12 Best Slim Wallets for Men

Here are our top picks for those slim, minimal wallets you need to start carrying. Leather, carbon fiber and aluminum options are covered.

11 Best Passport Holders & Wallets for Traveling Men

The passport wallet’s versatile design ensures they have enough space to accommodate all your travel documents, cash, cards, and IDs in one place.

9 Best Pop Up Wallets for Men: Easy Access to Your Cards

Pop up or "fanning" wallets feature a button or built-in mechanism that slides or fans out the cards for you. Max convenience. Here are the best.

13 Best Metal Wallets for Men

Here's our list of the toughest, most functional metal wallets around, giving you plenty of options to choose from when you’re upgrading your EDC loadout.

8 Best AirTag Wallets for Men

Misplacing your wallet is a nightmare. Here's what we believe are the best wallets designed specifically to house AirTags.

The Best Wallets for Men: Popular Brands in 2024

Your guide to the various types of wallets available to men as well as the best brands to narrow your search.

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