Jennifer Shun

Jennifer Shun was born in Detroit, Michigan to two artists – her mother, a sculptor; her father, an architect. She spent her Midwestern childhood amidst the right-brained, touring the odd mix of art shows and construction sites. She pledges she could read a blueprint before a chapter book.

She scratched out her first story at the age of six about a koala bear named Stan. The illustrated work didn’t win any awards, but it kick-started a lifetime passion for anything written.

With a degree in journalism, Jennifer launched a PR/marketing company in 1997. Quickly deciding corporate writing wasn’t fueling her soul, she shook things up, moved to Southern California, and launched product blog, Novel-in-stories, We Once Had Wings was published in May 2016. In 2019, she debuted diabetic resource, publishing its namesake cookbook, For Good Measure: A Diabetic Cookbook in December 2023.

Jennifer lives with her husband, daughters, and black cat named Hallow. Guaranteed she’s writing something with a #2 Ticonderoga as you read this, while a Dutch oven simmers.

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