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The Best Sweaters for Men: Top Brands to Know

By Beau Hayhoe  |  Updated January 8, 2024

The Best Sweaters for Men: Top Brands to Know
Courtesy of Todd Snyder

Man cannot rely on bread alone, and a guy’s wardrobe similarly isn’t complete without a sense of balance. Especially in the fall and winter months, when brisk temperatures show no signs of retreating, the best sweater brands make all the difference.

The right sweater can flatter your body, add a shot of seasonal color to a classic ensemble, make a look more rugged (or more polished), and of course, the best sweaters for men add another crucial layer of winter warmth.

  • The best sweater brands mean versatility: Whether you’re in the market for a rugged crewneck, a toasty cardigan or a crisp, cotton-blend sweater you can wear at the office with chinos, you’ve got plentiful options from numerous retailers.
  • The right sweater completes an outfit: No matter if you’re throwing on a V-neck over an Oxford shirt or styling a henley with a shawl cardigan, adding a warm winter sweater offers utility and an additional visually interesting touch.
  • The best sweater brands are built to last: Opt for durable fabric blends like wool, wool blends or cotton blends for stretch, a touch of breathability and of course, long-lasting layering potential.
  • The best sweater brands make a statement: A well-made sweater is soft to the touch, even more comfortable to wear, and often adorned with classic style touches. Don’t be afraid to invest a bit of money into the right one.

There’s an abundance of options as you scour the market for the best sweater brands. Accordingly, there are plentiful styles to suit every taste, from classic crewnecks to old-school cardigan sweaters, crisp V-neck sweaters and more (keep scrolling to get to the good stuff). Naturally, some men’s clothing brands just do things better than others.

Buying a sweater from one of the best brands shows you mean business, and so does your wardrobe. You’ve also got plentiful style inspiration as you shop for your new favorite sweater: Hemingway favored thick fisherman sweaters, and even James Bond has worn a stylish (albeit expensive) cardigan in recent years.

So, start your search at square one, shop for men’s clothing the right way and ramp up your seasonal layering with one of the best sweaters.

Todd Snyder

Naturally, one of America’s best menswear designers is also one of the best sweater brands for guys. Luxurious options are the name of the game here, from distinctive button-front sweater polos to textured recycled cashmere crewneck sweaters, striped sweater tees and timeless cardigans.

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The best sweater brands offer a nice way to try out something a bit new without spending an arm and a leg. For instance, Wills – dreamed up and designed by Huckberry – delivers accessible cashmere sweaters, rugged fisherman sweaters and sharp sweater polos, all at agreeable prices.


Whatever sweater variety you favor, Everlane has you covered. From retro cardigans to classic crewneck sweaters and visually interesting ribbed designs, these sweaters are designed to be mixed and matched with the brand’s crisp basics, from blue jeans to tan chinos and Oxford shirts. Plus, they’re made transparently, often from eco-friendly fabrics.

L.L. Bean

Opt for a sweater as rugged as your favorite Bean boots for winter, with a focus on variety. Easy-to-layer recycled cotton sweaters rest comfortably alongside thick ragg wool sweaters and textured fisherman sweaters, each ready to layer under a cozy L.L. Bean waxed jacket this season.

Paul Smith

Virtually every style of sweater is covered here by the classic British designer, from the zip-front sweater to the turtleneck. If you’re seeking more adventurous, colorful knitwear to give your winter look a shot in the arm on dreary days, opt for a designer number from Paul Smith.

Alex Mill

Searching for one of the best sweater brands that departs ever-so-slightly from the norm? Alex Mill is that brand, mixing up silhouettes and using vivid colors, whether in a Donegal wool crewneck or a sufficiently throwback-minded cardigan.


The famed American retailer built its business on making everyday staples for men at accessible prices, and while they occasionally produce more expensive, luxe designs, the same idea still holds true today. From a merino wool crewneck to a colorful shawl cardigan and a business casual-ready V-neck, J.Crew still does it all.

Billy Reid

Billy Reid’s business was built around the idea that clothing should be timeless, accessible and easy to wear, perhaps with a dash of runway-ready fashion thrown in. But when it comes down to the Alabama designer’s sweater offerings, there’s something for everyone: Fan favorites include the leather elbow patch-adorned, ultra-soft Dover Sweatshirt, sweater henleys and a surprisingly premium half-zip.

John Smedley

The best sweaters, of course, are undoubtedly built to last – John Smedley knows this, and cuts no corners in its ultra-soft, highly durable sweater selection. Materials from soft-to-the-touch cashmere and performance-focused merino wool are all on offer here.

The Most Common Sweater Materials

While your T-shirt is going to be made from a material like thin Pima cotton (to name but one fabric), sweaters are going to take those fibers to the next level with a thicker weave and thicker material.

You’ll find sweaters made from wool or wool blends (polyester or elastane sometimes add stretch), but sweaters made from cotton offer a more breathable alternative in temperate climates.

Fabrics like cashmere are luxe and ultra-soft, with a slight shine that makes them a nice, dressy sweater option in turtleneck or V-neck designs. And merino wool is a performance fiber that breathes easily, wicks away moisture and helps regulate your body temperature – all crucial ways to stay warm and comfortable in frigid weather.

Popular Sweater Styles

V-Neck: Just like it sounds, this style features a V-shaped neck opening, all the better to show off an Oxford shirt, a chambray shirt or better still, a crisp dress shirt and tie. They’re the most business casual style of sweater, in our book.
Crewneck: For those who prefer more coverage, the crewneck opts for a circular collar akin to the more casual crewneck sweatshirt, although the best crewneck sweaters are made from softer materials with a dressier finish.
Turtleneck: Famously worn by style icons like Steve McQueen, the turtleneck was originally designed to be worn under armor in medieval times (seriously). Nowadays, the taller neck provides crucial weather protection, and they’re often made from luxe fabrics like cashmere or merino wool.
Mock Neck: With a shorter collar than the turtleneck, the mock neck is a sportier style often made in performance or stretch fabrics (and it’s a golf course and travel sweater favorite for those very reasons)
Half-Zip or Quarter-Zip: Take your pick between a zip front that, as the name implies, runs halfway down the sweater front or just below your neck. These sweaters are ideal for layering, seeing as you can customize the zip front for more coverage or more breathability. Also a sporty favorite seen in stretch and moisture-wicking fabrics at times. Go more in depth with our half and quarter zip sweater buying guide.
Cardigan: A button-front sweater that can lean more dressy (when made from fabrics like cashmere) or more rugged (when knitted from thick wool with a shawl collar). The retro style favorite has made a big comeback recently. Go more in depth with our cardigan sweater buying guide.
Full-Zip Sweater: A cross between a sweater and a jacket, the zip sweater functions nicely as a mid-layer if made from soft, breathable cotton, cotton blends or merino wool. In a crisp color like black or navy, it can replace a blazer as a dressy alternative for date night.
Fisherman Sweater: Also called the Aran sweater for its distinctive weave and production hailing from the Aran Islands, the fisherman sweater served seafarers well thanks to its warm, naturally quick-drying fabric and hardy, rugged design.

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