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13 Best Metal Wallets for Men

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated November 30, 2023

13 Best Metal Wallets for Men
Courtesy of Ekster

Sure, a leather wallet is sleek and stylish enough for your use around town, but what do you pack when you’re heading out for a weekend hunting, fishing, kayaking, or camping trip?

You need something rugged enough to keep up with your adventure lifestyle, something that can handle anything you throw at it.

That’s what metal wallets are all about: durability and versatility. They’ll keep going as long as you do.

  • Travel light: Ditch the bulky, over-stuffed wallet filled with old receipts, no-longer-useful membership cards, and forgotten papers. These wallets are built for minimalism—you’ll only carry the absolute essentials.
  • Tough as nails: Hyper-durable materials like titanium, aerospace-grade aluminum, and carbon fiber ensure these wallets will last many years longer than a classic leather wallet.
  • Cards yes, cash maybe: They are built to store cards and IDs, but only some will feature a clip or belt to carry cash. If you like to have a few bills on you at all times, find the wallets that give you the option to do so.

Below, I’ve assembled a list of the toughest, most functional metal wallets around, giving you plenty of options to choose from when you’re upgrading your EDC loadout. Step up your protection where it matters most with these solid wallets.

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Best Overall Metal Wallet

The Ridge Aluminum

Why did I choose it?

The Ridge isn’t just the toughest wallet on our list, but also one of the most versatile, with room for up to 12 cards and RFID blocking. Thanks to the lifetime warranty, you can trust it’ll always keep up with your every adventure.

Best Push-button Wallet
Ekster Aluminum Cardholder

Best Wallet for ID Badges
Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet

Best Inexpensive Metal Wallet
Hayvenhurst Minimalist Wallet

Best Overall Metal Wallet

The Ridge Aluminum


The Ridge wallets are made from 6061-T6 aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, so you can bet you’re boots they’ll survive even the most hardcore activities. Not only is the metal case scratch-resistant, but it’s surprisingly lightweight and sleek enough to fit in any backpack, pack, or pocket.

It’s sized for up to 12 cards, comes with integrated RFID blocking, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Now that’s a wallet you can love.

Best Push-button Wallet

Ekster Aluminum Cardholder


Ekster has made a name for itself as one of the top brands for minimalist wallets, including this badass Aluminum Cardholder.

Sized to fit up to 15 cards, it comes with a simple button that gives you quick pop up card access and features an expandable backplate that increases your card storage.

The space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum is insanely tough and scratch-resistant. Best of all, if you pair the wallet with Ekster’s solar-charged Tracker Card, you’ll always be able to find it anywhere in the world.

Best Wallet for ID Badges

Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet


The Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet goes for a truly minimalist and practical design. Instead of just sitting in your pocket, it comes with a built-in belt clip that lets you store it right on your belt next to your EDC knife.

Its open-face design is perfect for displaying your ID or badge for quickly swiping into your office, and gives you instant access to all your cards. Though lightweight, it’s super tough and affordable to boot.

Best Inexpensive Metal Wallet

Hayvenhurst Minimalist Wallet


For guys who want to stay under-budget without sacrificing durability, this is the wallet for you. Built using durable carbon fiber, it’s tough enough that you can keep it in any backpack, pocket, or briefcase and trust that it will both endure all the jostling of your daily commute and keep your cards safe from theft.

The wallet features RFID blocking that can defeat even the most powerful chip readers, and adds a money clip so you can carry cash around all day long. Thanks to the built-in button, it takes just a second to fan out all your cards for quick and easy access.

Trayvax Contour Wallet


At first glance, you might be a bit confused by what the Contour Wallet is all about. But the more you use it, the more you’ll come to understand just how clever and versatile its design is.

Not only does it offer expandable space for up to 13 cards and 10 folded bills, but it’s also got a built-in bottle opener, RFID blocking, an adjustable sliding clasp, and just enough leather details to make it look truly elegant.

The US-made product is proudly backed by a 65-year heirloom warranty so you can use it with the full confidence that it will last a lifetime.

Gerber Barbill Wallet


Gerber makes tough tools for tough men, and though they’re best-known for their knives, their metal wallet is no joke.

The Barbill wallet has space enough for 7 cards, with a flexible elastic band that keeps your cards securely in place within the minimalist (and very cool-looking) frame.

Though it’s a lightweight wallet, the metal used is heavy-duty and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. And just because it’s handy, the wallet features a bottle opener integrated into the design so you can always be ready to crack open a cold one at the end of the day.

Trayvax Original 2.0 Wallet


Trayvax took the design of the minimalist metal wallet that put them on the map, and upgraded it to make it even better. Now, their 2.0 version is sized to hold up to 15 cards, plus up to 5 folded bills, and it comes with RFID blocking integrated into its metal casing.

It’s even a TSA-approved so you can carry it on board your flight without hassle. Made in the USA, it’s backed by the same 65-year heirloom warranty as all of their products.

Pelican G5 Personal Utility RF Field Wallet


Keep this bad boy on for your next hunting or fishing trip, and your cards will be protected, guaranteed. Not only is it made using aircraft-grade aluminum, but when it’s closed, the wallet is IP67 rated, meaning it’s waterproof and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes.

The interior features both a mesh organizer and an elastomeric strap that keeps all of your cards and cash organized, and the wallet comes with a lanyard you can use to make sure it never gets lost no matter how turbulent the ocean or how fierce the wind.

Fantom X


The Fantom X is designed to make your life exponentially simpler, with a design that will fan out all of your stored cards at the press of a button so you can easily find and grab the one you want.

It’s not just designed to carry cards and cash, but you can even use it to store your keys, business cards, receipts, and coins. You’ll love its modular, expandable, and customizable design, as well as its excellent durability.

Nite Ize Financial Tool


This is so much more than just a wallet; it’s a multi-tool that offers 10 different functions to make your life better every day. In addition to RFID blocking, the wallet features a reinforced cash strap, a scraper, a bottle opener, both Philips and flathead screwdrivers, a ruler (both standard and metric), a protractor, and wrenches of 11 sizes (5 standard and 6 metric).

It’s a TSA-friendly wallet you’ll be glad you had on you, because you’ll be ready for literally anything your busy life can throw at you.

VULKIT Card Holder


If you’re all about keeping your EDC loadout as low-key as possible, you’ll love this cardholder wallet. It’s designed to be ultra-slim, just 0.31 inches wide, so it can fit in literally any pocket in your pants, bag, or pouch.

Though it only holds 5 cards (far fewer than many others on this list), it’s lightweight and compact enough you’ll be glad you’ve got it packed on your next snowboarding trip, beach vacation, or working holiday. The combination of an aluminum shell, silicone inner strips, and velvet money pocket makes it a true masterpiece of form and function.

Groove Wallet


We’ve saved one of the best for last! The Groove Wallet is the ideal go-to for guys who go hard and need a wallet that can keep up. Made using aerospace-grade material, it’s backed by a 94-year “No BS Warranty” that guarantees it will endure whatever your action-packed life can throw at it.

It’s slim and lightweight, with space to hold up to 6 cards, and can easily be expanded to add on a money clip to carry extra cash around. It’s insanely thin and looks tough as heck, with its sleek gunmetal black exterior. Definitely a wallet for men to carry around on any mission, patrol, or adventure.

Martrams Stainless Steel Wallet


Martrams goes a different route with their metal wallet. Where many of their competitors go for the “dark” look (black metal and carbon fiber), they lighten it up and use shining stainless steel with a beautiful matte finish.

The 304 stainless steel is sturdy and rust-resistant, and though it’s a bit heavier than aluminum, it’s still lightweight enough you’ll barely feel it in your pocket. Thanks to the elastic band, you’ve got space for up to 12 cards, and the band will always be replaced for free if it starts to sag or loses its resistance.

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