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The Best Smart Home Devices

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated November 29, 2023

The Best Smart Home Devices

Are you the sort of guy who likes to do everything manually—or would you prefer a collection of nifty gadgets and gizmos that can simplify things?

Welcome to our hand-picked collection of smart home gadgets that we think do their task very well. Below, you’ll find security devices, smart locks, lighting solutions, and anything “smart” that can be automated to make your life easier and more convenient.

You may not need all the nifty items on the list below, but I’m certain you’ll find at least one or two that will change the way you do things around your house.

If it saves you time, improves security, cuts energy costs, and adds a touch of cutting-edge class into your home, it’s absolutely worth considering.

Recognize Friends & Family with Eufy’s Latest Solar Security Cam System

eufy S330 Solar Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System


Improve your protection with eufy’s Edge Security System, featuring an integrated AI that will recognize pets, people, and objects around your home for more accurate monitoring. The BionicMind AI is self-learning and will adapt over time to recognize your family members, pets, friends, and most “frequent visitors” with an accuracy claimed to be “up to 99%”. Thanks to the updated app, you can catalogue and organize the footage recorded, uploading it to the AI to accelerate its learning and cement recognition patterns.

In addition, the solar-powered system offers 16 GB of built-in storage (no subscription fees), the option of adding up to another 16 TB of storage via compact SATA/SSD drive, and packs 256-bit encryption that will secure your data.

The Belkin Wemo Stage Scene Controller with Thread is a Tricked Out Light Switch

Belkin Wemo Stage Scene Controller is a Tricked Out Light Switch


Bluetti’s AC500 Can Handle Blackouts with Ease

Bluetti AC500 Backup Home Power Station


The SwitchBot Wi-Fi Smart Lock Works with your Existing Deadbolt

SwitchBot Wi-Fi Smart Lock


The Wyze Lock Bolt Steps Back from Smart and Goes Safe

Wyze Lock Bolt


Meet Liv, The App-Driven Home Mosquito Repellent System

Thermacell Liv App-Driven Home Mosquito Repellent System


Liv from Thermacell is the first connected, on-demand home mosquito repellent system. The Alexa & Google Assistant-enabled system creates a zone of protection around your home with in-ground diffusers controlled by a central hub. The diffusers emit an odorless synthetic chemical repellent to keep mosquitoes away with 93% effectiveness.

The Bluelounge SocketStation Turns a Plug into a Charging Shelf

Bluelounge SocketStation


The SocketStation Smart Hub Shelf turns any ordinary power socket into a sweet little hangout spot for devices while charging.

A simple click-together design with integrated cord storage makes this an easy swap with existing socket faceplates. The shelf holds up to 3 pounds—perfect for your phone, tiny speakers, and most tablets.

Light Up the Night the Wyze Way

WYZE Motion-activated Step Lights

$25 / 3-pack

With motion-activated sensors, the Wyze Night Light helps you find your way in the darkness. The units attach to all wall surfaces with a magnetic mount and up to 10 can be linked together to safely illuminate your home. Sensors detect motion from up to 18-feet away, to keep you on course with your toes intact.

Voice Control Makes The GE Cync Outdoor Plug Smarter

GE Outdoor Cync Smart Plug


With support for both Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, the GE Cync Outdoor Smart Plug is all about convenience.

Bluetooth & Wi-fi enabled & built to withstand the elements, it lets you control power remotely to individual outlets, with a tap of the touchscreen, all through the simple Cync mobile app.

Protect Your Packages With the SmartDrop Delivery Box

eufy SmartDrop Smart Delivery Package Drop Box


SmartDrop is a digital high-security safe to protect all your post and packages from theft & tampering. Large enough to fit 90% of standard parcels, it sits sentry at your door.

Equipped with a motion-triggered camera, 2-way audio, & PIN access touchpad, plus support for Alexa & Google Assistant, it allows deliveries to be dropped & safely held until you’re home.

Step-Up Security with the Ring Glass Break Sensor

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor


Using AI technology and a sensor that detects the sound of glass shattering up to 25-feet, the Glass Break Sensor from Ring adds another layer of protection to your home security system. It provides instant mobile alerts when the sound is detected or it can be set to sound your Ring Alarm siren when armed in both Home or Away mode. A Ring Alarm or Ring Pro system is required. Ships 2/16.

Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor


Awair’s Element device enables you to track overall air quality: temperature, humidity and the levels of allergens and airborne toxic chemicals (VOCs). You can also easily set up automations for fan, heater, humidifier/dehumidifier, and other appliances to keep everything smooth and safe.

Open The Garage Door from Your Phone with ismartgate

ismartgate LITE Smart Garage Door Opener


With built-in support for Apple Homekit, Alexa, Google and IFTTT, ismartgate’s line of garage door openers allow you to control your garage entry directly from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Apple Watch. In addition to convenience, it provides remote security alerts, video recording and monitoring with a linked IP camera, a user management feature that will allow you to grant, deny and modify access to different users from anywhere, and it works on up to 3 doors.

Leak Detection is a Lot Easier with the HomeKit-Connected Eve Water Guard

Eve Water Guard - Smart Home Water Leak Detector


The Eve Water Guard is a HomeKit-enabled leak sensor. It plugs into a wall socket and uses an extendable 6.5-foot long sensor cable to detect leaks and moisture. With HomeKit, it’s able to send instant notifications to connected devices. There is also a powerful 100dB siren to alert you when a leak is detected.

Switchbot Curtain Automates the Drapes

SwitchBot Curtain Smart Electric Motor


Switchbot Curtain turns old blinds & curtains into smart ones. Automatic, app-controlled ones that help you save energy and money. The ’bot mounts in seconds with no tools & no power supply needed. Through the app you can set-up schedules & through machine learning, the system learns your patterns. With temperature & light sensors, they will open & close based on parameters you set. Works with Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri for voice controlled convenience.

The Brilliant Smart Hub Brings It All Together

Brilliant Smart Home Control


The Brilliant Smart Hub gives you touchscreen control of all the smart systems and connected devices in your home, from one interactive screen. It has integrated Alexa voice control functionality, intuitive controls for all smart appliances on easy-to-read menus, and audio and video intercom, as well as dedicated support for Nest, Ring & other devices. Replaces any standard light switch in your home.

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