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The Lightweight, Portable Bison Rolling BBQ Grill is Good To Go at

The Lightweight, Portable Bison Rolling BBQ Grill is Good To Go

This portable grill from Bison rolls up into a compact pouch, making it a solid choice for backpacking, fishing, and other outdoor adventures where cooking over an open fire is an ideal option. The modular design is simple to set-up and break down and features a stick-free Teflon-coated cooking surface. This makes it easier for both cooking & cleaning. Height is adjustable for getting proper cook temps and it weighs just 1.2 pounds.

Primus Kinjia Stove at

Primus Kinjia Stove

The Kinjia from Primus is smaller than most 2-burner campstoves, making it lighter & more portable. It folds up for easy packing and features a wood-covered metal handle. The Kinjia also uses a lighter backpacking-style fuel canister for fuel. Depending on your needs, choose from 100g, 230g and 450g size fuel bottles.

The Haven Hammock Tent is Better for Your Back at

The Haven Hammock Tent is Better for Your Back

Combining the features of a camping hammock with the comfort of a flat, cushy bed, the one-person Haven Tent is suspended above the ground with a single anchor-point on each tree and has an inflatable mattress inside that keeps you from rolling up like a burrito. The whole weatherproof system weighs under 5-pounds, making it a great option for both backpacking & car camping. A funded Kickstarter.

UCO Gear’s 4-Piece Mess Kit is Ideal for Outdoor Meals at

UCO Gear’s 4-Piece Mess Kit is Ideal for Outdoor Meals

The 4-piece mess kit from UCO Gear has been cleverly designed to function flawlessly for picnics, backpacking, and all your outdoor meals. Made of a flexible, durable Polypropylene & TPE material, it includes 1 bowl/container, 1 lid/plate, 1 Spork, and 1 Reusable Tether. The lid has a double gasket to ensures a leak-proof & spill-proof seal. The lid and bowl are curved to match the sides of the 3-in-1 Utility Spork so you’ll never miss a morsel. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

The Kogalla Ra Adventure Light at

The Kogalla Ra Adventure Light

Designed to out-perform standard headlamps and flashlights the Kogalla Ra Adventure light has a bank of 5 LEDs that crank out 800-lumens of light, plenty to light up the trail ahead after the sun goes down. For ultra-running, backpacking, caving, and other after-dark adventures, this versatile light is powered by a 6700 mAh battery pack that recharges via USB.

Hults Bruk Axes at

Hults Bruk Axes

Posted in Gear for Men and Tools

There are no axe makers in Brooklyn who’ve been around since 1697. Sweden’s Hults Bruk though. They’ve been at it. Their line of handcrafted Swedish axes feature classic, time-tested construction and run the gamut from small backpacking axes to tools for professional forestry.

Zerogram at


For 2016, Korean outdoor brand Zerogram is bringing their line of lightweight camping & backpacking gear to the states. Their PCT UL 2 tent is a great example of what they’re all about: it’s an ultralight, 2-person, single-pole design & it’s simple to set up & break down in under 5 minutes. Rated for winds up to 70MPH. full review

MSR’s Hubba NX Tents are Wicked Waterproof at

MSR’s Hubba NX Tents are Wicked Waterproof

The wilderness wizards at Mountain Safety Research have created a new type of waterproof coating that will keep their Hubba NX backpacking tents drier for a lot longer. Traditional seam seals and tent waterproofing break down over time due to exposure to moisture and humidity and eventually start to leak. The brand’s Xtreme Shield polyurethane (PU) coating is better than that. It’s got a molecular chain that was engineered to eliminate deterioration, so your tent stays not only dry but never gets that sticky, flaky residue that inevitably occurs. The Hubba NX tents are available in solo, 2-person, 3-person, and 4-person models.

Zenbivy Makes Any Place a Great Place To Sleep at

Zenbivy Makes Any Place a Great Place To Sleep

Zenbivy is a hybrid sleeping bag/quilt designed for versatility and comfort whether you’re napping in the hammock, couch camping or counting every ounce for lightweight backpacking. It features the natural warmth of down filling & both left & right side zippers, a cinch at the feet for ventilating excess heat, and attaches securely to your sleeping pad to stay put. Weight: 2 pounds. Rated to 25ºf. A funded Kickstarter.

Kammok Introduces 4-Season Mantis Camping Hammock at

Kammok Introduces 4-Season Mantis Camping Hammock

The all-in-one Mantis hammock tent from Kammok gives intrepid tree dwellers they need for camping up off the ground, all year round. This lightweight versatile hammock is equipped with customizable features for every season: an insect net, rainfly, and a winter barrier. Smaller than your sleeping bag and lighter than a 1-person tent, it is designed to keep things light & fast for those minimalist strike missions or longer backpacking trips when every ounce of weight makes the difference. Another funded Kickstarter.

This Modular Tent System Has Space For The Whole Clan at

This Modular Tent System Has Space For The Whole Clan

The Crua Clan Modular tent system gives you lots of options. It consists of three tents that can be linked together or used separately for car camping, backpacking or adding an annex to the main tent. The large Core tent features an air-frame and can also attach to your vehicle. The Cocoon tent features insulation for winter & cold-weather camping, and the Duo is a 2-person you can carry in your pack.