The Best Boots for Men in 2023: Top Brands for Work & Play

By Beau Hayhoe  |  Updated February 17, 2023

The Best Boots for Men in 2023: Top Brands for Work & Play
Courtesy of FRYE Company

Some days, you stand in front of your wardrobe and know it in your gut: Boots are the only way to go today. Perhaps that’s the case most days – in matters of both style and functionality – which is why it’s vital to know (and shop!) the best brands for boots.


  • The more, the merrier: Boot styles run the gamut from slip-on Chelsea boots to lace-up wingtip boots to ankle-length chukka boots, each with a little something for everyone.
  • A boot for all seasons: Some boots, like the rugged moc toe boot, are well-suited for both work and casually dependable style, while others, like the Chelsea boot, work best with dressy ensembles.
  • Material matters: The best boot brands tend to use materials like rich Horween leather or soft, supple suede uppers, along with details like crepe rubber outsoles (commonly found on chukka boots) or treaded Vibram outsoles (as seen on styles of lace-up and moc toe boots).
  • Built to last: While there are plenty of brands making boots that sell for $200 or under, the best boot brands are also a category you can invest in, since you might end up wearing ‘em every single day.

Boot style takes on many different forms, from sleek, dressy Chelsea boots favored by The Beatles to tough-as-nails Western boots favored by real-life cowboys.

There’s plenty to be said for the long-lasting utility of the best boot brands of today, many of which have been in the game for years. There’s plenty of room for newcomers, too: If you’re anything like us, the best men’s boot brands are an obsession and a passion.

Now, you might prefer a pair of rugged leather boots for simple reasons, like their sturdy design or their wearability with classic blue jeans and other timeless men’s style staples. You might opt for dress boots instead of Oxford dress shoes as a matter of preference or distinct style. Or, a pair of casual chukka boots could be your everyday choice.

No matter your preference, we can guarantee you’re bound to find a pair that works for you from one of the best men’s boot brands. To help you start your search on the right foot, we present iconic brands new and old that’ll round out your wardrobe properly.

Popular Boot Styles

Chukka Boots: The earliest version of this ankle boot was worn by British soldiers and is also referred to as the desert boot; it commonly features a two-eyelet design and can be made from suede or leather atop a rubber crepe sole.
Chelsea Boots: These slip-on boots feature two elastic side inserts for easy-on, easy-off access. They often feature a slimmer toe and overall shape, and can be made from suede or leather, although some types of Chelsea boots are more like work boots (for example, boots from the Australian brand Blundstone).
Wingtip Boots: Based off brogue shoes worn in the Scottish Highlands, the wingtip originally allowed water to pass through without dampening your feet underneath. They were first known as a country boot, but today’s wingtip boots often feature a dressy profile and sleek leather that pairs well with tailoring.
Captoe Boots: Famous examples of captoe boots exist (like the Red Wing Iron Ranger), with the extra toe stitching providing added durability and toughness. Captoe boots tend to be more casual in their profile and in their leather selection, which makes for a fascinating break-in process.
Hiking Boots: While most hiking boots are highly technical and made with sneaker-like designs and lightweight uppers, some hiking boots (like those from Danner – more on them in a second) are made from rich leather and can easily be worn in casually rugged style situations around town.
Work Boots: Work boots come in all shapes and sizes, from steel-toe boots to styles like the Red Wing Iron Ranger, which is sturdy enough to wear for real-life outdoor work situations. These are built to be shock-proof and waterproof, and often are much more functional than fashionable.
Sneaker Boots: Let the debate begin. Sneaker boots are the most modern style of boot on the market today (arguably), blending the height of an ankle boot or dress boot with the sole and toe shape of a sneaker. When in doubt, stick with classic leather or suede boots if you want a truly timeless look.
Western Boots: This name is given to both traditional Cowboy boots and boots traditionally worn out West – other styles of Western boots include roper or rancher boots. Cowboy boots feature ornate designs, exotic leathers in some styles, and a stacked heel, plus a shoe shaft height of 10 inches or more. Roper boots are more akin to work boots and often feature a wedge sole.

FRYE Company

Longevity is very often a marker of quality among the best boot brands for men, but adapting with the changing times is all the more impressive.

FRYE’s been making boots since the 1860s, but they’ve evolved into a premium footwear brand that’s both on-trend and timeless. Some styles look straight out of the 1800s, in a good way (note the FRYE Prison Boots). But they offer plenty of USA-made men’s boots beyond that.

Styles range from durable captoe boots to sleek Chelsea boots and roper boots. FRYE boots often boast hand-burnished details and a sleek, dressy profile, and prices will run you somewhere between $300 and $400.


Head across the pond to check out styles from revered British bootmaker Grenson, which boasts nearly 160 years of reverent bootmaking experience.

Accordingly, the brand delivers styles that run the gamut from distinctive wingtip boots to modern high-lace hikers and handsome suede chukka boots with a stacked sole.

You might say the brand is the perfect blend of old and new, with styles that look right at home in the country (as with its Fred Wingtip Boots) or the city (as with the hybrid hiker style of the Brady).

Grenson boots boast shades of rich tan and burgundy as well as sleek black and tan suede – there’s hardly a stylistic preference they don’t cover. Not to fear, though: There’s a true difference you can feel on your feet that falls right in line with the $500-plus price tag.


Few of the best men’s brands hold as much sway in modern culture as Timberland boots.

Take its iconic 6-Inch Waterproof Boots, for example: They’re a famous part of New York City hip-hop history, yet the boots themselves are also trusty and dependable from coast to coast in snowy weather, on job sites and with durable work pants. That particular style has gotten some technical upgrades and a more sustainable design over the years, as has the rest of Timberland’s casually cool lineup.

You can also find rich leather moc toe boots, lightweight hiking boots and sporty sneaker boots, all in a wide array of colors.

You could say Timberland makes a boot for just about everyone, but if you want a sturdy work boot with classic roots, a set of trusted “yellow Timbs” is a great place to start.


If ever there were a brand up for the competition as one of the best boot brands for men, it’d be Clarks.

The company helped bring the desert boot to the masses after Nathan Clark discovered British soldiers wearing crepe-soled boots in, well, the desert, and the style has retained its utterly timeless design in the days since.

Clarks boots now come in a wide range of suede colorways, but the original Desert Boot in Beeswax Leather – which will break in with every step – is your best bet to pair up with just about any pair of jeans or chinos you own.

Of course, the brand also offers ankle boots, moc toe boots and Chelsea boots, but it’s tough to top a certified style essential in the desert boot.

Red Wing Shoes

The idea that brands are cutting corners and simply not making things like they used to doesn’t hold as much water with Red Wing Heritage.

The company’s Minnesota roots originally helped power rough-and-tumble industries like logging and mining, and Red Wing still makes exceptionally tough work boots today.

Yet over the past 15 years or so, they’ve become famous for other reasons: Namely, its commitment to quality and premium materials impressed a new generation of menswear aficionados, who turned styles like the Red Wing Iron Ranger into modern classics.

Let’s keep it simple: If you want to dip your toes into the world of durable boots made to be paired with, say, blue jeans and a casual henley any day or night of the week, look for the Red Wing Iron Ranger or a pair of trusty moc toe Red Wing boots.


Like we’ve said, there’s surely competition when it comes to the best boot brands, and Wolverine is a worthy alternative if you want to explore brands that make boots fit for job sites and post-work beers.

These days, Wolverine is perhaps best known for its 1000 Mile lineup (boots that are so ridiculously well-made, the name seems fitting).

You’ll find a run of plain toe boots with incredibly well-built last and sole designs, often made from rich materials like Horween leather for increased longevity.

The company also introduced a more streamlined rotation of dressier, low-profile boots dubbed the BLVD Collection: With just two pairs of Wolverine boots, you could be set for situations from day to night, at least in our book.

Rhodes Footwear

Oftentimes, sorting through the best boot brands is a bit like finding a missing puzzle piece. If you frequently wear tailoring, the perfect dress boots should be a go-to. If you prefer rugged looks on the daily, like selvedge denim, traditional lace-up boots get the job done. And if you land somewhere in the middle, a sort of “smart casual” style, then Rhodes Footwear from Huckberry could check all the right boxes.

The brand does quite a few things very well, a sort of jack-of-all-trades among the best boots for men, be it classic Chelsea boots, hard-wearing roper boots or crepe sole chukka boots.

The great thing about Rhodes Footwear is that it seems like these stylish boots were made to be worn with plenty other Huckberry styles: Talk about finding a missing puzzle piece.

Taylor Stitch

It seems that for as long as Taylor Stitch has been in business, people have been asking the San Francisco company to make footwear. They came through on that promise a few years back, and although they round out your wardrobe in plenty of other categories (from fisherman sweaters to blazers and Oxford shirts), its lineup of stylish boots for men is equally impressive.

Rich leather in deep shades like Whiskey makes for a mighty handsome pair of lace-up Trench Boots, for instance, while they also craft a pair of streamlined-yet-rugged moto boots that wear perfectly with the brand’s inky blue selvedge denim or olive chinos.

The next time you wear Taylor Stitch pants and your favorite t-shirt, make sure the brand is also laced up underfoot.

Astorflex Boots

Head back over to Huckberry to get your next pair of ultra-casual, ultra-cool chukka boots, this time done up on a springy yet reliable crepe rubber sole and made using sustainable leather-aging processes.

Astorflex shoes are the brainchild of a family-owned Italian company, and they toe the line between laidback and refined quite nicely.

Its crepe-rubber boots are likely too casual to wear with a suit, but for business casual situations or for daily wear with slim blue jeans and a timeless pocket tee, you’ve hit the mark quite nicely.


The great thing about the vast market for the best boot brands for men has to be the variety and versatility on offer. Remember what we said about technical hiking boots? Portland-based Danner makes those, sure, but they also have the market cornered when it comes to heritage-worthy, beautifully crafted leather hiking boots and lace-up boots that fall somewhere in the middle of “town” and “trail.”

Its boots are USA-made and designed to get better with age, and they use remarkably comfortable materials like Vibram outsoles for added traction and astounding comfort on the daily.


If you’ve been wanting to try out a pair of Western boots but don’t quite know where to start, allow Tecovas to lead the way.

The upstart brand has only been in business about a decade, but they’ve shown they’ve got plenty of know-how when it comes to introducing guys to the world of stylish Western boots.

From cowboy boots made from exotic leather to streamlined, rock n’roll-ready side zip boots and even a pair of crisply designed Chelsea boots, the brand does much more than you might expect.

As a bonus, you can even score a Western shirt, a waxed trucker jacket and a new belt to round out your new-look pair of handcrafted Western boots.

HELM Boots

What is it about boots that’s so appealing? Is it the hard-working, no-fuss nature of the right pair of lace-up boots? Is it the wear-with-nearly-anything style that works well with so many business casual or laidback looks? Or is it a combination of craftsmanship and long-lasting quality compared to most other footwear styles?

With HELM Boots, it’s a bit of all three and then some. The brand crafts its shoes with care and sells them out of Austin, Texas, with styles that reflect a well-balanced lifestyle: There are low-profile, dressy chukka boots, hard-working lace-up ankle boots and even handsome sneaker boots to pair with jeans and an Oxford shirt at the office.

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