Best Books for Men

10 Best Cookbooks for Every Man’s Kitchen

Compiling a list of the 10-best is obviously subjective, but these cookbooks are noteworthy across general categories every man's kitchen would benefit from.

The 14 Best Graphic Novels of All Time (Start with These)

Graphic novels combine the literary complexity of the written word with the visual engagement of artwork, which, put together, creates a form of fiction that can sometimes be far richer, deeper, and more compelling than either art or the written word alone.

10 Best Murder Mystery Books of All Time

Murder mysteries are one of the oldest forms of modern fiction. Since Edgar Allan Poe penned The Murders of Rue Morgue and the “whodunit” genre was born, it has grown to become—and remain for nearly 200 years—one of the most popular genres of fiction.

12 Best Horror Books of All Time (Start with These)

Sometimes, you just need a good old fashioned scare in your life. A proper horror tale that will give you the chills. Try one of these. They are some of the best ever written.

37 Best Coffee Table Books for Men

Great coffee table books—ones that inspire & entertain, add depth and dimension to our homes. They offer insight to our tastes and interests. Here is a selection of some of the best.

10 Best Thriller Books of All Time

Thriller books bring a high degree of excitement and anticipation, a speedily-moving plot, and high stakes, which combine to make for stories you just can’t put down. Here are my favorites.

13 Best Mystery Books of All Time

Bloody and perplexing crimes, clever detectives, and plot twists that’ll break your neck... the best mystery books according to a published author.

The 21 Best Fantasy Books of All Time (Start with These)

As a long-time reader and author, I present a list of what I consider to be the “Best Fantasy Books of All Time” so you, too, can dive deep into my favorite genre and experience the wonder and adventure for yourself.

13 Author Recommended Best New Sci-Fi Books of 2022-2023

I’ll share with you some of the sci-fi books I most loved reading in 2022, and am eagerly looking forward to getting through in 2023 as well.

The 10 Best True Crime Books of All Time

True crime is a fascinating genre to read because it’s not really fiction, but often feels like it. I’ve compiled a list of what I consider to be the 10 best true crime books.

The 10 Best Dystopian Books of All Time

I’ve collected a list of some of the best dystopian novels, both my all-time favorites and those I believe to be hugely influential on the genre (and society) at large.

The 10 Best Science Fiction Books of All Time

I want to share with you a list of sci-fi books you have to read at some point in your life.

The 10 Best Fantasy Book Series of All Time

The absolute best from among the thousands of epic, awe-inspiring, moving, action-packed, and breathtakingly beautifully-crafted stories authors have gifted us for over 100 years.

20 Best Books for Men: Classic Novels You Must Read

Our list of the most influential books we are certain any guy should read at least once in his life. The best of the best.

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