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G-Clamp Bottle Opener at

G-Clamp Bottle Opener

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Tighten it down to virtually any horizontal surface & you’re ready to pop bottles. The G-Clamp is made of heavy duty cast iron and features foam padding on the clamp ends to protect your table, counter, or whatever you screw it to.

OXO Strive Advance Bottle at

OXO Strive Advance Bottle

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It can be tough to get that fish tank taste out of your favorite water bottle but the Strive Advance from OXO has a solution. The bottle unscrews in the middle, making it easier to clean. Much easier to add ice, too. The lid has a smaller opening for spill-free sipping & is tethered to the bottle. the 24-ounce bottle is made of BPA-free & dishwasher safe Tritan plastic.

This Wi-Fi Enabled Garage Door Opener Can Be Controlled From Anywhere at

This Wi-Fi Enabled Garage Door Opener Can Be Controlled From Anywhere

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Not only does this jackshaft-style opener eliminate the overhead clutter of a ceiling-mounted motor, moving it off to the sidewall, with built-in Wi-Fi, the LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W garage door opener is the easiest way to get your garage connected. Using the MyQ mobile app, it allows you to receive alerts and control the opener from anywhere. It includes a remote LED light that can be placed anywhere to provide bright light & linking MyQ app to partners apps gives you even more enhanced garage control options such as voice control and offense closing.

This New Jägermeister Bottle is Pretty Cool at

This New Jägermeister Bottle is Pretty Cool

Modeled after those blue plastic freezer packs, Jägermeister’s new fast-cooling PET bottle is the brand’s first plastic packaging to reach the U.S. Not only will the CoolPack bottle fit nicely into your cooler; it will get icy (& more deliciously drinkable) faster than the glass bottle. Much lighter too, giving yet another reason to bring your Jäger along for the journey.

Fabric Cageless Water Bottle at

Fabric Cageless Water Bottle

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You may not care about the tiny bit of weight the water bottle cage adds to your bike but the folks at Fabric do. That’s why they’ve developed this cage-free bike bottle. Plastic studs fitted into the cage holes in your frame hold the BPA-free 600ml bottle in place with integrated retainer clips. Weight: 1.5 grams. Available September 2015.

We Found a 32-Ounce Bottle Carrier for Hands-Free Hydration at

We Found a 32-Ounce Bottle Carrier for Hands-Free Hydration

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It’s nice to have that 32-ounce water bottle with you everywhere—except for having to carry it around. Wild Wolf Outfitters got the memo & built a very functional insulated bottle carrier. Made with military grade 600D polyester and neoprene, it features external zip pockets, & D-rings for the adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free carry, Fits HydroFlask, Nalgene and most standard shaped 32-ounce bottles.

Mobot Bottle at

Mobot Bottle

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The Mobot bottle combines two workout essentials: a stainless steel water bottle and a foam roller. Available in 18, 27, & 40 ounce sizes, Mobot features a BPA-free cap and straw & the padded foam exterior is made of non-toxic EVA; available in a bunch of solid and pattern colors.

Keego Introduces The World’s First Squeezable Metal Bottle at

Keego Introduces The World’s First Squeezable Metal Bottle

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Keego has produced the world’s first squeezable metal water bottle. Designed for athletic and everyday use, it is made from elastic Titanium, a material used in particle accelerators, like the one at CERN in Switzerland. Due to the high cost of production for this space-age bottle, Keego is using Kickstarter for public funding.  And guess what?  It’s already funded.

Welly Bottle at

Welly Bottle

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The Welly water bottle has an internal filter so you turn even the rankest tapwater or sketchy roadside creek water into fresh, clean drinking water. The 24-oz bottle is BPA-free, portable, & features sustainable bamboo side panels. One dollar of every Welly sale is donated to projects with CharityWater. Currently funding on Kickstarter.

Vargo Titanium Para-Bottle at

Vargo Titanium Para-Bottle

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Made of lightweight titanium, this 1-liter bottle from Vargo is completely biocompatible, meaning it won’t leach or corrode, & it works with common water filters. The screw-on lid is tethered to the bottle with a loop made of braided paracord—when you need some cordage in a pinch, it unravels to 7-feet in length.

Make Ice Spears That Will Fit Into Your Bottle at

Make Ice Spears That Will Fit Into Your Bottle

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It’s hard to be hyped on hydrating if you’re stuck sipping warm water. But, problem solved: The Water Bottle Ice Tray makes 5 ice spears that fit perfectly into your favorite water bottle. It has a rigid frame to prevent spillage on the way from the tap to the freezer and it’s also got a cover to keep out those strange freezer flavors. It’s gonna be a long summer, keep cool.

Golchi Bottle at

Golchi Bottle

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Capable of holding 2 different beverages at 2 different temperatures, the vacuum-insulated 27 oz. stainless steel Golchi bottle has a modular design that can be configured 4 ways. There’s an 11-ounce & a 13-ounce drink compartment and 3.5-ounce middle compartment that will hold powders or solids. Use each independently or fill the whole thing up; this bottle gives you lots of options.

Purisoo is a Water Purifier, Pump & Bottle In One at

Purisoo is a Water Purifier, Pump & Bottle In One

Getting clean, filtered water out in the wilderness seems more complicated than it should be in 2018. The Purisoo bottle aims to change that. It’s a lightweight, self-contained unit that pumps, filters, purifies, and carries your water, all in one. The integrated, replaceable filter removes impurities down to the microscopic and lasts for 1000 liters of filtering. The bottle carries 13.8 ounces of water.

The Soma Brew Bottle is Good To Go at

The Soma Brew Bottle is Good To Go

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With the Brew Bottle from Soma it’s easy to brew your morning pour-over coffee, loose leaf tea or cold brew & take it with you. It’s a 12-ounce double-walled glass bottle with an integrated, patent-pending stainless steel filter that provides a balanced taste with no sediment. And there’s a flip-top lid that provides perfect flow for hot or cold drinks. All the parts are dishwasher safe.

RYOBI Garage Door Opener at

RYOBI Garage Door Opener

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It looks like Ryobi threw out the old playbook when creating their new smart garage door opener. It’s whisper quiet with a powerful 2 HP motor, and offers smartphone control, battery backup, park assist, a carbon monoxide alarm & loads more.

BOB Multi-Opener at

BOB Multi-Opener

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Available through the MOMA store, the award-winning BOB multi-opener combines a clean design aesthetic with the ability to easily open pull-tabs, vacuum lids, crown caps, beverage cans and twist caps. Made of hardened aluminum & produced in Germany.

We Found the First 100% Recycled Plastic Bottle Case for iPhone at

We Found the First 100% Recycled Plastic Bottle Case for iPhone

Made of 100% recycled plastic. Sadly, that’s not a label you see too often. The Bottle Case from Nimble is the exception. It is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Designed in California to work with iPhone X, iPhone XS, XS Max, & XR, sales of the case support the Seabin Foundation, The Coral Reef Alliance, Wildcoast,, & When you’re done with the BottleCase, it is curbside recyclable.