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12 Best Laptop Sleeves & Slim Cases

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated November 29, 2023

12 Best Laptop Sleeves & Slim Cases
Courtesy of Native Union

Face it: every time you take your laptop out into the world—to ride the bus, take a flight, or even use around the office—you put the delicate electronics at risk.

All it takes is one bump, bang, impact, or drop, and your pricey portable is toast.

Which is why a laptop sleeve or case is one of the best investments you can make.

  • Sleeves are usually soft and flexible, cases usually feature a hard interior structure. (Though there are exceptions to the rule) Sleeves are typically designed to fit inside most backpacks and briefcases, while cases tend to be thicker and take up a great deal more space (slightly less portable).
  • Padding is everything. The best sleeves and cases are designed with a layer of interior padding that will provide impact-protection to keep your electronics safe in case you drop them or someone (like a bike messenger or e-scooter rider) crashes into you.
  • Don’t forget the soft inner liner. With a soft fabric (like terrycloth or microfiber) to line the interior of the sleeve or case, the case of your laptop will be protected against scuffs, scrapes, and scratches.

Laptop sleeves and cases will add an extra layer of protection against everything life can throw at you: drops, spills, rain, collisions, you name it.

They cost just a fraction of what you’d have to spend on a new computer and will save you so much time and headache in the long run.

Below, I’ve assembled a list of the best laptop sleeves and cases that will help your computer stay as safe as possible any and every time you venture out from the safety of your home.

Best Overall Laptop Case

Bellroy Laptop Caddy

Why did I choose it?

A soft-touch interior lining, extra-thick padding, mesh inner pockets, and a water-resistant, vegan-friendly exterior shell combine to make this a truly hard-wearing and ultra-protective solution for transporting your laptop safely everywhere you go.

Best Ultra-slim Sleeve
Native Union Stow Slim Laptop Sleeve

Best Inexpensive Sleeve
Voova 13 Laptop Sleeve

Most Protective Laptop Case
Thule Gauntlet Attache

Best Overall Laptop Case

Bellroy Laptop Caddy


If Bellroy’s Laptop Sleeve (see later in this article) caught your eye but you want a bit more protection than what the sleeve has to offer, their Laptop Caddy is an excellent choice.

The interior laptop pocket features thick padding that will keep your computer very safe on your daily commute or international flight. Thanks to the water-resistant fabric and zipper, you can take it out into the rain or snow without fear.

The soft-touch interior lining offers good scratch-protection, and you’ll love all the extra storage space you get from the mesh pockets and mesh pen slips.

It’s also vegan-friendly, made with no animal products. And, as with all Bellroy goods, it’s backed by a 3-year warranty that proves its durability and reliability.

Best Ultra-slim Sleeve

Native Union Stow Slim Laptop Sleeve


Trim down your daily loadout with this gorgeously slim sleeve by Native Union. The Stow Slim is thinner than your laptop, and will slide easily in and out of whatever backpack or briefcase you take to and from work on your commute.

Though it’s a bit sparse on padding, the recycled nylon canvas exterior and soft quilted interior offer sturdy protection against scuffs and scrapes.

The magnetic closure ensures that when the sleeve is closed, it stays that way no matter how hard you run or cycle.

Thanks to the exterior pocket, you’ve got instant access to your notebooks, sketch pads, or legal pads. Available in sizes from 12 to 16” MacBooks, it’s a great investment in protecting your valuable electronics.

Best Inexpensive Sleeve

Voova 13 Laptop Sleeve


Voova’s storage sleeve offers some of the best protection of any on our list, not to mention a whole lot of convenience coupled with a price we can all appreciate.

The hard concave edge of the case will cradle the edges of your computer and keep it from sliding around while also shielding it from harm in case of a drop or fall. The multiple layers of polyester foam padding and the nylon fabric lining (both interior and waterproof exterior) will double down on protectiveness to ensure your laptop is as safe as possible.

On the outside, you get two extra pockets for your daily accessories (mouse, cables, hard drive, cellphone, and so on) as well as a built-in grab handle so you can easily carry it around or pull it out of your backpack. It’s the best-priced and most budget-friendly offering on our list.

Most Protective Laptop Case

Thule Gauntlet Attache


If you need a case that can survive the gauntlet you run every day while commuting to and from the office or traveling for work, Thule has one more than up to the task.

Designed as a molded attaché case, the Gauntlet features a rigid exterior, extra-protective edges and corners, a clamshell design that lets you work with your laptop still in the case, and both grab handles and a shoulder strap.

As if that wasn’t already enough, the case comes with internal pockets that offer you flexible storage space enough for everything from pens to chargers to hard drives.

The polyurethane case will be safe in all but the heaviest downpours and will shrug off direct impact or drops like they’re no big deal. It’s a tough and highly reliable option for taking your work safely on the go.

Harber London Zippered Sleeve For MacBook


Keep your laptop safe from rain, snow, sleet, and hail with this sturdy and water-resistant sleeve by Harber London.

The sleeve is made using an exterior fabric derived from recycled plastic bottles and finished with DWR (Durable Water Resistant) coating so it’ll shrug off direct splashes or rainfall with ease.

It’s sized for MacBooks up to 16”, but will fit most popular slim laptop brands.

The cushioned interior adds amazing impact-protection and the soft melange lining will prevent scrapes and scuffs.

The entire sleeve is hand-made by expert craftsmen in Spain and features a lovely, elegant full-grain leather pull tab that adds a touch of class to an ultra-practical accessory.



This can’t quite rightly be called a sleeve, folio, or case, so HardGraft settled on naming it the “Thing”. But don’t let the odd name fool you: it’s a truly amazing accessory to shield your computer from harm.

The exterior is made using gorgeous Italian washed leather, which will grow more beautiful the more you use it and it develops its patina. The leather is also stiff and sturdy enough that the sleeve feels more like a folio, but the microsuede inner lining is added to guarantee your laptop’s safety.

The addition of a front zip pocket gives you extra space to carry your daily work essentials (notebook, cards, card wallet, etc.). Slide it into your briefcase or carry it in your hands and you can trust your MacBook will be safe all day long.

Bellroy Laptop Sleeve


The Bellroy Laptop Sleeve will fit most MacBooks and slim computers up to 16”, with a sleek design that makes it ideal for carrying in your backpack or briefcase.

The use of a magnetic bumper rather than a buckle, zipper, or buttons ensures your laptop remains scratch-free every time you slide it in and out of the case. The quilted microfiber interior lining adds another layer of protection, though there’s not much in the way of padding to protect against impact.

Eco-friendly consumers will be glad to know the sleeve is made entirely using recycled woven fabric. Anyone who wants a quality guarantee will find the 3-year warranty offered by Bellroy proof enough this sleeve is worth the price.

Nomad Leather Laptop Sleeve


For those who won’t accept anything less than the best, this Leather Sleeve by Nomad is a top pick to consider.

Made from top-quality Horween leather sourced in the USA, it will grow all the more gorgeous with every passing year. Every scuff, scrape, and touch of your fingers will add to its patina, until it becomes as unique and memorable as you are. The addition of reinforced stitching just adds to its durability.

Beneath the leather, however, is a high-density compression molded EVA shell that offers sturdy protection for your delicate electronics. The magnetic closure will never break or lose its effectiveness over the years. Best of all, the sleeve includes a USB-C port so you can charge your computer without ever taking it out of its case. Now that’s a quality accessory!

Boundary Fieldspace


For the traveling professional or digital nomad, the Boundary Fieldspace may be just the ticket.

Though it’s only sized for a 13” laptop (MacBook Air), it’s got extra features you’ll love—including stretch-mesh pocketing and a document sleeve that gives you extra storage space.

The magnetic closure ensures the sleeve’s contents are fully secure whether you’re riding the train or hopping a plane.

If you’ve already got a Boundary backpack, the integrated magnets will act as a dock to connect the sleeve to the backpack’s interior for even safer and more secure storage.

Last but certainly not least, it includes a carry handle so you can transport it easily and safely without ever losing your grip on your most important work equipment.



If you’ve got high adventure in mind and need a case that can keep up, consider the Wandrd Laptop Case.

Your computer (14 to 16″) will be housed in a case made of soft 840-denier ballistic nylon on the inside and 1680-denier ballistic nylon for the outside. It may not stop a bullet (I hope you never have to find out!), but it’s waterproof enough that no spills or downpours will damage your computer.

When you open the case, it transforms into a stand that makes working on the go easier and more comfortable. The provided handle is great for easy transportation, but you can also purchase Wandrd’s shoulder sling or combine it with their backpack or Roam sling bags.

Matador Laptop Base Layer


Waterproof your work gear with the Matador Laptop Base Layer.

Think of this as a dry bag crafted specifically for your computer. The sleeve is made using 420-denier nylon that is Bluesign-certified as well as IPX6 rated (to withstand “water projected from powerful jets from any angle”, according to its website).

The exterior fabric is coated with both polyurethane and DWR, and the seam-sealed liner on the interior is also treated with DWR coating to maximize waterproofing.

The high-cycle, Hypalon-reinforced Velcro will keep your sleeve’s contents securely in place and allow you to close it as snugly as possible according to what you’re carrying.

For your convenience, there are external pockets (also waterproofed) that give you space for accessories, chargers, cables, and anything else you need to take on your daily travels.

When the time comes to head out, the top-mounted carry handles makes hauling this bad boy around an absolute breeze.

WP Standard Laptop Sleeve


On the outside, the WP Standard Laptop Sleeve features a layer of durable full grain leather that will be resistant to scuffs, impacts, and punctures. On the inside, a soft quilted lining shields your laptop from drops, falls, jostles, and scratches. The internal pockets offer extra storage space for your charger, cable, and most-used compact devices.

Sized for slim laptops between 13” and 16”, it’ll be that extra layer of protection that’ll give you peace of mind when packing your work computer for your daily commute, business trip, or working holiday.

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