9 Best Cord Organizers to Throw in Your Bag

Tame that mess in your everyday bag with a handful of cable ties to keep everything organized and untangled.

13 Best EDC Pocket Pry Bars

A pry bar is the kind of tool you’ll use often, and if you don’t have one on hand, you’ll end up sweating and struggling and wishing you’d thought to carry one. Here are our favorites.

8 Best Corduroy Pants for Men

Don’t associate corduroy pants with getting dressed up to go to school. Today’s top styles feature modern stretch and clean designs for a flattering look.

15 Best Classic Chino Pants for Men

Chino pants deliver classic style and easy wearability with everything from a T-shirt or rugged henley to a crisp Oxford shirt (and beyond). We present our top picks.

13 Best Laptop Backpacks for Men

If a laptop is one of your daily essentials, consider one of these backpacks tailor made for protecting the device during transit.

Keeping it Simple: 11 Best Black Hoodies for Men

Black is an easy choice for laidback loungewear – and even workwear. The classic hoodie holds its own in both situations. Here are the best.

9 Best Men’s Cardigan Sweaters for Perfect Layering

Cardigan sweaters can be incorporated easily into the wardrobe of any modern man – they’re cool, stylish and even a touch rugged.

8 Best Leather Backpacks for Men

Backpacks don’t have to be only about function; why not choose a leather one that hits all the right form notes, too?

10 Best Men’s Travel Pants for Comfort & Accessibility

Whether breezing through TSA or hopping on a train, travel pants deliver a combination of comfort, accessibility, performance and security.

8 Best Men’s Ratchet Belts: Ditch the Holes for a Better Fit

Featuring teeth placed along the strap, and a ratcheting mechanism that locks onto those teeth, ratchet belts are ideal for getting just the right fit.

8 Best Turtleneck Sweaters for Men

With extra coverage at the neck, turtlenecks are trusted for sporting outdoor pursuits as well as provide a refined layer in dressier situations. Here are the best.

15 Best Men’s Clothing Brands for 2024

The best clothing brands fill an essential need by doing one thing–or several things–well. Stay current with this essential list of the best men's brands to shop now.

13 Best Winter Hats for Men According to a Canadian

A winter hat is the final piece of your cold weather wardrobe. Here is a selection of the best.

10 Best Tough Work Jeans for Men

Work jeans are heavy-duty and purpose-built for a hard day’s work. Here are the best for any task.

8 Best Timeless Peacoats for Men

The peacoat, usually made with thick wool, cemented its place in menswear history as worn by the Navy and other seafarers. Here are the best.

The Best Socks for Men for Any Occassion

We take a deep dive into the many types of socks to choose from, looking at what their unique purposes are and offering a recommendation of the best of each sock type.

The Best Sweaters for Men: Top Brands to Know

There’s an abundance of options as you scour the market for the best sweater brands. Here's our guide to the best.

11 Best Winter Parka Jackets for Men

Consider a parka a true must-have as brisk weather hits your neck of the woods. We present our top picks for the season including goose down and synthetic fill options.

8 Best Waterproof Duck Boots for Men

Crafted to shrug off water, mud, and the cold, to offer versatile comfort and protection against the environment, here are our top Duck Boot picks.

11 Best Shoe Bags for Travel, Work & the Gym

Separation from your clothing is key when packing shoes in your travel or commute bag. Our favorite shoe and boot bags do this job well.

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