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Milwaukee M12 Fuel Brushless Hackzall Saw at
Milwaukee M12 Fuel Brushless Hackzall Saw

Reciprocating saws need lots of juice because they move back & forth as well as up & down. Unfortunately most cordless ones are underpowered. Not anymore: Milwaukee’s new M12 Fuel Hackzall is the fastest cutting and most powerful saw in its class, delivering over 4X more battery life & up to 70% faster cutting than the competition. Available May 2014.

BUY IT   $140-200 Also posted in Tools

Aesent Tent at
Aesent Tent

If you’ve ever been camping, you know it took way too long for this to come along: The Aesent tent features a built-in air mattress. In fact the whole floor of the tent is inflatable, which means you can roll all over the place in comfort, on a cushy 6-inch bed of air.

BUY IT   $160 Also posted in Camping

Mod Notebook at
Mod Notebook

You finally got your ideas down on paper. Hooray for you. But without an intern, will your chicken-scratch concept ever see the light of day? If your notebook is The Mod, then yes. Their thread-bound notebooks feature 120GSM paper; and once you fill up the pages, you mail it back to Mod in their pre-paid envelope and they digitize it & send it back to you.

BUY IT   $25 Categories: Gear

2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Curved Coins at
2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Curved Coins

The coins we use everyday cost more to make than they’re worth but these new limited edition collectible coins from the US Mint are different. They’re the 2014 Baseball Hall Of Fame commemoratives: a $5 gold coin,  a $1 silver coin, and a clad 1/2 dollar coin. And unlike normal coins they’re rounded, as in not flat. And this is the first time the mint has ever created such a coin. The design works with the original coin art: on the rounded side a baseball, on the concave side a mitt.

BUY IT   $5.50-40 Categories: Gear

Cornucopia Bag at
Cornucopia Bag

The design of this roll-top pack from Betabrand makes it easy to convert from a 3-layered shelf pocket set-up to its full 42-liter capacity or something in between. Just unhook the shelf pockets and fill ‘er up.

BUY IT   $62.40 Also posted in Bags

PhoneSoap at

You may not know it but your phone is filthy. Because it’s warm and you put it down everyywhere, it’s covered with bacteria and germs. If this thought disturbs you, try PhoneSoap. It’s a smartphone sanitizer that uses UV light to clean all the creepy-crawlies off your device in just 4 minutes.

BUY IT   $60 Categories: Gear

Zero Halliburton Air II at
Zero Halliburton Air II

Known for their lightweight & durable aluminum luggage, Zero Halliburton has now created a new collection that’s even lighter: The Zero Air II rolling, locking suitcases come in a variety of sizes & are built super-tough but still weigh pounds less than normal luggage.

BUY IT   $400-550 Also posted in Bags

Surf Sauna at
Surf Sauna

Even in the dog days of summer, surfing the icy waters of New England will make your meat thermometer retract up into your body. Surf there in the winter & it will probably just fall off. But maybe not if you’ve got the Surf Sauna waiting for you onshore. It’s a portable sauna designed specifically for coldwater psycho surfers & made-to-order in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. If you don’t want one custom-built for you, just rent it.

BUY IT   $17,950 Categories: Gear


The POWERQUBE is a sleek tabletop power supply that has 3 USB ports and 6 grounded electrical outlets. No more  climbing under the table to plug in. Available in black or white. via

BUY IT   $70 Categories: Gear

Calypso Tag at
Calypso Tag

The Calypso Tag is an Italian leather luggage tag that connects to your smartphone so your luggage will never get lost. Linked with the app, it monitors your bag’s location, and even lets you know when it’s coming out on the conveyor.

BUY IT   $100 Also posted in Bags, Gadgets
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