Dopp kits—named after leatherworker Charles Doppelt, who designed the case in 1926—are a must-have for any guy who travels. Whether you’re staying overnight at your girlfriend’s, heading out of town on a business trip, or taking a whirlwind tour of the world, you need a kit to pack all your grooming essentials.

A Dopp kit is the guy-friendly solution for carrying around everything you need to stay well-groomed and looking and smelling fresh all trip long.

What are the best dopp kits?

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the absolute best Dopp kits for men. These kits run the gamut from leather to canvas to synthetic fabrics, and give you plenty of options for both size and style.

Check out our list below to find the perfect Dopp kit to take with you on your next trip.

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