Announcing Our New Book: For Good Measure (A Diabetic Cookbook)

By Jennifer Shun  |  Updated May 15, 2024

Announcing Our New Book: For Good Measure (A Diabetic Cookbook)


Cookbook options are endless except for the over 37 million Americans living with diabetes.

Let’s be honest, compared to the sensory-driven “general” cooking section, the “health shelf” is a dull, boring space.



From this perspective, we’re excited to announce For Good Measure: A Diabetic Cookbook, published this December.



Featuring over 80 healthy, flavorful recipes focused on a food-based approach to preventing and managing diabetes, this collection is set against California’s sun-drenched beaches, illustrated with mouth-watering photography, and detailed with nutritional data and personal insight geared toward diabetes management from a perspective of abundance rather than depletion.

This is the title you’ve been looking for to inspire someone on your holiday list to start the new year right.


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