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7 Best Monitor Stands

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated November 29, 2023

7 Best Monitor Stands
Courtesy of Satechi

Whether you’ve got a cubicle, a corner office, or your own home office, our workspaces can tend to look a bit “practical”—or, put another way, dull.

Adding a bit of style and organization can go a long way toward brightening up our area, bringing an elegance to what is otherwise a purely functional space.

Monitor stands and risers are the perfect improvement to your workspace along with a great desk mat.

  • Monitor stands and risers come in all shapes and sizes: Some are sized to hold a smaller screen (under 24”), ideal for smaller desks with limited space. However, they can range up in size, all the way to being large enough to support multiple large screens (30”+).
  • The range of materials is varied: You’re not just getting squat, ugly, practical stands made of plain boring steel, oh no. As you’ll see by the list below, some are made of lovely wood with the unique, natural grain on full display, others are made from glass that adds an “airiness” to your décor, and others are built using sleek, colorfully-finished metals (like aluminum or titanium) that are lightweight but offer a very sturdy platform.
  • The extra height can be game-changing for your posture: By elevating your monitor, even just a few inches, you set the screen at (or just below) eye level, encouraging an upright posture and neutral head and neck position. Take it from someone who sits at a computer for long hours every day: the minute adjustment to improve ergonomics can make a huge difference over the course of weeks or months of regular desk work.

Monitor stands are great for ergonomics (lifting the monitor to the ideal height for your neck position), but they can add color and style to your space as well. Whether it’s made of metal, wood, or glass, it’ll make your workstation a lot more pleasant to work at.

Below, I’ve collected a list of the best monitor stands and risers for you. Some are minimalist, others offer built-in storage, but all are the perfect marriage of form and function.

Best Overall Monitor Stand

Twelve South Curved Riser Monitor Stand

Why did I choose it?

Thanks to its brushed aluminum construction, it looks and feels just like your favorite Mac and iOS devices. Not only does it provide a solid stand for your monitor, but it also provides extra storage space to make organizing your desk a lot easier and the price point is well positioned amongst it’s competitors.

Best Wooden Monitor Stand
Grovemade Wood Monitor Stand

Best for Large Monitors
Artifox Large Stand Black Oak

Best Overall Monitor Stand

Twelve South Curved Riser Monitor Stand


Form meets function in all the best ways in this lovely desktop riser. Built from aluminum with a beautifully brushed finish, it’s lightweight, sleek, and stylish—the perfect complement to your Mac and iOS devices.

It’s sized for a 10-inch screen base and the storage shelf is thick enough to house a USB hub, hard drives, notebooks, even a valet tray. It’ll elevate your monitor 4¼” off your desk, just high enough so you can look at the monitor straight on without leaning forward or bending your neck.

Best Wooden Monitor Stand

Grovemade Wood Monitor Stand


Minimalists, this is the monitor stand for you. Built using either American Black Walnut or Eastern Hardrock Maple, the stand is incredibly simple—a single piece of wood that has been curved to create a stylish, no-frills stand capable of supporting up to 200 pounds of monitor.

The stand is 14 inches long and 9.2 inches thick, and elevates your monitor a little over four inches off your desk surface. The wood has been hand-sanded and finished using vegetable-based oils, giving it a beautifully elegant look that will liven up your desk décor. Thanks to the cork feet, it will never slide or shift around, ensuring maximum stability for your monitor.

Best for Large Monitors

Artifox Large Stand Black Oak


If you’re all about the minimalist life, this stand is just what you need. The legs are made from solid black oak, incredibly sturdy when paired with the powder-coated black stainless steel top surface.

Thanks to the tool-free assembly, you can set it up in a matter of minutes, and you’ll find the steel surface is both large enough to accommodate most monitor types and strong enough to support even large-sized monitors.

If you’ve got magnetic accessories, they’ll stick right to the surface and stay securely in place. It’s sleek, stylish, and amazingly practical—well worth every penny you’ll spend on it.

Satechi Aluminum Universal Unibody Monitor Stand


If you want a simple, stylish upgrade to your workspace, this Satechi stand is just the ticket. It’s made using a lightweight yet ultra-tough aluminum treated with a brushed finish that makes it eye-catching without being overly flashy. Plus, it comes in five metallic color options.

The stand doesn’t have any integrated storage options, but the additional space beneath will allow you to keep a few of your most-used gadgets tucked away within easy reach.

Capable of supporting up to 31 pounds, you can use it for any monitor, printer, or laptop.

Grovemade Wood Desk Shelf


Need a bit of extra storage space? Give this lovely desk shelf a try. In addition to the monitor stand, it’s got a second shelf that offers room to store books, tablets, pens, notebooks, or even an accessory tray to collect all your knickknacks into one place.

The curved back will keep your stored objects from sliding or rolling off, making organization an absolute breeze. The stand comes in three sizes—18.5, 31.5, and 46 inches in length—so you can choose the best stand for your single or dual-monitor setup.

The stand is built from beautiful, hand-sanded American Walnut, Eastern Hardrock Maple, and White Oak, and the metal components are 5052 Aluminum. However, it’s only capable of supporting 50 pounds of weight, so make sure your monitor/s aren’t too heavy.

SUPERJARE Monitor Stand Riser


Looking to upgrade your workstation in a big way? Then this dual-monitor riser is exactly what you need. Built in three separate-but-connected units, you can adjust the angles and positions according to your preferences, adjusting the stand anywhere from 23.5 to 36 inches in length. The center board is just over 3 inches tall, while the two outer boards are just under 4 inches tall—the perfect height to improve ergonomics and make your monitors easier to see at a glance.

Though the stands are made out of P2 Particleboard, they’re thick enough to support even heavier monitors, printers, or speakers. Thanks to the three-component design, you can set up a single monitor with dual speakers, or dual monitors with a central speaker unit or a bit of décor to add some flair.

The stand is available in five styles—black, retro brown, cream gray, marble white, and plain white—giving you plenty of options to match your existing décor scheme.

Eutuxia Type-M Tempered Glass Monitor Stand


To give your workspace a bit more “airiness” and a feeling of openness, this glass-and-metal monitor stand is your best pick. The tempered glass is 5/6-inch thick, capable of supporting up to 40 pounds (roughly a 40” screen).

Fair warning: tempered glass may break if it suffers from “thermal stress” due to rapidly fluctuating temperatures. But the chances of that happening inside your air-conditioned and heated home are so small it’s not a big problem to worry about.

The aluminum legs provide a solid, secure base that will keep your monitor firmly in place. There’s roughly 3¼” clearance space beneath, plenty of room to store notebooks, pens, and other desktop accessories. Installation is a breeze and you’ll love how stylish it looks once it’s all set up.

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