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13 Best EDC Valet Trays for Men

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated November 29, 2023

13 Best EDC Valet Trays for Men
Courtesy of Courant

Most guys will simply toss their keys into a random bowl by the door, drop them on their nightstand, or chuck them onto their desk. But a more refined fella (which I like to fancy myself) sets them neatly into a tidy valet tray, along with their wallet and other EDC items.

  • Match your décor and style: Valet trays come in a wide range of materials—from unique leather to stunning wood to futuristic-looking brushed aluminum to gorgeous brass to durable nylon. Choose the material that suits your décor and personal style best.
  • Sized for the basics: Most valet trays will fit the “essentials” like your smartphone, watch, glasses, key clip, earbuds, a pen, and a few other small items. How much you need to store will determine how large a valet tray you buy.
  • Store anywhere: Your nightstand is just one place you can keep the valet tray: keep it in the kitchen to offer wireless charging, beside the front door to serve as a key plate, in the living room to collect your many remotes, or in your office to organize your workspace.

In the last year or two, I’ve attempted to step up my neatness game. I’ve started keeping valet trays next to my front door, on my nightstand, and in my office. My wife is much happier because of the reduced clutter and I can find my daily essentials with far less hassle.

Plus, I’ve discovered that a well-crafted valet tray is a style piece I’m proud to show off—and I like to think it demonstrates to those around me just how organized I am.

I’ve done the research to bring you a list of the best everyday carry valet trays you can use to keep your essentials tidy and in the same place for an easy grab.

Best Tray for Phone Charging
Courant Catch:3 Classics Leather Wireless Charging Station & Valet Tray

Best Travel Tray
Maxpedition Gear Tactical Travel Tray

Best Inexpensive Leather Tray
The Tulip Tree Premium Leather Valet Tray

Best Premium Leather Tray
KillSpencer Valet Tray

Best Desk Accessory Tray
Grovemade Desk Tray

Best Tray for Phone Charging

Courant Catch:3 Classics Leather Wireless Charging Station & Valet Tray


This valet tray combines the two things I love most: cutting edge tech and a beautiful design.

It’s made using a high-grade aluminum alloy that can take a serious beating (trust me, my sons have put it to the test!), but it’s finished off in a premium pebble-grained Italian leather surface that takes  style to the next level.

The non-slip construction and solid weight ensures it will always stay securely in place wherever you store it, be it on your bedside table, desk, or in my case, on the mantelpiece above my fireplace.

Thanks to the integrated 3-coil Qi-certified magnetic fast-charger, I can keep my phone battery topped up while I’m sitting and watching TV or playing games in my living room. There’s even an extra USB-A output that lets me connect a second device for easy, quick charging.

Best Travel Tray

Maxpedition Gear Tactical Travel Tray


Never risk losing your wallet, keys, or EDC items on a camping trip again.

I like how this valet tray is designed specifically for the rigors of outdoor travel, camping, hiking, trekking, and overnight fishing trips. It’s built using a synthetic fabric that is just as tough as the rest of my gear.

The snaps make it easy for me to switch between a tray layout and a “taco” layout (folding up around my items), and the snap-up edges ensures my small, easily lost items always stay in one place.

There’s even a built-in pocket and elastic retention webbing to maximize storage space and keep essentials from straying. It’s the perfect camping companion to store everything neatly in my tent.

Best of all, when not in use, it lays flat and fits in any backpack or duffel bag without wasting precious space.

Best Inexpensive Leather Tray

The Tulip Tree Premium Leather Valet Tray


Keep it elegant and masculine with this lovely leather valet tray by The Tulip Tree, the perfect organizational solution for leather-loving guys.

The top grain leather will grow more beautiful as it develops a patina, making it a truly unique, eye-catching bit of flair.

Thanks to the brass metal snaps, you can fold the valet tray down flat and tuck it in any drawer when not in use or take it with you on your next trip.

The felt lining will protect the items stored within from damage, preventing scratches on your phone or smartwatch screens. It’s small enough to fit on any desk or nightstand but offers plenty of space for all your EDC loadout.

Best Premium Leather Tray

KillSpencer Valet Tray


Guys who want only the best premium products for their home will be thrilled by this Killspencer valet tray.

It’s made using full-grain leather that shows off the character and natural markings inherent in the leather. As it develops a patina over years of use, it will become a truly unique, stylish piece of décor that you’ll be proud to display.

What I most appreciate, though, is its handmade quality. Each valet tray is hand-crafted in Killspencer’s California workshop, built to the most exacting standards of quality and only using premium materials.

Because it’s available in three sizes, you can choose the perfect dimensions to fit your desk, nightstand, or hall table.

Best Desk Accessory Tray

Grovemade Desk Tray


For the man who’s obsessed with keeping their work desk tidy, you won’t find a better valet/desk tray than this.

It’s built in two pieces: a tough 5052 aluminum base machined in Portland, and beautiful, soft natural cork manufactured both in Portugal and Wisconsin.

It comes with four pockets: a pen/pencil pocket, a pocket sized for erasers or your AirPods case, a pocket large enough for your smartwatch, luxury watch, or folding knife, and the largest pocket can accommodate most oversized smartphones.

It looks beautiful and serves as the perfect organizational solution to keep everything exactly where you want it, all day long.

Blackthorn Leather Valet Tray


Bring a touch of personalized elegance to your nightstand or office desk with the Blackthorn Valet Tray.

Made from rich, sturdy full grain leather in a gorgeous dark chocolate color, it’s a truly attention-grabbing piece that is understated in its stylishness.

The vegetable tanned bottom lets you add a stamped monogram so it’ll instantly be recognizable as yours, and you’ll love the snap-corner design that lets you fold it down and pack it small so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

At 8 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep, it’s got space enough for everything you need to keep close at hand.

Craighill Nocturn Catch


What could be more beautiful than lovingly treated, well-crafted American hardwood? This lovely valet tray is made using American black walnut that is milled and finished in Michigan, and features a satin finish that is both elegant-looking and smooth to the touch.

At 7.5 x 11 inches, it has just enough space to cradle my keys, wallet, phone, and pocket knife in a convenient location for quick pocketing the following morning. It’s a work of art I can be proud to display in a prominent and convenient place.

Artifox Valet Tray


Looking for a more budget-friendly option? Give this beautiful little valet tray a second glance. It’s made using ultra-tough genuine top grain latigo leather, and is hand-stitched for maximum durability.

You’ll love its size—small enough to fit in any drawer or on even the most cluttered desk or nightstand, and it’s just large enough to accommodate your most important EDC essentials. It’s one of the longest-lasting valet trays on our list, and its price tag is one you can absolutely love even if you’re trying to decorate on a budget.

Azmaya Bank Valet Tray


Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest one! With this valet tray, you don’t bother with fancy pockets or compartments—it’s just a beautiful round gold-colored tray made of fine brass that will be an eye-catching and appealing addition to your home décor.

Modeled after the brass trays used in Japanese banks, each tray is handcrafted in Tokyo using traditional Japanese metalworking techniques. The result is a truly high-end item that will only grow more beautiful as the brass patinates over the years.

The only downside is that the tray is small—barely large enough to fit your wallet and keys—but it will make a big, bold statement about your style choices.

Smythson Large Rectangular Trinket Tray


If you’re the sort of guy who tends to collect trinkets and knickknacks, this little tray is just what you need. 10 inches long and 7 inches wide, it’s got plenty of space to store everything you collect—from fidget spinners to stress balls to Funko-POPs to dice to Rubik’s Cubes—and keep it well organized and within easy reach.

Or, if you just want a classy-looking solution for your wallet, keys, and phone, it’s a beautifully elegant tray made of fine Panama crossgrain calf leather. Set it on any desk, shelf, or table, and it’ll instantly add a stylish flair you’ll be proud to show off.

Carl Friedrik Charging Tray


Carl Friedrik’s Charging Tray is built for both convenience and practicality. One side offers well-crafted organizational space, including a catch-all EDC tray with a secondary tray sized specifically for pens or tablet styluses. On the other side, however, you can wirelessly charge your iPhone, AirPods, or any Qi-compatible device using the charger (5 to 15W) built into the tray’s body. Or, if you need ultra-fast charging, you can plug your device in directly using the USB-C port to tank up your battery in a hurry.

The Vachetta leather top screams luxury and is beautifully smooth to the touch. It’s also soft enough that it won’t damage your delicate electronics and tough enough it won’t scratch easily.

The weighty brushed aluminum base and non-slip bottom keep it firmly in place on your nightstand or tabletop, always close at hand whenever you need it.

Dango EDC Tray


If, like me, you like your products tougher and more resilient, you just can’t beat this CNC machined aluminum valet tray.

I love that it’s crafted using a single piece of aluminum, and it’s both durable and resistant to damage from water and metal. The four differently-sized cavities are the ideal dimensions for my smartphone, wallet, headphones, jewelry, knife, and any other guy stuff I want to store.

Thanks to the rubber footing, it stays securely in place on my desk or nightstand, never sliding or shifting around.

I really like the integrated cable management apertures that make it easy to connect my phone while it’s nestled neatly in the tray, as well as the built-in tablet and smartphone holders that let me watch videos on my phone hands-free.

Leander Black Leather Valet Tray


Elegance and maximum practicality: that’s what you get with the Leander Black Leather Valet Tray.

Crafted with a gorgeous American Black Walnut frame and lined with both full-grain, vegetable-tanned American leather, the valet tray delivers durability and stylish good looks. The more you handle it, the more beautiful it will grow as both the leather and finished wood develop a unique patina.

Thanks to the felted wool pads on the underside, the valet tray can be placed on any surface without fear of scuffing, scratching, or scraping. The dual storage compartment makes it easy for you to organize everything you carry in your everyday carry loadout: wallet, keys, smartphone, AirPods, even your pen and pocket knife.

It’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship that is handsome enough to make a worthy addition to any desk, nightstand, or side table.

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