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9 Best Men’s Moisture Wicking Workout T-shirts

By Beau Hayhoe  |  Updated June 11, 2024

9 Best Men’s Moisture Wicking Workout T-shirts
Courtesy of Ten Thousand

Let’s face it: When you hit the trail, hit the gym or hit the streets to ground out some miles, you’re going to sweat–especially in the summer months. In my experience, a grueling workout should be grueling on your body, sure, but not necessarily on your workout gear.

That’s why I look to make things a little easier on myself by wearing one of the best moisture-wicking T-shirts–a little technology goes a long way, after all. A moisture-wicking T-shirt is the ultimate upgrade over your standard cotton tee (heck, it’s why a sportswear giant like Under Armour was founded, for instance).

  • Level up your workout: Just as you wear different menswear pieces for different style situations, a great workout tee is crucial to powering your next training session.
  • Built for anything: Workout tees are lightweight yet sturdy, made to wick away sweat while also occasionally boasting anti-microbial properties.
  • Variety and versatility: There are both long-sleeve and short-sleeve workout tees available from standout brands, each made to suit your layering and performance needs.

The best moisture-wicking T-shirts absorb sweat and funk, and some are even anti-microbial (more on one of those options in just a second). I’ve found that if you can find a shirt that hits on all of those marks, you’re in business when it comes time for your next workout.

They’re also closer-fitting to the body than a standard T-shirt, so they can be rocked as a base layer underneath a technical jacket, or worn all on their own.

They come in long-sleeve and short-sleeve varieties, but short sleeves are going to provide the most comfort in the heat. Without further ado: Before your next workout, equip yourself with my favorite picks for the best moisture-wicking T-shirts.


For shorts to pair with your t-shirt, view our list of the best men’s gym shorts and don’t forget to grab a pair or three of moisture wicking underwear to keep things tidy downstairs.

Proof 72-Hour Merino Tee


From the good folks at Huckberry’s in-house brand Proof comes one of the best moisture-wicking T-shirts on the market.

I’ve got three of these T-shirts in my own rotation, and they never let me down: The fabric is durable, the performance stacks up and they even work as a stylish travel T-shirt.

The 72-Hour Merino Tee really has been put through its paces across 72 hours, thanks to Huckberry’s go-anywhere team, and it only gets better from there.

Merino is anti-microbial (like we alluded to earlier), and it also is designed to prevent odor and funk. It could be your new favorite T-shirt even for off-duty wear (provided you snag more than one).

Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt


Ten Thousand relies on athletes to rigorously test each of its product launches, and the Versatile Shirt might be the best of the bunch.

I’m no extreme endurance athlete, but every piece of Ten Thousand gear I’ve tested is built to next-level, hard-working specs, and that includes the Versatile Shirt.

It’s aptly named and, again, rigorously tested, made with a blend of polyester and spandex and then treated with silver ions to fight odor. It’s got just about all the bells and whistles you could ever hope for in a T-shirt, complete with anti-abrasion technology and a design that won’t quit, day or night.

Vuori Strato Tech Tee


Remember what I said about the best moisture-wicking T-shirts serving as a major upgrade from your standard T-shirt? That’s the idea behind the Strato Tech Tee from Vuori Clothing, which goes above and beyond in just about every way possible.

I personally love the fact that the fabric is super-soft and yet delivers optimum performance, and I can’t help but appreciate the range of colors to pair with plenty of different workout shorts.

To wit: The moisture-wicking performance knit fabric is also souped up with UPF30+ technology for extra protection from the elements.

Rhone Essentials Training Tee


As you train for a race or a triathlon, sweating out the miles, the last thing you should be worried about is whether your workout T-shirt can stand up to the challenge at hand.

Rhone took that notion to heart with its aptly named, downright essential Training Tee. This durable moisture-wicking tee is made from lightweight, recycled polyester fabric for a sustainable touch, then finished with a tagless neckline to avoid any discomfort in the gym (and beyond). Plus, it comes in sizes up to XXL.

Lululemon Drysense Short-Sleeve Shirt


No matter your training regimen, I’m willing to bet Lululemon has the gear to sort out your routine, including one of the best moisture-wicking T-shirts.

The brand’s Drysense shirt is designed with next-level sweat-wicking technology, plus a classic fit, raglan sleeves and a curved hem for ease of movement through all kinds of training sessions.

It’s also designed with anti-stink technology, a useful touch that should come in handy as your training session extends into another hour.

Under Armour Tech 2.0 Short-Sleeve Shirt


Here it is: The moisture-wicking T-shirt that truly changed the game decades ago. Under Armour’s tees are known for their durability and reliability in extreme conditions, and this option is no different.

I wore Under Armour tees for intense days in the heat through double-sessions, and my rotation still includes Under Armour tees now – if you don’t yet have one from the legendary sportswear brand, now’s the time to change that.

The UA Tech fabric is touted for a natural finish and feel, and its moisture-wicking qualities are nearly second to none (aside from our other picks, of course).

Rhone Reign Short-Sleeve Shirt


Rhone is another brand that’s dialed in the perfect mix of performance and comfort in a moisture-wicking tee, using raglan sleeve stitching for maximum ease of movement (among other top-notch features).

Helpfully, they’ve also incorporated GoldFusion technology to fight odor, and UPF50+ technology also fights back against the elements. Take your pick from a range of colors to suit every style, too.

Tracksmith Twilight Tee


Tracksmith gear looks on the surface like something that’s run its way out of a black-and-white track film, but its performance is nothing but modern, every step of the way.

The brand itself was inspired by iconic track uniforms, and while the Twilight Tee is more simple on the surface, it’s no less essential when it comes to the best moisture-wicking tees out there.

It’s made from micro-mesh, Italian-engineered fabric that wicks away moisture and dries quickly, and it comes in a handful of color options for every day of the week.

Real Essentials DryFit Moisture-Wicking Performance Crew

$34 / 5-pack

Take the hassle out of figuring out what to wear for your next intensive workout session: Grab a pack of performance-focused, moisture-wicking crew T-shirts from Real Essentials, then hit the gym (or the trail, or the track).

Simple yet effective is the name of the game with Real Essentials, which uses an ultra-soft poly and spandex blend to deliver the ideal mix of stretch and comfort through the first mile and well beyond.

Plus, these tees are made with UPF 50+ technology for even more protection from the elements.

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