The 10 Best Belts for Men from Casual to Dressy

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated March 24, 2023

The 10 Best Belts for Men from Casual to Dressy
Courtesy of Filson

Belts are one of the most under-appreciated and overworked accessories we own.

Think about it: the only times you notice your belt is when you’re buckling/unbuckling your pants, but it’s still working all day long to keep your pants firmly in place. 

Belts allow you to wear a diversity of styles (and even sizes) that wouldn’t be possible without them. Plus, like your watch, shoes, tie, and wallet, they make a statement about who you are on both a personal and professional level.

So yes, belts may not be the flashiest accessory around, but they’re among the most important.  

We’ve taken the time to collect a list of the best belts for you, no matter who you are. Leather belts, nylon belts, webbing belts, even a few cutting-edge belts that will forever change the way you dress.

Check out our recommendations of the absolute top picks, and get ready to up your style game.

Arcade Ranger Belt


The Arcade Ranger does things a bit differently. With your standard leather or nylon belt, you’ve got a single strip of solid, inflexible material that cinches tight around your waist to reduce movement as much as possible. But the Ranger is designed to move and stretch with you, made from a flexible polyester (85% recycled) webbing that is lightweight, ultra-versatile, and built for your comfort.

It’s fully machine washable so it can be cleaned along with your pants, and its metal-free buckle makes it the perfect travel companion.

It’s not ideal for supporting heavy loads (such as a tool pouch), but for those days you want to move unencumbered around town, it’s a total game-changer.

Billkirk No. 288 Center Bar Belt


Billy Kirk brings their own unique spin on the classic jean belt, and there’s no denying that it’s a good-looking accessory from buckle to tail.

The center bar buckle comes in both a glossy brass and eye-catching silver nickel finish, and it’s sturdy enough to use with your everyday jeans as well as your work pants.

The hand-stitching detailing not only gives it a stylish look, but also adds durability so you know this belt will last for years of daily use.

Available in 6 colors.

L.L.Bean Essential Leather Belt


The “Essential” belt by L.L. Bean gives you exactly what you’d expect from a leather belt: solid, full-grain leather that is sturdy as heck and grows more supple and comfortable the more you wear it.

It’s versatile enough to be worn with your favorite business suit and pair of jeans, and the silvertone hardware matches your silver, titanium, and white gold accessories.

The fact that it’s extra-wide (1 3/8 inches) means it will give your outfit just the right amount of flair without being overly ostentatious. And you can’t help but love the price tag.

J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Jean Belt in Italian leather


If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, this Italian leather belt is just the thing. The vegetable-tanned Italian leather looks and feels beautiful, and the more you use it, the more beautiful it will become as it develops a patina.

The belt and its buckle are inspired by classic military uniforms and workwear, and it’s one of the sturdiest, hardest-wearing leather belts on the market.

Ted Baker Karmer Reversible Belt


Why buy two belts when just one will do? Ted Baker brings you the most stylish reversible belt around, letting you choose between black and brown according to the watch and shoes you’ve chosen for the day.

The beautiful leather will pair perfectly with a business suit or tuxedo, but it’ll be right at home with a pair of jeans or dressy chinos, too.

The mixture of bovine and bonded leather ensures excellent durability without making the belt too heavy or cumbersome. The silver-toned buckle lends it an air of elegance you’ll love, and you can’t argue with such a well-priced offering, either.

FAIRWIN Tactical Belt


Switch it up and go full tactical with this belt. Designed in the style of military/tactical and work belts, it’s made using sturdy nylon webbing that won’t fray, stretch, or sag even when wet or heavily loaded.

The heavy-duty buckle can withstand the weight of heavy tool or ammo pouches, even weapons and holsters. But when the time comes to pop off your pants, the quick-release buckle makes quick work of it.

Best of all, it uses Velcro to adjust its tightness, and once it’s set to your desired tightness, you can wear it day after day without ever having to fiddle with it again. For the price, you won’t find many better options to wear on the job site or outside the wire.

Shinola Bedrock Belt


Shinola has made a name for itself as a brand that crafts some of the toughest, sturdiest leather goods on the market. From the moment we laid eyes on this belt, we knew it would live up to the brand’s reputation.

Crafted from Shinola’s signature premium natural grain leather, it’s sturdy and supple enough that you’ll be comfortable whether you’re pairing it with jeans, chinos, or a suit. The silver-toned hardware gives it a touch of class and draws the eye, making it the perfect accessory to complement an elegant, business casual wardrobe.

Filson 1-1/2" Bridle Leather Belt


Want to try a leather belt that you can trust to withstand long hours, days, and months of use? Then give this beautiful Filson belt a try.

It’s made using bridle leather, one of the toughest, most durable types of leather around, resistant to damage, scuffs, scratches, and breaking. The fact that the bridle leather is saddle-grade means it’s even tougher than you’d expect, able to withstand even the most active lifestyle—hikers, cowboys, bikers, trekkers, you name it.

The leather is sourced from North American hides, tanned in the USA, and sized just thick enough (1 ½ inches) that it will accommodate all belt loops while still serving as a beautiful statement piece.

Patagonia Tech Web Belt


Wear something different with the Patagonia Tech Web Belt. The notched buckle will keep the belt securely in place no matter how much you run, jump, and play, but it’s easily loosened when you need to drop your trousers.

The aluminum buckle is incredibly sturdy despite being lightweight, and it can be used as a bottle opener in a pinch. The belt itself is made of an ultra-tough, quick-drying recycled webbing that will be as much at home in the jungle as in the desert or city downtown. You can even use it as a lash or tie-down in case of emergency.

GrooveLife Groove Belt


GrooveLife’s Groove Belt stands out from the crowd in all the best ways. First off, there’s the magnetic slide buckle, which clicks together (with a satisfying sound) and remains firmly engaged no matter what you’re doing. Take it hiking, camping, trekking, cycling, or mountain climbing, and the neodymium magnets will keep your hyper-tough, scratch resistant A380 aluminum buckle firmly in place.

Then there’s the belt itself, which is made from a proprietary webbing that is incredibly tough and comfortable to wear. The belt is a bit tough to adjust, but once it’s set, it’s not going anywhere, ever. You can wear the belt the exact same way every day for years to come, and the only time you have to worry about loosening or tightening it is if your waist size fluctuates. You’ll fall in love with this game-changing, ultra-reliable belt for sure.

Tecovas Leather Harness Belt


For a night out on the town or a good old-fashioned line dance party, you’ll want to have this belt on standby.

Made from full grain vegetable-tanned leather, it’s as beautiful as it is tough, and will grow more lovely as it patinates over time. The single-strap construction makes it durable and prevents snapping or splitting, and the leather feels heavy-duty so you can trust it to hold up to your daily activities no matter how fast-paced.

The brass-finished snap buckle is a lovely fashion piece but also a great addition for versatility; you can swap out buckles easily according to the accessories you’re wearing (silver, gold, copper, etc.).

Not only is it very well priced, but Tecovas stands by the quality of its products and ensures every single belt sent out is of the highest standard of manufacturing.

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