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This 2-Person Tent is a Lot Lighter Than Yours at

This 2-Person Tent is a Lot Lighter Than Yours

Constructed of ultralight 100% waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabric, the UltaMid 2 from Hyperlite Mountaingear is a minimalist 2-person shelter for those remote adventures where every ounce of weight matters. It can be set-up with an extended trekking pole or suspended from above. Sold with or without the Dyneema floor. Weight: 19.01 ounces.

Camp on the Water. Like Really on the Water at

Camp on the Water. Like Really on the Water

The Shoal tent is made for the life aquatic. As the first of its kind floating raft-tent, it allows you to camp literally on the water, turning lakes and ponds into the ultimate waterbed. It’s got an inflatable frame, so set up is easy: just pump it up with the included foot pump. The floor is a 6″ thick drop stitched high-pressure floor that doubles as your air mattress & the tent fabric is heavy duty & waterproof. It’s got an 8’X 8’ footprint & comfortably sleeps people up to 6’3” tall.

TreePod Camper at

TreePod Camper

Lots of times there’s just nowhere truly flat to pitch your tent—roots, rocks, all sorts of lumpy stuff between you & a good night’s sleep. With the TreePod Camper, no worries. It’s a suspended tent that hangs from the trees. It can support up to 500 pounds and hangs from a single centerpoint. Blending a ground tent with a hammock, it features a taut sleeping surface that’s 87” long by 57” wide. It is waterproof and has windows with mesh ventilation. Available April 1.

Heimplanet NIAS at

Heimplanet NIAS

Like all of the tents from Heimplanet, the 4-6 person NIAS model features an inflatable frame—meaning no tent poles to pack or assemble. This new design features a dual-cabin Geodesic structure that makes it easy & comfortable to separate the adults from the kids or to accommodate two groups in one tent.

MSR’s Hubba NX Tents are Wicked Waterproof at

MSR’s Hubba NX Tents are Wicked Waterproof

The wilderness wizards at Mountain Safety Research have created a new type of waterproof coating that will keep their Hubba NX backpacking tents drier for a lot longer. Traditional seam seals and tent waterproofing break down over time due to exposure to moisture and humidity and eventually start to leak. The brand’s Xtreme Shield polyurethane (PU) coating is better than that. It’s got a molecular chain that was engineered to eliminate deterioration, so your tent stays not only dry but never gets that sticky, flaky residue that inevitably occurs. The Hubba NX tents are available in solo, 2-person, 3-person, and 4-person models.

POD Tents at

POD Tents

These tents link together so you can create a self-contained tent village connected by zip-together tunnels. Made by UK-based MC2 Innovation, this car-camping tent system includes tents of 2 different sizes, the 8-person Maxi & The 4-person Mini. Depending on the number of tents & tunnels, lots of configurations are possible.

Heimplanet Fistral at

Heimplanet Fistral

Heimplanet tents feature an inflatable frame that eliminates the need for tent poles. That means less weight in your pack & easier set-up. The compact Fistral tent is made for 1 or two people & to set it up, all you do is lay out flat & inflate the air frame.

Kammok Introduces 4-Season Mantis Camping Hammock at

Kammok Introduces 4-Season Mantis Camping Hammock

The all-in-one Mantis hammock tent from Kammok gives intrepid tree dwellers they need for camping up off the ground, all year round. This lightweight versatile hammock is equipped with customizable features for every season: an insect net, rainfly, and a winter barrier. Smaller than your sleeping bag and lighter than a 1-person tent, it is designed to keep things light & fast for those minimalist strike missions or longer backpacking trips when every ounce of weight makes the difference. Another funded Kickstarter.

Thule & Tepui Team Up On Space-Saving RTT at

Thule & Tepui Team Up On Space-Saving RTT

When it comes to racks & carrying cargo, Thule is tops. For their latest creation, they teamed up with rooftop tent innovators Tepui. The Thule Tepui Foothill RTT gives you the comfort of a 2-person all-weather rooftop sleeper tent yet only takes up half of your roofrack. At just 27” wide when closed, it leaves room for your bike or even a kayak. Mounts to factory roof rails & weighs just 110 pounds for use on vehicles of all sizes. Available February 2021.

Bush Smarts Grizzly at

Bush Smarts Grizzly

The titanium Grizzly from Bush Smarts makes tensioning the lines on your tarp tent or makeshift shelter easy and gives you lots of options for tying off onto supports of all shapes & sizes. Every Grizzly comes with a 36″ ultra strong 2mm Dyneema hi-viz cord. Made in the USA from recycled materials.

The Turtlebacker Flatbed Camper is an Adventure-Ready Toy Hauler at

The Turtlebacker Flatbed Camper is an Adventure-Ready Toy Hauler

Posted in Automotive and Trailers

Designed to haul your toys as well as everything you need for comfortable camping, the Turtlebacker flatbed camper trailer is an all-terrain adventure rig built on a lightweight, rigid aluminum frame. Up front there’s a fully equipped galley kitchen with sink, stove, & water heater as well as a platform tent for 4. Out back there’s the flatbed for your motorcycles, side-by-side, bikes, kayaks, and various other toys.

This Compact Camp Lantern Can Totally Hang at

This Compact Camp Lantern Can Totally Hang

The Sprout Mini Lantern from the gear geeks at UCO is an ultra-compact camp light with push button control that allows you to quickly dim or boost it up to the 100-lumen level. It also has a gentle blue Moonlight Mode. The patent-pending magnetic lanyard allows you to easily hang/attach the light to a tent or tree. Powered by three AAA batteries.

Zerogram at


For 2016, Korean outdoor brand Zerogram is bringing their line of lightweight camping & backpacking gear to the states. Their PCT UL 2 tent is a great example of what they’re all about: it’s an ultralight, 2-person, single-pole design & it’s simple to set up & break down in under 5 minutes. Rated for winds up to 70MPH. full review

Taxa Woolly Bear Trailer at

Taxa Woolly Bear Trailer

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The Woolly Bear is a lightweight & versatile trailer built for on-road & off-road adventures. It’s light enough to be towed by any 4-cylinder vehicle and offers loads of stowage & storage for gear and food. There’s a full camp kitchen, a pull-out drawer for a large cooler, an open air cargo area & enough space up top to carry bikes, boards, a boat & pitch your tent.

The Goose is Made for Motorcycle Camping at

The Goose is Made for Motorcycle Camping

Constructed of heavyweight 420gram ripstop canvas, the Goose is a camping system purpose-built for bike tours. The tent is fully waterproofed and equipped with zippable fly screen layers for breathability. The flooring is made of heavy duty pvc to keep moisture out & it has a canvas wing/awning that attaches to your motorcycle to create shelter for your riding accessories like helmet, boots, etc.