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15 Best Short Sleeve Button-up Shirts for Men

By Beau Hayhoe  |  Updated June 11, 2024

15 Best Short Sleeve Button-up Shirts for Men
Courtesy of Buck Mason

Just because temperatures swell to nearly unbearable levels doesn’t mean your style has to go out the window entirely. It’s something that can be tricky to navigate, in my experience, but trust me when I say style can co-exist with the heat.

Even retreating to a coastal getaway (or the nearest body of water) is a chance to put your best foot forward, which is where the best short-sleeve button ups can add style and substance to your summer.

As for me, when I’m packing for a summer getaway, I’m assuredly bringing along a rotation of stylish short-sleeve shirts.

  • Focus on fabric: Short-sleeve shirts are often made in more lightweight, breathable fabrics than traditional long-sleeve shirts. Look for a shirt made from breezy organic cotton, cotton-linen blends or a performance blend.
  • Meet the occasion: Short-sleeve shirts are naturally more casual than a long-sleeve shirt you’d wear at the office, although some short-sleeve shirts in a neutral color can replace a polo shirt on casual Friday.
  • Expressive and elevated: A short-sleeve shirt is a chance to have some fun with color and pattern. Go for a pattern or colorway you might not normally wear in a long-sleeve style.

Best Overall Short-Sleeve Button-up

Bonobos Stretch Riviera Short-Sleeve Shirt

Why did I choose it?

It looks great with plenty of different summer staple pieces, it’s offered in 47 different styles, and the price is quite nice, too. Plus, you can find your perfect fit with multiple fit options from Bonobos.

Best Linen Short-Sleeve Button-up
Todd Snyder Sea Soft Linen Camp Collar Shirt

Best with a Single Pocket
Buck Mason Draped Twill One-Pocket Shirt

Best Performance Short Sleeve Shirt
Vuori Short-Sleeve Manhattan Buttondown

Best Work Shirt
Dickies Short-Sleeve Work Shirt

Best Overall Short-Sleeve Button-up

Bonobos Stretch Riviera Short-Sleeve Shirt


I’ve said it before at WERD, and now, I’ll say it again. Finding pieces you can team up with your favorite Bonobos chinos is kind of like taking most of the work out of getting dressed. In my experience, that’s one of the fun parts of getting dressed: Building an outfit you love from picks you enjoy wearing, all from one brand.

I’ve found that Bonobos makes it easier than ever, especially with a short-sleeve stretch shirt that’s so comfortable, it’s almost like wearing a T-shirt.

Best Linen Short-Sleeve Button-up

Todd Snyder Sea Soft Linen Camp Collar Shirt


Todd Snyder draws from all over the globe to deliver suitably stylish, seriously cool menswear collections, and the American designer knows how to do effortless fashion the right way.

When I want to trade in my cozy Todd Snyder + Champion sweatshirt for something well-suited to hotter climates, I reach for a Todd Snyder buttondown. I’ve found that the designer’s shirts are always visually appealing, with cool patterns and colors readily available.

Plus, the feel of a Todd Snyder shirt is elegant, but it still seems as if it’s a shirt you can wear with ease – you’ll feel great, and you’ll look even better, but Snyder’s shirts aren’t ostentatious.

This linen shirt lives up to that approach quite handsomely. It’s the kind of stylish summer shirt you can wear for long, lazy days by the pool–and long nights sipping cold cocktails at a tiki bar. Is it worth that investment, then? I say: Absolutely.

Available in 8 colors.

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Best with a Single Pocket

Buck Mason Draped Twill One-Pocket Shirt


Wearing a short-sleeve shirt doesn’t mean that fit goes by the wayside: The best short-sleeve shirts should still fit your body well, and the right fabric makes all the difference.

I’ve found that a fabric like twill, which gets softer over time, wears especially well in short-sleeve shirts, since it offers a polished look and yet a soft-on-the-skin feel.

I’ve also found that Buck Mason makes subtly stylish, throwback-minded short-sleeve shirts better than nearly any other brand out there, and this cleanly designed option is no exception.

Best Performance Short Sleeve Shirt

Vuori Short-Sleeve Manhattan Buttondown


Surprised to see one of your favorite workout brands branching out into the world of off-duty style?

This subtle buttondown shirt delivers polish and even performance, seeing as it’s made with the brand’s signature woven fabric.

It’s tailored enough for a rooftop happy hour, yet useful enough to keep you cool on hot summer road trips.

Best Work Shirt

Dickies Short-Sleeve Work Shirt


The best short-sleeve shirts on the market aren’t just meant for leisurely pursuits, although they fill that need quite handily.

Dickies makes a tough-as-nails work shirt for when you value durable, strong fabric, yet need the cooling power of a short-sleeve design.

L.L. Bean Organic Seersucker Shirt


As I say time and again at WERD, buying on a budget doesn’t have to mean skimping on style or quality. The best brands, after all, know how to blend both, and that’s why I looked at both fabric quality, plus fit and style, all rolled into one. Be gone, baggy shirts, and instead, let’s look for a nice-fitting option for a low price, the kind you can wear with chino shorts.

L.L. Bean has been providing reliable, affordable basics since well before the dawn of the modern menswear era as we know it, never straying too far from the classics. Seersucker’s puckered design allows air to pass more easily through the fabric, while the light blue color simply screams summer. Of course, the $45 price tag is a nice steal, too.

Billy Reid Short-Sleeve Tuscumbia Shirt


No matter the season or the occasion, Alabama-based Billy Reid is nothing if not prepared for what lies ahead. If your summer schedule looks anything like mine, that means sunny happy hours and BBQs aplenty, and dressing for those occasions calls for a touch of easygoing style.

In my experience, Billy Reid shirts have a timeless feel, with easy-to-wear fits and premium, soft fabric. It all comes together with the Tuscumbia Shirt, a Billy Reid staple that he’s streamlined in a short-sleeve design. He calls it “lived-in luxury,” and I’m tempted to agree.

Wax London Didcot Shirt


We’re willing to bet you don’t have a shirt in your arsenal quite like the Wax London Didcot Shirt. The profile itself is plenty eye-catching, modeled after classic short-sleeve camp collar shirts (with the boxy fit and lay-flat collar to prove it).

Things only get better from there, as the Didcot Shirt comes in a wonderful range of impossibly cool colors and patterns, from understated Geo patterns to embroidered vertical designs. There’s an option to suit everyone’s personal style, and that’s no overstatement.

KUHL Optimizr Shirt


Some short-sleeve buttondowns are geared more towards pleasure, and others more lean towards performance. This KUHL shirt does a bit of both, with a clean look that’s optimal for happy hour beers and yet ready to handle the demands of a day hike–the key is the stretchy poly-spandex blend for go-anywhere reliability. Plus, the dusty olive colorway pairs up with everything from light wash jeans to tan chino shorts.

7 Diamonds Grant Slim-Fit Short-Sleeve Shirt


At times, you just want one of the best short-sleeve button ups to check all the right boxes–a solid color, a comfortable amount of stretch, a streamlined fit. 7 Diamonds, as sold through Nordstrom, does all of that and then some. Colors like Black go with just about anything in your wardrobe, too. You can even rock this under a blazer, thanks to the polished collar design.

Duvin Design Basics Buttonup Shirt


Touted as a favorite of the beach-seeking, Internet-shopping crowd, Duvin Design blurs the line between the fashionable and the classic – take this simple black button up short-sleeve shirt, for instance.

I’ve made this a key part of many a summer look, especially if I’m wearing off-white linen trousers or olive green chinos: It’s subtle, smart and casually versatile, and the comfort is next-level.

Although you can certainly go more bold with Duvin’s designs, the camp-collar design and contrast sleeves (simply roll ‘em up to show off those guns) are steady style moves on the beach or the boardwalk.

The fit is relaxed, but not overly so–size down if you fancy something more snug.

Wills Wrinkle Free Linen Short Sleeve Shirt


Stylish but not fussy, easy to wear without being sloppy – that’s what Wills set out to do with its elevated take on the short-sleeve shirt.

It’s a nice step up in terms of style from a plain T-shirt, with soft linen fabric that still delivers a nice, breezy feel on hot days, and that’s something I value in my short-sleeve shirts.

The buttondown collar offers a touch of casual polish – again, reach for it when you want an upgrade from a crewneck T-shirt.

And the simple, versatile lineup of solid colorways, plus the agreeable sub-$100 price, makes this option from Huckberry a new everyday essential: You could easily outfit your wardrobe with more than one, and I know that’s what I’ll look to do this summer.

Faherty Brand Palma Linen Shirt


The wonders of linen are apparent to anyone who’s ever needed some stylish relief from the heat, and the coastal influences of Faherty Brand shine through in this breezy floral option.

Coconut buttons give it a slightly tropical feel, while the miniature pattern is a distinctive touch.

Corridor Striped Seersucker Camp Shirt


The camp collar shirt has proven an enduring classic, and it’s now just about everywhere among men’s clothing brands making quality short-sleeve shirts.

Corridor goes the ultra-premium route in construction and fabric, using a soft blend of cotton and viscose with seersucker texture for cooling potential.

Legendary Whitetails Poplin Short-Sleeve Shirt


When you’re on the hunt for one of the best short-sleeve shirts, keep fabric and construction top of mind. And for times when linen might not be substantial enough, opt for a soft-yet-sturdy cotton poplin, like this lightweight yet adventure-minded Legendary Whitetails option.

What makes a great short-sleeve button up?

For starters, look for the right fabric: It’s got to be soft, breezy and comfortable. Fit makes a big difference, too: Aim for a middle ground between “super relaxed” and “overly tight” (as you’ll soon see).

There’s something out there for everyone, and at every price point, and I also like to keep that crucial mix of affordability and style top of mind as I shop for men’s clothing.

And above all else: Have some fun with color and pattern. It’s summer, after all, and a choice short-sleeve button up will have you enjoying every minute of it.

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