GIFTS FOR MEN The Ultimate Idea Guide

Best Gifts for Men – The Ultimate Idea Guide for 2022

By Andrew Peloquin  |  September 27, 2022

Best Gifts for Men – The Ultimate Idea Guide for 2022
Courtesy of RUX

Gifts for men are ultra-important—but, sadly, often under-given.

Guys are expected to lavish everyone (girlfriends, wives, partners, kids, parents, in-laws, etc.) with gifts, but how often do they get gifts in return? On their birthday, sure, and Christmas, maybe even on Father’s Day.

But let’s be honest: we could all use more gifts to brighten a hard day or just make sure we know how much those special people in our lives love and care for us.

That’s exactly what we set out to do here!

Our goal at WERD is to be your go-to source for finding the best gift ideas for any man you know. As the definitive resource for the latest and greatest when it comes to guy-focused gear and gadgets, we’re in a unique position to help you get your hands on exactly the right thing to give that special man in your life.

Whether they’re your husband, boyfriend, father, father-in-law, dinner party host, graduating student, or even just a coworker you like, we’ve got gift ideas that will bring a smile to their face and lift their spirits.

With this guide you will:

  • Find your guy the perfect gift for any occasion
  • Read expert reviews on products guaranteed to put a smile on his face
  • Learn insights about the gadgets and gear he loves (so you can talk with him about them, even if you’re not an expert like him)
  • Steer clear of the usual "boring” gifts and truly blow him away

Ready to find the perfect gift for him?

Let’s dive right into the gifts and find exactly what you need.

Our gift guide is broken up into various sections, based on your relationship with the guy you’re buying for. (You wouldn’t get your father and husband the same gift.) We’re here to help you find the right gift for every unique and specific situation.

We've also built many helpful "best of" guides that introduce you to additional ideas. Browse our Gear Buying Guides and Menswear Buying Guides.

Select the type of guy you are buying for:


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Why should you listen to us?

Since 2009, we’ve curated an extensive list of guy stuff. We pore over countless press releases, check out ideas and pitches sent to our email, study the latest trends, follow launches of revolutionary and innovative new ideas in every industry, and spend every waking moment striving to be at the bleeding edge of what’s new.

Everything we focus on is geared to men.

What would be a good gift for a man?

When it comes to gifts for men, there really is no "one size fits all" answer. What’s a "home run" one guy may be a total "swing and a miss" for another.

The only way to figure out what kind of gifts to give a guy is to figure out what kind of guy he is.

Is he:

  • A techie?
  • A geek/nerd?
  • A gamer?
  • An outdoorsman?
  • An artist?
  • A musician?
  • A die hard sports fan?
  • A sportsman/athlete?
  • A woodworker, mechanic, tinkerer?

Figure out what kind of guy he is, then start doing research into the sort of gifts he’ll love/use/want/need.

I guarantee it’ll make the entire gift-buying process exponentially less stressful for you!

What do I gift a man who wants nothing?

All guys are going to answer with that generic "I don’t need anything, but thanks for the thought" if you ask them what they want for a gift. Even if he says that, rest assured that he will absolutely still enjoy receiving something from you. You don’t want to get carried away; a modest, thoughtful gift will be more than enough.

Because it’s not the gift itself that will really matter to him, but the fact that you put time, effort, thought, and your hard-earned money into demonstrating in a physical way just how much you care about him. That’s worth a lot more than you realize.

What do I gift a man who has everything?

Even though a wealthy man can buy anything he desires, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate a surprise.

Gifts have a wonderful ability to tell him "You are special" and "I care about you" in a way that words simply can’t. Plus, the gift shows that you spent time focused on him, and that’s what truly makes the gift work, no matter what it is or how inexpensive it is.

And remember, this "man who has everything" may possess physical objects in abundance, but there are lots of experiences he hasn’t yet had. That could be one direction to focus on, giving him some new, exhilarating, interesting, or personal experience that will be worth far more than any object.

What milestones & holidays should you buy a gift for a man?

There are lots of opportunities to give the man in your life a gift. Don’t feel obligated or under pressure to give a gift on all these occasions, but here are a few events that could serve as the perfect chance to show him how much you care.

Dad Boyfriend Husband Grandpa Coworker Friend Father-in-law
Birthday X X X X X
Holidays X X X X X X X
Father's Day X X X X
Valentine's Day X X X
Graduation X X
Retirement X X X X X X
New Job X X
Promotion X X
Anniversary X X X
Graduation X
Engagement X
New Baby X X

Will guys actually like the stuff you recommend?

As we mentioned above, there’s no "one size fits all" approach to gift-giving. So the lists we curate aren’t going to work for every man on the planet.

That being said, we invest a lot of time and effort into collecting only the best gifts possible. We use our own internal metrics to identify what our audience (of mostly guys) finds the best.

By studying what products users add most often to their wishlists, we can narrow down what is compelling.

We also keep a close eye on what products are viewed the most, what product videos are being watched, and which products are clicked in our weekly emails.

There are many ways to understand what users like and by putting them all together, we can narrow products down into lists of the best.

How is this different from the hundreds of "best XX gifts for guys” articles I see when searching Google?

Do a quick search for "best gifts for men" on Google, and you’ll quickly see that most of the results are cookie-cutter articles by typically large, well-known publishers or magazines. When you browse through the lists, you’ll notice that the recommendations are quite random and typically not very interesting. Not to mention, many of the products are old, outdated, or no longer available.

Worse, many of the publishers of these lists don’t really take into account what men truly want. They’re likely just rushing an article together to take advantage of a buying situation (i.e. Father’s Day, Black Friday or Christmas).

On WERD, we do things differently. We’re all about cutting edge, up-to-date, and relevant, carefully curating lists that will give you exactly what you want with the least amount of time spent browsing long lists of unrelated “fluff”.

We hope you see the value in getting your recommendations from a team of guys (and dads) who have been solely focused for years on understanding what guys really want.

14 Gift Giving Etiquette Tips

  • Don’t ask someone what gift they would like. Instead, do the work to figure it out by talking to them, listening to them, and considering what sort of person they are.
  • Don’t just hand someone a gift card. A gift card is already fairly impersonal. If you’re going that route, always slip it in an envelope with a personal note.
  • Never show up to a person’s home for a party without a gift. It’s just good manners to have something, even a small token.
  • Always send a thank you note within a week of receiving a gift. Again, it’s just good manners.
  • Consider the presentation. It doesn’t need to be wrapped to the extreme, but even just a gift bag or a ribbon-and-bow is a nice touch.
  • Give cash gifts in an envelope with a personal note. Cash is always welcome, but so is a thoughtful message.
  • Always strive for the proper gift value. Whether gift exchange, host gift, wedding gift, or baby shower gift, there’s an accepted "price range" to stick within. Don’t use gifts to show off!
  • You aren’t obliged to reciprocate a gift, but don’t forget to show gratitude with a call or note. It’s just the classy thing to do!
  • Don’t play the hero. The gift doesn’t need to be perfect or the most expensive.
  • Give gifts to coworkers outside the office. Even if they’re your best “work buds” or “work wives/husbands”, give it to them in private.
  • Be careful with gag gifts. Know your recipient, and be mindful about the time, place, and personality.
  • If the invite says "please don’t bring a gift", respect their wishes and don’t. Just don’t.
  • Don’t give the gift too early. (Or too late, for that matter.) There’s a socially acceptable "gift-giving window" for every occasion.
  • If someone gives you a gift and you have nothing in return, don’t make a big deal out of it. Be grateful and make it a point to reciprocate their generosity in the future.

A selection of gifts ideas for men in 2022

Solo Stove Fire Pit 2.0 Now has a Removable Base Plate and Ash Pan

Solo Stove Fire Pit 2.0


Solo Stove’s Fire Pit is a true masterpiece of design, making it insanely easy to start a campfire and reducing smoke output to a spectacular degree. But there was always one major quibble: the only way to empty the ashes was to turn over the fire pit (which had no handles to facilitate the task) and dump them out. Enter the Fire Pit 2.0. and the solution to that particular problem. Now, the base is removable, allowing you to disconnect the base plate and take out the ash pan for quick, easy emptying. This addition does nothing to compromise the 360° Signature Airflow Technology that sucks air in through the base to keep the fire blazing merrily and reduce smoke. It just makes the Fire Pit a more convenient, user-friendly addition to your camping gear.

The Ace Nibbler is a Compact and Mighty Little Folder

Ace Nibbler


Say goodbye to bulky, cumbersome blades and hello to the ultra-compact Ace Nibbler. The name and its design comes from “Nibbles” from the Tom and Jerry cartoon series, and though it is small, it is truly mighty. This blade is under 5 inches long when opened, with a 2-inch 20CV blade capable of slicing and slashing even the toughest materials. It opens with a flick and locks securely in place, and you’ll find the micarta handle fits comfortably in your hand and won’t slide around even if your fingers are wet, muddy, or slick with fish guts. It’s also available in a wide range of colors—from eye-catching red and blue to practical green and even titanium. Definitely a folder worth considering if you want to downsize your EDC carry without losing any cutting power.  

The Japanese-made Camber Top Tool Box from Toyo

TOYO Camber Top Tool Box


Keep this bad boy in your truck, RV, or basement, and you’ll always have your most important tools within easy reach. Built from a single sheet of stainless steel, it’s hands-down the toughest tool box you’ll ever own, but it’s got a sleek minimalist look that no chunky, clunky box could ever compare. It’s also beautifully lightweight and compact, so you can carry it around all day and never feel over-burdened. The fact that it’s made in Osaka, Japan means that it’s built using precision manufacturing, quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail. It’s the DIYer’s and home mechanic’s new best friend.

The Cooler Caddy from Bellroy is Sized for your Sixer

Bellroy Cooler Caddy


This cooler caddy is guaranteed to be your new best friend on those summer lake days, picnics, and outings. Sized to hold a lunch for two or a 6-pack of your favorite beverage, it weighs next to nothing and, when empty, folds down small enough that you can carry it in your backpack or briefcase anywhere you go. It’s made from recycled material and features 3M Thinsulate insulation that will keep its contents nicely chilled. The bag is water resistant—both inside and out—and features a handy webbing grab handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere, anytime. It even comes with its own built-in bottle opener. Best of all, it’s backed by a 3-year warranty.  

AOHI Magcube 40W Foldable Charger Optimizes Charging for Two Devices

AOHI Magcube 40W Foldable Charger


Say goodbye to bulky, chunky chargers, and say hello to one of the most portable power solutions around. This AOHI Magcube charger is designed with foldable plug prongs that make it delightfully compact, sized just right to fit in any pouch, backpack, or briefcase. It’s capable of supporting up to 40W fast-charging for laptops, tablets, and smartphones, with dual USB-C ports that optimizes power supply to your devices to ensure the most efficient charge time. Thanks to the integrated PI technology, your devices are protected while plugged in, and the charger even auto-adjusts output power according to which device is connected.

Carter Upgrades their Move Mug with a Clever Sliding Lid

Carter Move Mug + Slide-Lock Lid


Finding the perfect on-the-go coffee mug is never easy, but the Carter Move Mug + Slide-Lock Lid has set its sights high. The sliding lid is easily opened one-handed, allowing you to sip or gulp your coffee as desired, but flicks closed to seal in the heat and keep your brew piping hot. The Heat-Lock double wall vacuum seal keeps everything at the right temperature for up to 6 hours, and the True Taste Ceramic Coating protects your coffee against the nasty bitter metallic edge that seeps in after hours sitting in a metal cup. It’s both transit-friendly (fitting in cupholders) and sized just right to fit in your favorite coffee machine. Take it on your commute for the perfect coffee every morning.

The WUBEN G2 is a Bright Little EDC Keychain Light

WUBEN G2 EDC Keychain Light


Carry this tiny light on your keychain, and you’ll never be stuck in the dark. With an output of 500 lumens (easily as bright as any light bulb in your house), it’s the perfect compact flashlight to take camping, use around the house, even crawl under your car to check your oil with. The five settings (ranging from soft “moon” to ultra-bright “Turbo”) let you choose just how bright you want the light to shine, and extends the life of the 28mAh battery to up to 70 hours of continuous run-time. It weighs just 28 grams, attaches to your keychain, and is easily charged via USB-C to ensure shorter charge time and greater power. This is an ultra-convenient little addition to your EDC loadout.

The Venture Billfold from Trayvax is a Low Profile Bi-fold with an Aluminum Frame

Venture Billfold from Trayvax


Keep this sleek, minimalist wallet in your pocket, and you’ll never have to worry about losing your most valuable cards and IDs. Sized to fit up to 9 cards (or 12 when properly broken in) or 20+ bills, it’s slim enough to tuck into your front pocket, shirt pocket, or your backpack without drawing attention. Though it’s designed in the classic folding wallet style, it uses a blend of sturdy Horween leather with a metal magnetic closure system that keeps everything securely in place. It’s TSA-approved, features RFID-blocking, and is backed by a 65-year heirloom warranty.

Be Ready for Any Outdoors Situation with the MAX Multipurpose Axe Toolkit

MAX Multipurpose Axe Toolkit


Whether you’re heading out into the bush for a weekend hunting trip or just camping overnight, you’re going to want to be ready for anything Mother Nature can throw at you. With the MAX Tool Kit, you will be. Built by Forrest Tool using only the finest American materials, this kit includes the eight items you might end up needing in the wild, including axe, shovel, pick, broad pick, mattock, rake, and combination McLeod (rakehoe). The interchangeable heads can easily be locked in place on the 34-inch composite polyglass handle using the six accompanying steel pins—interchangeable in a matter of seconds, but ultra-sturdy with every swing. It even comes with its own ultra-tough Cordura nylon carrying case so you can keep all the heads organized and ready at a moment’s notice.

Carry It All in Rux Collapsible Totes

Rux Collapsible Totes


Built to withstand harsh weather conditions with unquestionable performance, Rux collapsible storage totes carry it all. Constructed of rugged TPU coated nylon, these soft-sided 70-liter totes feature clear windows so you can see what’s inside, as well as zip-top lids and webbing straps for shoulder carry. Backpack straps give you a hands-free carry option & the totes compress down to save space when not in use.

The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written By Two Idiots

The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written By Two Idiots


If you want to step up your grilling game, you’re going to want to give this book a read. Written by “the Grill Dads”, Ryan Fey and Mark Anderson, The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written By Two Idiots is the perfect guide to simpler, more efficient, tastier grilling. No fancy BBQing or low-and-slow cooking here, just a lot of easy, practical recipes and instructions that literally anyone can follow. With recipes ranging from soups, salads and appetizers to main courses (and maybe even a dessert or two), this book promises to be your roadmap to tastier grilled food with fewer burns, messes, and hassles. If it can be made on a grill, this book will show you the smart, easy, efficient way to do it.

Ember’s Heated Espresso Cup is Compact Coffee-Warming Magic

Ember Heated Cappuccino Mug


Ember’s temperature-controlled mugs are a game-changer for any coffee lover who wants to savor every sip of their daily brew. With their built-in batteries heating your coffee to the perfect temperature with just the touch of an app button, it’s the perfect way to ensure that your coffee never goes cold or stale. Now, Ember has just released a 6-ounce cup, sized just right for espresso and cappuccino-drinkers. Take control of your coffee warming, set it to your desired temperature, and let the LED light built into the base of this classy-looking mug tell you when it’s ready to drink.

Gerber Savvy is an EDC Superstar

Gerber Savvy


Gerber has made its mark on the EDC world with its rough-and-rugged, hyper-versatile knives. The Savvy is smartly designed, made in the USA with quality American craftsmanship and materials, and built to withstand anything your daily life can throw at it. Its ambidextrous design makes it easy to open one-handed with either hand, and the frictionless deployment allows you to whip out the blade and get cutting in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the built-in pocket clip, you can keep it close at hand and within easy reach at a moment’s notice. You’ll love the handle—made from either aluminum or carbon fiber, your choice—which will give you a solid grip on the knife no matter how wet or slick your hands are. At 3.5 inches long, it’s a sturdy, agile blade that’s as much at home in the field as on a camping trip or fishing boat.

überleben Tindår Wick & Bellow Makes Fire-Starting a Snap

überleben Tindår Wick & Bellow Fire Starter


Sick and tired of struggling to get your campfire lit? You’ll never have to worry about it again with this fire-starting kit in your pack. The paraffin wax-infused hemp catches a spark instantly, but doesn’t burn through in minutes like regular rope. Instead, thanks to the wax, it acts more like a candle wick, burning for an hour or more—plenty of time to set it to your kindling to get that flame roaring. Though it’s only 6mm thick, it’s 13 feet long, so you’ve got hours of burn-time to look forward to. The included sleeve makes it easy to snuff out the flame or let it burn longer, staying cool to the touch even after close contact with a blazing fire. Best of all, the box doubles as a bellows, making it easier than ever to get that campfire started in even the worst weather conditions. source

Ditch the Bristles: KUNIFU BBQ Grill Scraper

KUNIFU BBQ Grill Scraper


Give yourself the gift of a clean grill with this wonderful little tool. The KUNIFU BBQ Grill Scraper is a truly unique piece of equipment: a bristle-free scraper that will work with pretty much any grill, regardless of grate spacing, tough enough that you can use it again and again without ever having to worry about it breaking or wearing out on you. The stainless steel tool is backed by both a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction/money back guarantee, and it’s even dishwasher-safe. With built-in holes for a handle, chain, and hanging hooks, you’ve got plenty of options for mounting and wielding it to clean off that grill grate. Best of all, it comes with both a griddle scraper and a bottle opener—talk about ultra-versatile!

Marshall Introduces the Willen Ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker

Marshall Willen Ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker


When you think Marshall, you instantly think of guitar and bass amps famous for their smooth, crisp, high-quality sound. Well, now you get that same sound from your favorite music player, but you can ditch the messy tangle of guitar cables and go wireless via Bluetooth. The Willen is Marshall's most compact portable speaker to date. IP67 dust- and water-resistance allow you to take it anywhere.  As expected, Marshall delivers warm tones, dynamic highs, and solid bass that keeps you moving and grooving with any beat. Not only does the Marshall Bluetooth app let you stream music directly to the speakers, but you can actually pair multiple speakers to give you that “big stack” sound you want. With more than 15 hours per charge, it’s a listening experience guaranteed to take your music to the next level.

Be Prepared for Anything and Everything with the VSSL Essentials Collection

VSSL Essentials Kits


These kits are designed to be ultra-portable and tough enough to withstand literally anything—from a boat capsize to an avalanche—but contain all the survival tools you need for your camping, hiking, trekking, and mountaineering adventures. Hyper-tough rope, razor-sharp blades, fishing line and hooks, first aid supplies, fire starters, and survival gear, these kits have it all. You’ll become a prepared outdoorsman in no time with these fellas in your back pocket.

Clean Carry: Bellroy Key Case

Bellroy Key Case


Offering sleek, bundled storage for 3-5, Bellroy’s Key Case features a unique flipper mechanism that ejects keys one-handed while keeping them secure on a detachable cord loop for a car key or fob. The exterior is smooth, eco-tanned leather finish & the hardware is stainless steel. Choose from 5 colors.

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Popular Gifts for Men from the Last Century

Pocket Watch
Pocket watches were quite popular with men until World War 1 when pilots and soldiers in the trenches strapped on wristwatches.

Vest Pocket Kodak Camera
Also known as the "Soldier's camera", this compact folding camera fit nicely into a user's pocket allowing for portablility.

Always a popular gift with men of every age in the early part of the 20th century.

Canned Beer
The Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company delivered the first cans of beer to drinkers in 1935.

High-fidelity Turntable
High-fidelity sound reproduction was a big innovation and enticed many men to add a record player to their home.

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