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20 Best Cool Kitchen Gadgets

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated August 28, 2023

20 Best Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Home cooks and aspiring chefs, this one’s for you.

We’ve all got the usual assortment of cookware in our kitchen: pots, pans, coffee maker, baking trays, chafing dishes, maybe even a sweet espresso machine if we’re lucky.

But there are a few gadgets and tools that will take your cooking to the next level, unique items that will make your kitchen more useful and efficient.

Check out our collection below of all the super cool and practical gadgets to add to your kitchen. Not only will they make the cooking process easier, they’ll enhance your cooking skills and help you make better everything—from a better pasta dish to a truly spectacular cup of coffee. Get ready to find the next best addition to your kitchen.

Terra Kaffe TK-02 Connected Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Terra Kaffe TK-02 Connected Super Automatic Espresso Machine


Stagg’s EKG Pro Sets the Standard for the Electric Pour-over Kettle

Stagg EKG Pro


Fellow tea and coffee-lovers, this one’s for you.

Stagg’s latest offering takes electric kettles to a whole new cutting-edge dimension, offering fully customizable brew settings and precision controls that make you a true brew-master. Set a schedule, keep your water hot for up to an hour, pre-boil your water for sanitizing, or use one of the pre-sets according to the exact type of tea or coffee you’re brewing. Do it all from your smartphone or the kettle’s integrated smart controls—however you do it, trust that the result will be exactly the way you want it.

And it’s not just functional; it’s also designed to be a beautiful statement piece that will enhance the décor of your kitchen. Now that’s an electric kettle you can fall in love with.

Swedish-engineered Aarke Stainless-steel and Glass Water Purifier

Aarke Stainless-steel and Glass Water Purifier


The Double Mezzaluna Chopper Makes Quick Work in the Kitchen

The Double Mezzaluna Chopper


The Best New Smoker…To Use Indoors? The Arden Pellet Smoker

Arden: The INDOOR Pellet Smoker


Sizzling Hot: Ooni Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate

Ooni Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate


From home pizza oven pioneers Ooni comes the Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate, a versatile cast iron cooker with removable handles. The 2-sided design allows you to use the smooth sizzler plate for fajitas or frying eggs; then flip it & use the griddle pan for those picture perfect seared grill marks.

Pop ’Em Like a Pro with The Catcher Bottle Opener from Tooletries

The Catcher Bottle Opener


Bottle-tops won’t go flying when you’re popping cold ones open with The Catcher. It’s a magnetic-bottle opener with a soft silicone-grip that allows you to stick it almost anywhere & get crackin’! A strong magnet inside catches the caps before they fall. Ideal for home, RV, boat, garage or man cave.

Say Hello to Year-Round Indoor Grilling with the PowerXL Smokeless Grill

PowerXL Smokeless Grill


PowerXL offers this smokeless indoor grill that allows you to create real BBQ from the comfort of your kitchen—or anywhere else with an AC outlet.

The stainless steel design features an interchangeable griddle plate with a nonstick surface, a Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor, and a tempered glass lid so you can see what’s cooking.

Make Space: Bamboo Stovetop Cover

Stovetop Cover Bamboo Cutting Board


Expand your kitchen’s countertop space with the Choice Bamboo Stovetop Cover. Top-rated by consumers on Amazon, it’s a cutting board made of FSC-certified wood that can be used both on kitchen counters or placed directly over your gas or electric stovetop. Use it to maximize chopping & prep space or to simply store more in your kitchen area. Sturdy, 3” legs allow it to fit perfectly over burners.

The InnoChiller Cools Drinks Down Fast

InnoChiller Drink Chiller


The InnoChiller turns warm drinks frosty cold in a matter of minutes. Simply place your beverages in the Chiller and put it in the freezer; in just a few minutes, your drinks will be crisp & cold. The unit uses a small but powerful fan that creates its own wind-chill effect to quickly cool things down. Chill a bottle of wine in 11 minutes & a six-pack in 12. The built-in battery lasts for 45-minutes—plenty of time to chill a few rounds.

This Glass Popcorn Maker is Clearly Cool

Puebco Glass Popcorn Maker


Made of heat resistant glass, the clever, minimalist design of this glass corn popper from Puebco gives you a crystal clear view of the popping process. A slotted glass insert lets your butter melt slowly into the vessel for perfect coverage every time.

Thaw Frozen Foods In Record Time with Icegone

Icegone Defrosting Tray


Icegone might be the most advanced defrosting tray ever. It can defrost frozen food 8-times faster than room temperature, thawing your meats from frozen to cooking-ready in just 10-20 minutes. Made of food-safe aluminum, it requires no electricity and helps all types of food to thaw quickly and safely. This will be a life-saver for last-minute meals and surprise dinner guests.

Equip Your Kitchen with a Countertop Sausage Grill

Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill


Purpose-built to do sausages and brats the right way, Johnsonville’s Sizzling Sausage Grill takes the guesswork out of grilling to deliver mouthwatering results. With modular cooking plates for dogs, bratwurst, and even breakfast patties, this mess-free countertop cooker heats up to cook links and patties in under 10 minutes, and bigger brats in 15, all indoors, with automatic alerts when finished & quick, dishwasher-safe clean up.

Cheat Sheets Make Oven Cooking & Clean-Up Easier

Prepd Cheat Sheets Modular Sheet Pan Dividers


Cheat Sheets take the simplicity of sheet pan, oven-roasted cooking and make it not just easier but better. They’re oven-safe, non-stick silicone dividers that drop onto your sheet pans and divide your ingredients, to streamline your cooking & make one-pan meals and meal prep a breeze. You can fit up to 6 small portions or 3 large portions on a single sheet pan, allowing you to separate ingredients, flavors & cooking times. They’re also designed for effortless clean up.

This Countertop Coffee Grinder Won’t Wake the Whole House

Ode Brew Grinder


Like Fellow’s other premium coffee products, the Ode Brew Grinder is a simple, elegant device. It delivers precision grind quality with easy-adjust controls. Designed for home use, it offers the convenience of single-cup serving and reduced machine noise—something the late sleepers will appreciate. The Ode is also mess-free, with a magnetically-aligned catch, a static-free ground chute and grinds chamber as well as an included grinds knocker.

Keep Your Knives Clean & Your Fingers Attached with Blade Brush

Joseph Joseph BladeBrush Knife


One slip of the dish sponge while washing that chef’s knife & you’ll be searching the In-Sink-Erator for one finger while dialing 911 with another. This smart little implement, the BladeBrush Knife and Cutlery Cleaner is purpose-made for cleaning knife blades & the unique wraparound design will keep  your digits intact.

Your Wood Cutting Board Doesn’t Bend Like This

WoodNflex Flexible Wood and Silicone Cutting Board


Made in Wisconsin with wood sourced from North Carolina, woodNflex is a flexible cutting board that pairs the familiar feel of a real wood cutting surface with a silicone backing that lends grip and makes things a little bendy too, allowing you to transfer and pour ingredients. It also acts as a protective, low-profile cutting surface for your countertop that is lightweight and super thin, so clean-up and storing it is easy.

Make Breakfast Better with Stovetop Waffles


PanWaffle will make you a master of the homemade waffle without a giant waffle iron taking up space in your kitchen. It’s a pan purpose-built for the task and features stay cool handles and a Durable PFOA-free nonstick coating that resists scratches and stains. It locks at 90º for easy cooking and comes apart for easy cleaning.

Fizzics Beer System

Fizzics Beer System


This home beer system turns any beer—bottled, canned, growlered—into a heady, keg-style beer you can enjoy at home. It uses a patented fluid & gas technology with a vacuum-sealed base unit to pressurize your beer without the need for replacement CO2 cartridges: just easy-pouring draft beer anytime you want one.

Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven

Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven


As long as you’ve got a gas stove in your kitchen, this stovetop pizza oven will turn you into an at-home pizza chef. Its domed design quickly reaches a cooking temp of 600-degrees to cook your 12-inch homemade pies in just 6 minutes. It features a steel base & hood and comes with 2 cordierite pizza stones, ensuring crispy crust every time.

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