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The Best Wallets for Men: Popular Brands in 2024

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated November 29, 2023

The Best Wallets for Men: Popular Brands in 2024

Your wallet says a lot about what kind of fella you are.

The type of wallet you whip out when the time comes to pay the check is actually quite informative. It tells a great deal about your personality—whether you’re minimalist and hyper-efficient, prefer the comfort of what’s tried-and-true, or you like to experiment and be bold with your style choices.

In pursuit of wallet perfection, I’ve spent a lot of time diving into literally every type available on the market, from classic bifold/trifold wallets to ultra-tough metal wallets to the more hardcore tactical wallets.

My research (and talks with other guys at WERD) has led me to some truly amazing brands that produce wallets that not only look good, but perform well and hold up to my rigorous testing.

Below, I’ll share with you the best wallet brands I’ve come across and what to expect from them.


Best Known For: Striking an excellent balance between timeless style and tech-friendly features, Bellroy’s wallets are a classic yet ultra-smart choice.

Bellroy is one of the best-known brands in the wallet space thanks to their reliance on quality materials (leather, aluminum, and carbon fiber), reliable manufacturing, and forward-thinking design features.

With options that include everything from RFID blocking to integrated key holders to easy-use pull-out tabs and flip-tops, they maximize the convenience of your carry while still delivering durability and reliability.

What began as a small company sitting around a kitchen table in Australia in 2010 has now grown to become one of the most beloved, most recognizable brands in the accessories industry.


Best Known For: Ultra-durable, adventure-ready accessories—from wallets to key holders to rings.

Ridge hit the ground running in 2013 with two immensely successful Kickstarters for their wallet, a tough-as-nails minimalist card wallet originally built from aluminum, but now available in titanium and carbon fiber.

Their goal was to produce a wallet that wouldn’t quit, that provided functionality, rugged good looks, and versatility, all while stripping down the concept to the barebones. Having been the proud owner and user of a Ridge wallet myself (the Carbon Fiber 3K) for 2+ years, I can attest to their insane durability and handsome style.


Best Known For: Quick-deploying pop up wallets that display all of your stored cards at the press of a button. Easy accessibility and guy-friendly styles are the name of the game.

Ekster is one of my favorite wallet brands because I have yet to find a wallet that combines both toughness (a rival to the Ridge for sure) and style so efficiently.

The core of their card wallets is a metal (typically aluminum) body that shields your cards from damage, and within is a mechanism that extends and displays the cards at the press of a button. But wrapped around the metal body to add a touch of style is leather, aluminum, or carbon fiber, doubling down on the durability and adding good looks.

What began as the dream of two young Dutch students to craft “the next generation wallet” has spawned one of the most successful minimalist card wallet brands to date.

Pioneer Carry

Best Known For: Classic styles (bifold, trifold, and card holder wallets) engineered for the modern man and an active, adventurous lifestyle.

Pioneer Carry was founded in 2016 by a bag designer who wanted to experiment with textile-based options rather than the classic leather or modern metal. Thanks to their patented 10XD fabric and FutureForm core technology, their wallets are rugged and reliable while still adhering to your tried-and-true favorite styles.

The “Division” line of wallets include a bifold, trifold, and card holder, as well as a Passport Holder. Made using ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fabric which claims to be 10X tougher than steel, these wallets are waterproof, dust-proof, and repels stains and dirt. (Also available in 3XD waterproof nylon and ballistic nylon.)

Tanner Goods

Best Known For: Timeless, classic design and handsome good looks, these wallets are crafted in the traditional styles using traditional materials, but with modern durability.

Founded in Oregon, Tanner Goods embodies the spirit of the Pacific Northwest in so many ways: championing equality for all, progressive values, and emphasizing community and eco-friendliness. Their focus is on “value-driven design”, using premium-grade materials and prioritizing quality manufacturing to deliver a better, longer-lasting product.

All of their wallets—from classic bi-folds to card holders to travel wallets—are crafted using top-quality leather (tooling leather, English bridle leather, and more) and finished in eye-catching colors that make them a bold addition to your stylish EDC gear.


Best Known For: Slim, minimalist, and multi-functional wallets. Made in the USA using American- and global-sourced materials, but with forward-thinking, guy-friendly designs.

Trayvax began in a studio apartment, the brain child and passion project of 22-year old machinist Mark King.

When his first wallet skyrocketed to overnight popularity via crowdfunding, the brand was born—and has since grown to become one of the largest US-run wallet manufacturers.

The brand’s emphasis is on American manufacturing, bringing in components from around the globe to complement the American-sourced materials.

All of the Trayvax wallets are crafted with the average American man in mind, incorporating features—like RFID blocking, a stainless steel frame, money clip, and even cool extras like pry bars and bottle openers—that will serve them well in their daily lives.

Harber London

Best Known For: Clever designs, durable construction, and high-quality materials. Some of the best-looking leather wallets on the market.

Harber London is a London-based, family-run business that prioritizes premium materials and expert artisan craftsmanship above all. This is reflected in every one of their wallets, which are handmade by expert craftsmen in Spain using only the best full grain leather.

Available in a wide range of styles—including bifold wallets, travel wallets, card wallets, ID wallets, and even passport holder wallets—they are a great choice for any classy gentleman.


Best Known For: Classic European wallet designs dating back 100+ years. One of the oldest and most trusted brands in the industry.

Since its founding in 1906, MontBlanc has been a staple of the wallet industry, carried in the pockets of men across not only Europe, but North America, Asia, and the rest of the world. Their classic European designs stay faithful to traditional looks and manufacturing, but continue to evolve to keep pace with the ever-changing modern landscape.

Their best-known offerings are the beloved classic bifold wallets, though they have a few passport holder and card holder models available for the modern traveling man. But one thing you can always count on with MontBlanc is reliability and luxurious good looks that pair well with business casual attire.


Best Known For: Modular wallets that can be customized and adapted to your carry preferences. Tactical and multi-functional to the core.

Dango goes a different direction with their wallets. Don’t get me wrong: the wallets are handsome, with leather accents in all the right places. But it’s their versatility and customizability that makes them a winner in my book.

Their wallets are built around a “sliding rail system” that houses your cards and makes them easily accessible, and which serve as a chassis onto which you can add extra features—from multi-tools to RFID blockers to ID holders. They’re ultra-rugged and the most flexible of any of the wallets I’ve tested or researched to date.


Best Known For: Great designs, stylish good looks, and affordable prices. Great-quality leather accessories that offer high performance and long-lasting durability.

Leatherology takes leather from the best tanneries around Europe and transforms it into accessories that are both practical and stylish. Their classic designs have been refined and upgraded to match the tech-forward and fashion-conscious man, which makes them the ideal choice to carry from home to work and back again.

Their offerings include bifold wallets, travel wallets, card holder wallets, and even large zippered pouches sized to hold multiple documents as well as cash and cards.

Despite their eye-catching good looks, Leatherology’s products are reasonably priced and built to stand up to years of daily use.


Best Known For: Traditional British quality, luxury, and versatility. Guided by their long heritage of design and craftsmanship, they offer wallets for the truly discerning modern man.

Did you know that Smythson’s wallets have been carried by Indian Maharajahs and European Royalty, as well as actors like Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly? In its more than 130 years of operation, the brand has made a name for itself, delivering quality, excellence, and luxury well worth the investment.

Any guy who wants a higher-priced wallet that’s a smart investment built to last a lifetime, Smythson is my recommended brand.

Their classic bifold-style and card holder wallets will look truly elegant every time you whip them out of your pocket, and anyone who sees them will know you’re a man who understands the value of premium-quality accessories.

10 Types of Wallets

Every brand tries to do something special, unique, and original with their wallets, but ultimately, they can all be boiled down to ten basic types:

Bifold/Trifold: This is the “classic” style of wallet, designed to fold in half (bifold) or threes (trifold). Typically made from leather (including exotic leathers) though often crafted from nylon or other durable materials, they’re the wallets we all grew up seeing in our parents and grandparents’ pockets.
Pop Up Wallet: Pop up or “fanning” wallets feature a button or built-in mechanism that slides or fans out the cards for you.
Slim Wallet: Since debit and credit cards have largely replaced cash, designers have begun to produce wallets sized smaller—small enough to fit a handful of credit/debit cards (anywhere from 2-12) and a couple of bills or a few coins.
Metal Wallet: Metal wallets have become popular among guys who tend to go harder and live a more adventurous life and need a wallet to match. They’ll usually be made from titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum (from standard to space-grade!).
Travel Wallet: Travel wallets are typically sized to fit in a backpack, pouch, or purse, offering just enough space for a few cards/IDs, some cash, and even a folded up traveler’s check or two. Some are designed large enough to accommodate your passport or feature an extra pocket to stash your boarding pass.
Wallet Phone Case: Wallet phone cases are typically designed one of two ways: 1) integrated into the case, typically a slot or two on the back, or 2) built with magnets that adhere to the magnetic (MagSafe) ring integrated into the backs of modern smartphones and smartphone cases. I’ve been packing a PeakDesign Mobile Wallet with my smartphone for over a year now and I love being able to strip down my EDC loadout and keep it to just one item rather than two. Game-changer, I tell you.
ID Card Wallet: Typically, ID card wallets are crafted to hold your IDs along with a credit card or two and a bit of cash. They’ll usually feature a clear window (with protective plastic) that ensures your ID is visible without having to remove it from the wallet. Easy for getting into concerts, badging in at the office, or hopping a domestic flight.
AirTag Wallet: Thanks to the popularity of Apple’s Bluetooth-enabled AirTag trackers, many wallets now feature pockets incorporated specifically to hold the trackers. They’re kept hidden out of sight, but easily accessible for when the time comes to change the AirTag battery.
Chain Wallet: The 90s may have come and gone, but chain wallets are still around. Some people just find it handy to have a highly visible (and noisy) way to clip their wallets to their belts/belt loops so they never lose them.
Tactical Wallet: Tactical wallets are built tougher than the average wallet, usually using Kevlar, ballistic nylon, or aircraft or space-grade aluminum. They’re not just a convenient carrying option; they can also serve as extra protection in tactical situations.
Front Pocket Wallets: These wallets are designed specifically to fit the contour/shape of your front pocket. Not only is carrying your wallet in your front pocket safer (less risk of theft/pickpocketing/losing it), but also easier on your spine.

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