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Best Jeans for Men: 14 Brands Doing it Right

By Beau Hayhoe  |  Updated May 28, 2024

Best Jeans for Men: 14 Brands Doing it Right

There might not be a men’s style essential that gets more work day in and day out than the classic blue jean, and that’s with plenty of good reason.

The best men’s denim has workwear roots and a handy five-pocket design, with sturdy cotton denim building the foundation of a pant that every guy can find useful.

  • Look for jeans that flatter your body type: A slim-straight fit is timeless and works for most body types, while athletic-fit jeans work for guys with more mass.
  • Opt for jeans in a classic colorway: Dark blue jeans are universally cool and can be worn anywhere jeans are acceptable, while colors like black or dark grey are edgier.
  • Jeans are highly versatile: Whether worn with a grey pocket tee and leather work boots or paired up with a classic blazer and a white dress shirt, jeans are a comfortable yet polished style move just about every day of the week.
  • Today’s jeans are modern: While thick, unwashed selvedge denim is popular among enthusiasts, cotton denim jeans with a hint of stretch are sold by plenty of brands and are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.

When French workers needed sturdy pants, they wore cotton denim. When pioneers needed rugged workwear, they wore denim. And now, when you need a crisp, classic-yet-casual, dependable and durable pair of pants, you should be wearing a pair of jeans.

Here are the best brands you can rely on.

Hiroshi Kato

Best Known For: An obsessive attention to blending Japanese heritage denim with modern performance features, like 4-way stretch and durable fabrics.

Kato tastefully blends the modern (stretch fabric) with the old-school (selvedge denim) in a way that only Japanese denim brands can dream up. These four-way stretch jeans come in fits like a classic Straight cut or Slim Tapered, along with two other styles.

Flint and Tinder

Best Known For: Crafting reliable, everyday denim in a range of vintage-inspired washes and comfortable stretch fabrics, the kind of jeans you can easily pair up with a rugged waxed trucker jacket or classic, USA-made tee.

Flint and Tinder rightfully dubs its denim the “All-American Jeans,” and they seem to hit the mark in every way. There are fits ranging from Relaxed to Slim, in a range of dark washes with cool, casual fading. Stretch fabric makes them soft and durable right out of the box.

Buck Mason

Best Known For: Making denim that’s as classic and all-American as it gets, with a focus on perfectly faded, vintage-style blue jeans, inky black denim and light wash jeans for warmer weather. Its fit options are also tailored enough to wear with sneakers and rugged enough to wear with boots.

You can trust Buck Mason to make super-soft, comfortable henleys and tees, and a pair of the brand’s jeans – in a perfectly faded wash with agreeable, classic fit options – helps round out the perfect casual ensemble. The Ford Jeans in particular boast a mid-rise and timeless, tailored fit.

Mott and Bow

Best Known For: Modern takes on classic styles, made using designer-level fabrics while cutting out the middleman and selling direct to consumers. They even make a line of complementary tees, hoodies and polos.

This New York brand promises designer-quality jeans for less. They offer three fits (Slim, Straight, Skinny), a range of colors from dark blue to light grey, and a handy, free home try-on program. Pairs start around $100.


Best Known For: Replicating the famous fit of its chinos in more casual jean offerings, many made with premium Italian fabrics in washes you can easily dress up or dress down.

Remember those chinos you know and love? Bonobos put that same knowledge in terms of fit and fabric to the test with its premium-yet-accessible line of jeans, and its All Season Jeans are lightweight enough for summer and versatile enough for winter.

Raleigh Denim Workshop

Best Known For: Elevating denim craftsmanship to a new creative endeavor, using hard-to-find heritage fabrics and designs that are worth the rather lofty price tag.

Ultra-handcrafted, expensive yet beautiful raw denim is the name of the game with Raleigh Denim. These American-made jeans are tough as heck, exceptionally well-made and yes, pricey. They offer five useful fits to suit every body type.

Todd Snyder

Best Known For: Crafting denim that meets the demands of true denimheads and the look and aesthetic of fashionable fans of the designer. The range includes Japanese stretch selvedge, carpenter jeans and seasonal favorites in every wash imaginable, with designer quality in every stitch.

America’s preeminent menswear designer goes to locales like Japan to source high-quality fabric, and also makes denim in the United States’ newfound manufacturing HQ, Los Angeles, to deliver durable, rugged yet slightly dressy jeans. Pair them with a Todd Snyder blazer.

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Rag and Bone

Best Known For: Making slim, streamlined denim with a rock star edge, the kind that owes a debt to the effortlessly cool, denim-focused looks of bands like The Ramones decades ago.

Contemporary designer denim can sometimes go too extreme (too skinny, too ripped up, too distressed) but Rag and Bone solves that problem with four reliable fits in rich, neutral colors. Keep in mind that these jeans will run you more than $200.


Best Known For: Bringing the blue jean to the masses in America, with styles first worn by pioneers and now worn by rock stars and style icons in an array of timeless colors and fits.

It wouldn’t be a piece on the best jeans for men without mentioning American denim pioneer Levi’s, which brought the style to the masses. Today, they outfit rock stars and stylish guys everywhere with iconic styles like the slim-skinny 511 and the ultra-timeless slim-straight 513 fit.


Best Known For: A more sustainable take on modern denim, with production processes that eliminate large amounts of water normally used in crafting jeans.

Searching for eco-conscious denim? Look no further than surfing legend Kelly Slater’s Outerknown, which uses organic cotton and sustainable production methods to cut down on waste in the denim industry.


Best Known For: Minimal, modern jeans for men, from dark inky blue selvage to slim black jeans that are just as wearable with a pocket tee as they are with a crisp Everlane Oxford shirt.

The proper blend of affordability and quality is deeply ingrained in Everlane’s mission, and they boast everything from four-way stretch classic-fit jeans to athletic-fit and skinny options in shades ranging from jet Black to pleasingly faded indigo.


Best Known For: Making denim that’s as sturdy and tough as its legendary Tin Cloth waxed jackets and bags, with top-of-the-line craftsmanship and impeccable detailing.

Filson takes the workwear roots of denim to another level in the modern age with its carefully crafted, deep indigo blue jeans. You can wear these out in the field to take on, well, actual work, and they’ll look just as stylish at your local watering hole.

Taylor Stitch

Best Known For: Carefully crafting denim from both traditional and unique fabrics, with a focus on handsome Japanese selvedge and distinctive washes. Its two fits (Slim and Democratic) also work with a wide range of body types.

When you shop Taylor Stitch jeans, you’re shopping subtle, simple yet stylish denim. Select from two fits (Slim or the more classic Democratic), and a range of fabric options, including washed organic selvedge and edgy, faded black jeans.


Best Known For: Designing denim with a breezy, West Coast feel in mind, using timeless and modern silhouettes and distinctive denim washes that call to mind the sun of its SoCal home base.

You could say that long before L.A. became a denim mecca, PAIGE was laying the groundwork out West for stylish, long-lasting denim. Today, they offer up contemporary, trim-but-not-too-tight jeans in five fits, with ultra-soft tees and denim shirts to match.

Styles of denim ebb and flow, like other men’s clothing trends, but if you find the right pair for your body type (which is why we’re here today), you’ll have secured a classic, daily style staple. And while there are all kinds of different colors and washes, there are a few keys to get right before diving in further.

How should jeans fit?

The simple answer is that denim should suit your body type. Most guys look great in a pair of slim-straight jeans with a mid-rise: Jeans that rest comfortably on the hips, without too much excess fabric through the thigh or around the calf, or at the ankles.

Aim for a middle ground: Your denim should fit neither too baggy, nor should it be so slim that you’re unable to move around (rock stars need not apply). Guys with a slimmer build tend to look good in slim or (sometimes) skinny jeans, while those with more bulk should look for jeans with either slim-straight or classic in the description.

When in doubt, check out the measurements for the leg opening – slim-straight jeans typically boast a leg opening of about 15-16 inches. Numbers aside, opt for comfort and a streamlined look.

What jean colors are best for men?

When shopping for a classic pair of denim, a tried-and-true shade of dark blue is going to flatter every guy. Dark blue jeans have been a menswear shopping staple since the days of James Dean, while light wash jeans tend to look more flattering in the warmer months.

Avoid stone wash or acid wash jeans unless it’s the extreme ‘80s you want to channel.

And for more casual situations – like a concert or a weekend night out on the town – grey or black jeans can provide an edgy, yet crisp, look.

Neutral colors like tan or olive, the kind you might find on your favorite chinos, are also acceptable style moves when shopping for jeans, yet here’s the key… When in doubt: Go sharp and classic with dark blue jeans.

When is it ok to wear jeans?

It’s acceptable to wear jeans just about anywhere these days, unless the gathering, occasion or dress code says otherwise (as with formal wear, evening wear, weddings or funerals).

Leave the jeans at home for your next big meeting, but in short: A business casual office is an acceptable place to wear a pair of well-fitting, dark blue jeans. In fact, jeans are a staple of business casual attire. But there’s  still that crucial question: Which style of jean is best for you?

Popular Jean Styles

There’s lots of terminology in the denim world, but don’t let it confuse you: Here’s a handy, quick guide to popular men’s jean styles.

Stretch Denim: Perhaps the most common style of jeans out there today. These feature pre-washed cotton denim fabric mixed with a small percentage of stretch fabric for a more comfortable fit.
Selvedge Denim: These are also called “raw denim” – it’s not been pre-washed or treated. They’re thick and very sturdy, and countries like Japan produce the best raw denim.
Bootcut or Western Denim: Bootcut jeans do exactly what it sounds like – they leave enough room at the ankle to slide your jeans over your boots. Western boots are more popular than ever, but bootcut jeans aren’t always flattering on every guy.
Slim or Slim-Straight Denim: This fit is popular and often flattering on most body types. Think comfortable but nicely tailored, and usually available with stretch fabric in classic colors.

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