Everyday Carry

19 Best Everyday Carry Pocket Knives

Our top picks for that one tool every guy should have on the ready - the pocket knife.

10 Best Carabiner Keychains to Clip Your Keys Into

Carabiner keychains are a low-key and ultra-versatile way to carry your keys. Here are our top picks for this practical piece of kit for your everyday carry.

13 Best Bottle Openers to Keep On Hand

Pry open your beer, soda, or whatever with one of our top unique bottle opener picks. Some have a single function and others are handy multi-tools.

The Best EDC Gear: 30 Everyday Carry Tools

Everyday carry options are endless. From flashlights to pocket knives and multi-tools, we help narrow down EDC choices so you only collect the best kit.

12 Best Hip Flasks for Discreet Drinking

Hip flasks are a great choice for bringing something with a bit more kick wherever you go, yet remain discreetly tucked away until you need it.

15 Best Multitools to Keep On Hand

Multitools are an essential tool most guys like to keep within arm's reach. Here are our top picks, covering many different purposes from quality brands such as Leatherman, Gerber and CRKT.

13 Best Key Holders: Small Cases for Organization

Key cases are designed to keep keys neatly corralled and organized in a single, enclosed organizer. They’re the ideal solution for minimizing the amount of space keys take up.

12 Best Box Cutters & Utility Knives

The best utility knives are built to be sturdy, speedily deployed, and available to cut at a moment’s notice.

9 Best Cord Organizers to Throw in Your Bag

Tame that mess in your everyday bag with a handful of cable ties to keep everything organized and untangled.

13 Best EDC Pocket Pry Bars

A pry bar is the kind of tool you’ll use often, and if you don’t have one on hand, you’ll end up sweating and struggling and wishing you’d thought to carry one. Here are our favorites.

10 Best Journals & Notebooks According to a Full-time Writer

Small journals and notebooks provide blank space for creation. Have one on hand when inspiration strikes. Here are the best according to a published fantasy writer.

8 Best Mini Keychain Flashlights: Bright & Practical

Clip a tiny flashlight onto your keychain for maximum preparedness when the sun goes down. Here's our list of the best mini torches.

16 Best EDC Pocket Pouches to Organize your Gear

Keep your various daily carry items protected and easily accessible with a pouch tailor-made for EDC organization. Here are the best we've found.

13 Best EDC Valet Trays for Men

A valet tray keeps your random small items organized and in one spot for an easy grab when it's time to leave the house or office.

15 Best Pocket EDC Flashlights

These little flashlights pack enough lumens to be useful in any low-light environment. Throw one of the best in your pack.

10 Best Survival Knives for Bushcraft & Beyond

Our top picks of the best fixed blade survival knives to keep on hand while hunting, camping and exploring.

15 Best Apple Watch Bands for Men

A selection of the best bands that will enhance the style, functionality, versatility, and durability of your Apple Watch.

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