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The Best Gifts for Husbands (Unique Ideas for 2022)

By Andrew Peloquin  |  May 2, 2022

The Best Gifts for Husbands (Unique Ideas for 2022)
Courtesy of Ooni

Why is giving gifts to your spouse so darned hard?

It shouldn’t be, right? We know them better than anyone else (we hope!), we know what they want, like, and love, so it should be easy to get them a gift.
 Unfortunately, as we’ve all found on more than one occasion, that’s not the case. Buying a gift for your husband is hard—and it can get even harder with each passing year.

Think back to your first few years together, when you absolutely NAILED those gifts. Anniversaries, birthdays, Father’s Day, even just a Tuesday gift—you got him exactly what he wanted every time.

And therein lies the problem: you’ve already given him so many amazing things he’s wanted that it feels like you’re running out of "wants". He’s already got everything, so what’s left to get him?

Then there’s the overthinking, the worrying about trying to make things absolutely perfect, the fear of getting it wrong and breaking your "hot streak" of getting him the right gift every time. All that adds up and makes gift-giving stressful—really, a lot more stressful than it needs to be!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’re going to share with you a long list of awesome gifts you can give your husband on those special occasions. Whether you’re shopping for his birthday or a romantic anniversary gift (trust me, there’s a difference between the two!), we’ve got all the options you could ask for to get your mind headed in the right direction.

Because that’s what it’s all about: getting that spark of an idea that sets your mind down the path to success. Even if you don’t see anything on our list that is "perfect", hopefully our selection will inspire you in the right direction. So happy shopping, and good luck!

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A selection of gifts ideas for your husband in 2024

Never Worry About Low Tires with the Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Inflator

Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless High-Pressure Inflator


Sizzling Hot: Ooni Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate

Ooni Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate


From home pizza oven pioneers Ooni comes the Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate, a versatile cast iron cooker with removable handles. The 2-sided design allows you to use the smooth sizzler plate for fajitas or frying eggs; then flip it & use the griddle pan for those picture perfect seared grill marks.

Yeti Hauls Out New & Improved Hopper M30 Soft-Sided Cooler Bag

YETI Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler


Yeti’s popular Hopper M30 soft-sided cooler got a healthy upgrade right in time for the warmer days ahead. Completely re-engineered with a magnetic closure, the extra-wide mouth top stays open when needed, making it easier to load & unload. It also features a built-in Hitchpoint Grid that lets you attach the brand’s accessories for added utility.

Say Hello to Year-Round Indoor Grilling with the PowerXL Smokeless Grill

PowerXL Smokeless Grill


PowerXL offers this smokeless indoor grill that allows you to create real BBQ from the comfort of your kitchen—or anywhere else with an AC outlet.

The stainless steel design features an interchangeable griddle plate with a nonstick surface, a Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor, and a tempered glass lid so you can see what’s cooking.

Voice Control Makes The GE Cync Outdoor Plug Smarter

GE Outdoor Cync Smart Plug


With support for both Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, the GE Cync Outdoor Smart Plug is all about convenience.

Bluetooth & Wi-fi enabled & built to withstand the elements, it lets you control power remotely to individual outlets, with a tap of the touchscreen, all through the simple Cync mobile app.

Epic EDC: WESN’s Samla Knife

WESN The Samla


The Samla pocket knife from Detroit’s WESN brand is a sharp little friction folder with a flat blade and a streamlined design. Designed for reliable, everyday use, the 2.45” blade is constructed of Sandvik 14c28n stainless steel with scales in your choice of either Rosewood or Grade 5 Titanium.

Gerber’s Prybrid Utility is a Sharp, Pocketable Multi-tool

Gerber Gear Prybrid Utility


Blending the best of a replaceable utility blade knife and a compact multi-tool, Gerber’s Prybrid Utility is a pocket and keychain-friendly EDC implement offering 8 different tools, including wire strippers, bottle opener, Standard Utility blade, and more.

The BioLite FirePit is All Flame & No Smoke

BioLite FirePit+ Outdoor Smokeless Wood & Charcoal Burning FirePit and Grill


With the BioLite FirePit you’ll see the actual fire instead of just smoke. It’s a smokeless wood-burning firepit that uses a built-in fan to eliminate smoke & 51 jets that send oxygen into the fire making for more consistent temperatures, which is key when you switch it from campfire to cooktop. A solar panel built into the carrying case provides power for the battery when not in use.

Look Cool, Stay Warm with a Rumpl NFL Blanket

Rumpl NFL Blankets


Outdoor blanket brand Rumpl will get you geared up for football season with their officially-licensed NFL collection blankets. All the teams, with corresponding colors & logos, plus that puffy, lightweight warmth Rumpl is famous for.

This Milwaukee Penlight Doubles as a Laser Pointer

Milwaukee Rechargeable Penlight w/ Laser Pointer


With its rechargeable battery and integrated laser pointer, this pen light from Milwaukee is a handy tool for all kinds of jobs. Toggle between two light modes: 250-lumens & 50-lumens for the torch. Or flip on the laser and point it out. The handle end of the light features a rubber bite-tip so you can safely hold it in your mouth, hands-free. Run-time is 2-8 hours depending on mode, and a 3-color battery indicator let’s you know how much life is left. Recharge via MicroUSB.

This Magnetic LED Light is The Bomb

STKR Concepts Magnetic Light Mine


With a design that looks like a little explosive mine, this hands-free magnetic task light sticks to metal at any angle, providing bright LED when & where you need it most. Roughly the size of a golf ball, it gets into tight spots your other lights won’t and carries easily on your keyring or sticks to your toolbox where it’s easy to reach.

Leatherman Returns to the Classics with 14-Function Bond Multi-tool

Leatherman Bond


Based on its first-ever multitool launched in 1983, the Leatherman Bond multi-tool is a proven EDC essential. It boasts 14 functions, including needlenose pliers, Philips and slotted screwdrivers, wire cutters and strippers, a ruler, a wood and metal file, a can opener and 2.9″ stainless steel blade. Weight is just 5.8 ounces.

This Twin Wrench Driver Tackles All the Tech Hardware

Twin Wrench Driver


For dealing with small, technical & hard-to-reach screws, nuts and bolts, Engineer’s Twin Wrench Driver really gets in there. The design pairs a straight end & 90º angled-end ratcheting driver combo that allows you to use it like a screwdriver or a wrench. It’s got a knurled cushion handle for firm grip without slippage & comes supplied with 10 magnetized bits in a bullet holder, including 1.5mm-4.0mm hex bits, sizes #00, #1 & #2 Phillips plus 4.5mm & 6mm slot head drivers.

The REAPR Wrecking Bar is Built to Destroy

REAPR Wrecking Bar


With the right tool, doing demolition can really be the best part of the project. And the REAPR Versa TAC Wrecking Bar might be the only one you need. Made of 420 stainless steel with a powder-coated wrinkle finish, this 10-inch tactical tool features a ripper hook, wrecking bar, wrench function and nail pullers, and a cutting edge for prying or cutting. Belt carry or store it in its 1680D ballistic nylon sheath.

The Pyro Fire Pit is a Worthy Camping Companion

Pyro Camp Fire Pit


Constructed of durable yet lightweight stainless steel and made in Kansas, the Pyro Camp Fire is a portable fire pit that’s designed for versatility. Large enough to burn 16” firewood, it features a removable mesh lid & ash catcher plus an optional grill kit—which in addition to a vented steel grill, includes tongs, spatula & a cutting board, to make the Pyro a true camping multitasker.

You Can Definitely Hang with ENO’s Deluxe SuperNest Hammock

Eagles Nest Outfitters SuperNest Hammock


Born in the dusty campgrounds of 90s-era music festivals, Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) remains at the forefront of hammock innovation. For their newest, the SuperNest, comfort is the focus. It features a 3D-contoured design that improves stability and safety, plus it’s built for enduring outdoor performance with breathable, weatherproof fabrication & marine-grade hardware. it comes with 2 plush pillows & dual hanging side pockets to keep things handy.

Maintain Your Edge with the Pocket Sharpener

WESN Pocket Sharpener


For cleaning up the edge & maintaining your knife blades, WESN’s Pocket Sharpener is a convenient and capable little tool. Its thin minimalist design makes it super portable while the electroplated diamond and ceramic surfaces ensure a sharper edge on all your blades.

We Found the Ultimate CouchLife Accessory

Couch Console


In these days of marathon TV time & at-home hangouts, the Couch Console has arrived right on time. It is a self-balancing cupholder, snack holder, phone stand, USB-C charging dock, remote tray, & storage pocket, all in a compact, easy-to-clean package, made with recycled plastic & foam.

CRKT’s Septimo Multi-tool is Special Forces Approved

CRKT Septimo Multi-Tool


Developed with straight from-the-battlefield input of Afghanistan vet and Army Green Beret Jeremy Valdez, CRKT’s Septimo multi-tool is a do-it-all utility knife that features a 2.9-inch Veff serrated blade, an adjustable wrench, glass breaker, bit driver, and bottle opener. It weighs 4.4 ounces and a sprung pocket clip keeps it handy.

This is the Toughest Coffee Grinder Ever Made

VSSL JAVA Manual Coffee Grinder


Level up your mobile coffee game with this pocketable, adventure-ready grinder. Designed to give you the freshest ground coffee absolutely anywhere you go, the Java grinder from VSSL is a durable, smartly designed unit. It features adjustable grind to perfectly match your brewing system & a clip & flip design for convenient carry.

Eat Right At Home Or Away with Barebones’ Flatware Set

Barebones Flatware Set


Clean, minimalist design makes Barebones’ stainless steel flatware set a tasty choice for any table, from the campsite to the dining room. Designed for indoor & outdoor use, the 2-person utensil set is finished in gray enamel & includes a steel cable loop and linen storage bag for organizing & travel.

Here’s A Chainsaw That Fits In Your Pocket

Nordic Pocket Chainsaw


If you know about the Nordic Pocket Saw, you know it’s a classic survival tool from the frozen north, basically, a human-powered chain saw. This simple but effective tool consists of a 65cm length of chain made from heat treated high carbon steel with double-cutter teeth on every major link for easily cutting in both directions. Heavy duty nylon handles give you a solid, safe grip at all times. Weighing just 4.7 ounces, it’s super packable, too. Choose from three colors.

Having trouble finding something you think your husband will like?

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For what events should I buy my husband a gift?

Consider all the important occasions in his life.
  • Your anniversary
  • His birthday
  • A new job
  • A promotion or raise
    be it big or small
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Retirement
  • Some important professional milestone
    20 years on the job, breaking ground of a new work site, 100th contracting job completed, etc.
  • Any weekday
    you may want to make him feel special "just because"

Should I ask my husband what gift he wants?

If you ask him straight out what he wants, his answer will probably be something along the lines of "Oh, honey, that’s not necessary. Just being with you is enough!"

It may sound trite, but the truth is that he really means it. The fact that you care enough to ask and dig into his desires is a huge part of what makes him happy.

A lot of men won’t write down the ideas of things they like or keep a notepad handy to jot down gift suggestions. It’s not their style. They’re all about making you happy and getting you gifts to put a smile on their face, not the other way around.

But here’s the truth: he wants to know you love him, that you care enough to put in the effort and get him a gift you think he’ll love. That surprise of getting something unexpected will mean so much more to him than receiving a gift he asked for (one he probably could have just gone and bought himself if he needed it).

Do men like gifts for no reason?

Everyone enjoys surprises, at all ages, men included. In fact, I’d argue that a surprise gift is even better than a birthday, Father’s Day, or anniversary gift.

Think about it: you’re kind of expecting a gift on your birthday, so it’s really not a matter of "if", but "when". He’ll be gearing up to manage his expectations and react positively even if the gift is disappointing (to spare your feelings), and that can be as stressful as wondering what you might have gotten him.

But with a surprise gift, there’s no expectations at all. The act of buying something you think he’ll love and surprising him with it is already a gift in itself—anything else is just gravy.

Trust me, it’s a win-win!

If my husband buys me a gift should I immediately reciprocate?

Definitely not! Gift-giving shouldn't be a tit-for-tat thing. It should never become an "I bought you something so now you need to buy me something" affair. That takes the fun right out of it!

Instead, because he surprised you with a gift, take it as a cue that you might consider surprising him down the road. Timing really doesn’t matter because he’s not expecting anything. Really, he’s just proud that he thought of doing it first. When you surprise him with a gift a few weeks (or even months) later, it could very well be the start of a beautiful tradition!

How important is gift giving to a marriage?

Gift-giving is just one piece of a healthy relationship—or, put another way, it’s one of the five "love languages" (along with quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, and acts of service) that can be used to show him how much you love him.

Gifts can sometimes take the place of words:

  • If you are in a fight and want to apologize.
  • If he is upset and you want to cheer him up.
  • If he did something special in his life and you want to congratulate him.
  • If you simply want to express your love beyond words.
  • It’s a great option to consider if you want to express your love, but not the only tool at your disposal.

What should I do if my husband doesn’t want gifts?

If he’s very insistent that he doesn’t want gifts, what he likely means is that he doesn’t want a "physical" gift. He still wants to know you love him enough to consider his desires.

To demonstrate that, go for an experience instead of a gift. Take him to a lavish dinner at a fancy restaurant he’ll love, a show or concert he’s been dying to see, or on a trip (with his buddies, your family, or just the two of you).

Or, put together something that shows him how much you love him: a photo wall of all your favorite memories, a collection of ticket stubs from the concerts you’ve attended together, curios from towns you’ve visited, and so on.

Even just writing him a heartfelt letter is enough to make him feel how just how much you love him. And that’s the best gift of all!


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