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8 Best Garage Storage & Organization Products

By Author Info  |  Updated November 29, 2023

8 Best Garage Storage & Organization Products

Guys like us spend a lot of time in the garage. Whether you’re a weekend project pro, a daily shop dweller or just a really good mess-maker, getting the garage organized—and more importantly—keeping it that way, is something we could all do better. So we rolled up the door and assessed all the options to assemble this list of Great Products To Organize Your Garage.

Keeping tools, parts, and projects neatly organized in the garage just makes life easier. Being able to quickly locate & utilize exactly what we need helps us get the job done so we can get back to living. We approached this list the same way.

The goal here is maximum organization with minimal effort. The products we’ve included are versatile, sensible, and built to survive in hardworking environments. From soft silicone mats to organizers for bits and fasteners to pegboard and storage solutions for all the rest, we think you’ll agree it’s a tidy little list.

Get a Bit More Organized in the Workshop

3D-printed Large Bit Holder


With space to fit up to 400 quarter-inch bits, this 3D-printed plastic organizer is a smarter way to sort, store and organize your bits. All of them. The slim, space-saving design is ideal for workbench or tool chest. Choose from 9 different colors.

ToughBuilt Nailed It with These Handy Fastener Bags

ToughBuilt Fastener Bag


The ToughBuilt Fastener Bag 3-Pack simplifies storage of small items and supplies. They measure 10.94 x 6.81 x 2.91 inches and feature heavy-duty mesh windows that allow you to see everything inside. Grommets for hanging them on the wall & webbing handles for carrying add function to a smart, simple design.

Pegboard Up & Organize the Workshop

Torack Pegboard Wall Organizer


Torack’s Pegboard Wall organizer is a great way to get your garage straightened out & tidied up. Made of metal with a silver-coated finish, the 48″ X 40″ board mounts to the wall with slots to fit all standard 1/4in & 1/8in pegboard hooks, bins, and accessories. It offers a 48″-wide overhead shelf, a paper towel holder, and a 12″ utility shelf.

Rack Your Tools with Stud Track Storage

2x4basics Stud Track Storage System


All you need is a 2-by-four and the Stud Track Storage System & you’ve got functional, versatile, & adjustable wall storage for your long-handled tools. Two end brackets hold it up & 6 sliding, adjustable hooks keep your shovels, rakes, and other persuaders neat & organized.

Grypmats Keep Tools Tidy



Designed for high-demand industrial work and used by mechanics and techs from NASA to NASCAR, Grypmat tool mats keep your tools safely stored, handy, and organized. Made of a rugged yet silent & soft material, they’re chemical and oil resistant and they don’t slip off of whatever surface you place them on. Made in bright, high contrast colors, they simplify visual management for keeping track of nuts, bolts, parts and tools. Multiple sizes are offered.

Organize, Stack & Store More with Sidiocrates



For your equipment, tools, toys, and gear, Sidiocrate is a tougher, more technical storage crate. Designed for stable stacking and custom organization, they feature a straight wall w/ structural ribs, removable dividers that move easily to keep stuff from shifting and sliding around. A padded bottom mat and a snap-on lid seal the deal to keep your stuff right where you want it. Sidiocrates measure 18.5” X 12.5” X 6.5”

CleverMade Crates Smarten Up Your Storage

CleverMade Utility Crates


What makes CleverMade Crates so smart is their fold-flat design, enabling you to close & store them flat, freeing up valuable closet & storage space when their contents come out. For decluttering & organizing the garage, summer camp, kid’s room or attic, these foldable, plastic multi-use crates are ideal, available in 25L – 62L sizes that stack vertically when in use & collapse flat in seconds.

Milwaukee’s PACKOUT Crate is a Commercial-Grade Gear Hauler

Milwaukee Packout Crate


This addition to Milwaukee’s PACKOUT line of modular tool storage & transport products is the Crate. The stackable PACKOUT Crate can carry up to a 50-pound payload and with more than 1700 cubic inches of capacity. With rugged, commercial-grade construction, the design includes attachment points on the top & bottom for secure stacking & rear fastener points to hang from the wall with an optional mounting plate.

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