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Refold’s Portable Cardboard Desk at
Refold’s Portable Cardboard Desk

There’s no such thing as job security these days, so why not prepare yourself for the inevitable with a desk you can set-up and breakdown in under a minute or even set on fire instantly when your pink slip arrives. Seriously though, the Refold cardboard desk really works as a portable work station and it’s made in the USA with 100% recyclable cardboard.

BUY IT   $125 Categories: Gear, Work

Blunt + Tile Umbrella at
Blunt + Tile Umbrella

There is probably research somewhere that proves the umbrella is an object that people often lose. Maybe not. Regardless, the Blunt + Tile umbrellas contains a Tile Chip in the canopy so if you leave it behind, you get a alert through the Tile app so you can quickly backtrack and grab it. The umbrella itself is built to withstand winds up to 50MPH.

BUY IT   $69-99 Categories: Gear

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2 at
Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2

Bang & Olufsen’s more wallet-friendly BeoPlay division has just released its first-ever portable Bluetooth speaker, the A2. Shaped from a single chunk of solid aluminum it features internals consisting of a large woofer and smaller tweeter connected by a passive bass radiator to produce 180 watts of premium sound. Available in three colors all featuring a leather strap handle.

BUY IT   $400 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Catnip Joints at
Catnip Joints

Five for ten is a decent deal on joints, even ones filled with only catnip. But guaranteed, your feline friend will get higher than Snoop Dogg after messing with these fatties. Catnip joints are hand rolled and sealed in a cloth wrapper and made in the USA.

BUY IT   $10 Categories: Gear, Pets

Simple Roasted Chicken with White Wine & Fresh Herbs at
Simple Roasted Chicken with White Wine & Fresh Herbs

A healthy dose of fresh herb will improve the flavor of any meal. And women worldwide would attest that wine helps, too. This recipe calls for both. Roasted chicken with white wine and herbs is a classic, easy-to-make meal but as you prep yourself with wine and herbs, don’t forget to add the chicken.

View Recipe Categories: Food, Host

Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans at
Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans

In Empire of Sin, best-selling author Gary Krist describes a complicated three-decade battle that pitted New Orleans’ Anglo-American elite against the forces of vice as they sought to eradicate sin, corruption and violence in early-20th-century New Orleans.

BUY IT   $19.26 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Wintercroft Downloadable 3D Halloween Masks at
Wintercroft Downloadable 3D Halloween Masks

Wintercroft’s 3D masks come as downloadable DIY kits that include templates and instructions that make construction and assembly of your mask a cinch. Using your own cardboard or cardstock material you simply cut out the template shapes, tape the pieces together and then decorate it however you want.

BUY IT   $7.41 Categories: Wear

MV Agusta Brutale Dragster 800 RR at
MV Agusta Brutale Dragster 800 RR

With images leaked in the lead-up to the EICMA show in Milan next month, MV Agusta’s new Brutale Dragster 800 RR is the muscular Italian stallion everyone expected and then some. The lightweight 793-cc triple churns out 140 horses with a hefty 63 foot pounds of torque. The updated design features red anodized fork tubes, red-painted cylinder heads, and an all-new electronic quickshifter.

BUY IT   $20,000 Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre: A Biography of the Doors at
Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre: A Biography of the Doors

There are plenty of books about Jim Morrison. Unfortunately there are even books by Jim Morrison. But this right here is the definitive biography of The Doors written by famed rock writer Mick Wall, and it fills in a lot of the big blanks about the band behind the iconic frontman.

BUY IT   $20.43 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Tälja Woodcarving Kit at
Tälja Woodcarving Kit

If you’ve grown tired of endlessly scrolling on your phone, the lost art of whittling could revitalize your weary soul. The Tälja Woodcarving kit includes everything you need: a Swedish woodcarving knife, a stick of Juniper and a chunk of Birch, sandpaper, & paraffin oil to polish up your final product.

BUY IT   $68.57 Categories: Gear
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