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Best Gifts for Dad (Unique Ideas for 2022)

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated May 2, 2022

Dad needs gifts, too! And not just on Father’s Day, though his once-a-year special day is certainly a great time to show that dad you love (be he bio-dad or stepfather) just how much you care. But giving your techie dad, geeky dad, nerdy dad, handy dad, CEO dad, or elderly dad a gift out of the blue sends a special message that you’re thinking about him outside of Father’s Day. Trust me, as a father myself, random presents on random days of the year “just because” are far more touching than any Father’s Day gifts.

Whether you’re shopping for his birthday, a holiday, or just something special that says "I love you, Dad", we’ve got you covered. WERD is proud to offer the latest, most up-to-date gear and gadgets for men of all stripes and spots. We’re here to keep you informed on the best, trendiest, and most cutting edge gift ideas for that special father figure in your life.

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For 2022, we've outlined a selection of gifts every dad will enjoy. Our Gifts for Dads Guide is one of the many gift guides available at WERD. Tapping into our 12 years of gear & gadget experience, we've hunted down the best finds for every type of guy, giving you the confidence to gift like a pro.

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What gifts should I avoid giving dad?

  • Homemade coupons & promises to do something.
    All those "One free year of moving the lawn" or "wash your car" coupons are a nice sentiment, but in reality, they’re rarely used and typically end up forgotten.
  • "World’s Greatest Dad" gifts.
    I’d be willing to bet he’s already got one of these mugs, hats, aprons, pens, or mousepads.
  • Gag gifts.
    Unless your dad is a prankster (which many of us are, I’ll admit), it’s not the best idea. Keep the gag gifts for your friends.
  • Novelty ties, silly ties, pretty much any tie, really!
    A man can only own so many neckties, and they’re just a reminder of his work day, not the family he loves and wants to come home to. Plus, those gag/novelty/silly ties never get worn.
  • Socks and underwear.
    Remember how you felt when you unwrapped these gems? They’re the sort of far-from-special "everyday necessities" he buys for himself.

How do I buy dad a gift he’ll actually use?

The answer is simple: talk with him and listen to find out what kind of man he is. See what kind of activities he does on his weekends off, or how he spends his evenings. See what puts a smile on his face and lights up his eyes.

What does he proudly show off? His new tool or that new piece of furniture he just reclaimed? Some new cutting-edge gadget or tech toy? An actual toy—a drone, LEGO set, or model car? A brand new novel series or a comic book collection? A piece of camping gear or some new addition to his RV?

Your dad self-identifies as something: an outdoorsman, a techie, a geek/nerd, bookworm, handy-dad, etc. Once you find out what that something is, you can buy a gift for that aspect of your dad.

Should I buy dad a gift card?

Gift cards are a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, they’re an easy go-to gift, and one that will enable him to buy that tool, toy, or tech he’s been saving up for. On the other hand, they can be a tad impersonal.

If you know your dad wants something from a specific retailer, a gift card can be a good way to convince him to "let you buy it for him" (proud dads will never go for it otherwise). Or, if you know he’s a regular shopper at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Best Buy, you can get him a gift card for these.

But if you’re going the gift card route, make it personal by putting it inside a greeting card, and writing him a heartfelt, thoughtful note. That’s a winning combination every dad will love, and it’ll show you really put effort into getting him the gift.

What’s better for dad? A product or experience?

The right experience can be worth exponentially more than any product. And no, "right" doesn’t mean something like "I’ll help you paint the house" or "I’ll spend time with you while we fix my car". What you want is an activity you both love: going to a sporting event, concert, magic show, comedy club, or even just out for a nice meal at his favorite restaurant. Those moments he gets to spend with you doing something enjoyable will be far more memorable to him than any gift.

Do dads like greeting cards?

Of course they do! We’re just as sentimental as moms (though we tend to hide it), and we love getting cards and letters from our kids. The right message will make him feel absolutely special, and your card is all but guaranteed to end up in that "secret collection of sentimental items" he treasures.

Don’t know what to say? Hallmark has some good ideas for father’s day messages that can serve as a jumping-off point to get you started writing. You don’t have to write a long message; even just a short, thought-out personal note will suffice.

Can I send dad an e-card?

An e-card? You’re better than that! E-cards are quick, easy, and require little effort—and he knows it. Even if you can’t give dad a gift, it’s not difficult to stop at a local grocery store, pick out a nice card, and drop it in the mail with a personal note.

Note: E-cards end up in the "Spam" folder of his email inbox more often than not (because of the mail service provider), so he may not even get the e-card you sent him!

A selection of gifts ideas for dad in 2022

Slice is a Finger-Friendly Folding Cutter That Never Dulls

Slice Ceramic Folding Knife


Well, no knife can ever really claim to “never” dull, but the Slice stands by its promise that each of its dangerously sharp blades last 11x longer than a metal blade. The hyper-tough ceramic blade is secured to a durable metal handle, with a folding design that allows for instant one-handed ambidextrous deployment. When the time comes to change the blade, it’s a hassle-free, no-tool job that’s done in a matter of seconds. Best of all, the knife blade is “finger-friendly” and fully safe to the touch, but guaranteed to cut through food, boxes, rope, cord, and everything else with ease. For the price, you won’t find an EDC tool that delivers better value, longevity, and versatility.

Be Prepared for Anything and Everything with the VSSL Essentials Collection

VSSL Essentials Kits


These kits are designed to be ultra-portable and tough enough to withstand literally anything—from a boat capsize to an avalanche—but contain all the survival tools you need for your camping, hiking, trekking, and mountaineering adventures. Hyper-tough rope, razor-sharp blades, fishing line and hooks, first aid supplies, fire starters, and survival gear, these kits have it all. You’ll become a prepared outdoorsman in no time with these fellas in your back pocket.

Never Worry About Low Tires with the Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Inflator

Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless High-Pressure Inflator


Makita is a name every contractor, handyman, and DIY home renovator is instantly familiar with. Few brands can match the quality and versatility of their tools—and that certainly goes for the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Inflator. This inflator delivers up to 160 PSI, offers three speed settings for optimum pressure control, an auto-stop function to ensure your tires will never be over-inflated, and a built-in pressure release button to drain out excess air. Thanks to its LED light and backlit pressure gauge, you can re-fill your tire even on the darkest country road or before sunrise.

StayHold In-car Holders Keep Cargo in Place

StayHold Trunk Organizers


Keeping cargo upright—especially in the car trunk—is tough. The StayHold system has the fix, securing groceries, garden supplies, & all the rest, perfectly in place. Their “shopping holders” stick to the carpet in your car using velcro hooks to keep your shopping and other loose items held securely in place. They work in all vehicles & come in 3 sizes allowing you to create compartment setups to suit whatever you need to carry.  A version for rubber liners is also available. We were lucky enough to be one of the first to test this product in 2013 and I can gladly say it is a constant convenience in the trunk. No more spilled groceries and toppled plants from the nursery.

Gerber Keeps It Simple with Armbar Slim Drive

Gerber Gear Armbar Slim Drive


Lightweight and minimalist, Gerber’s Armbar Slim Drive multi-tool offers a few of your most-used essentials. For screwing stuff: A 2-1/2”  long driver with two-sided ¼” bit, for cutting stuff: a 2 & 1/2” frame lock blade, and for drinking stuff, the always handy bottle opener. Choose from 3 colors.

That’s Pretty Bright: The Flexit Pocket Light

Flexit Pocket Light


The Flexit Pocket Light works like a traditional flashlight but it’s a lot more flexible than that. It’s got a 180º adjustable head so you can point it exactly where you want it. Simply grab the handle and flex the LED head. The adjustable head offers a spot & floodlight mode as well as options for hands-free use, including a magnetic base, a hanging hook, and a hinged clip for attaching it. Run-time up to 72-hours with 650-lumens of brightness.

Voice Control Makes The GE Cync Outdoor Plug Smarter

GE Outdoor Cync Smart Plug


With support for both Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, the GE Cync Outdoor Smart Plug is all about convenience. Bluetooth & Wi-fi enabled & built to withstand the elements, it lets you control power remotely to individual outlets, with a tap of the touchscreen, all through the simple Cync mobile app.

ToughBuilt Nailed It with These Handy Fastener Bags

ToughBuilt Fastener Bag


The ToughBuilt Fastener Bag 3-Pack simplifies storage of small items and supplies. They measure 10.94 x 6.81 x 2.91 inches and feature heavy-duty mesh windows that allow you to see everything inside. Grommets for hanging them on the wall & webbing handles for carrying add function to a smart, simple design.

Nebo Work Light is 2000 Lumens Bright

NEBO OMNI 2K Work Light


With an ultra-bright 2000-lumens of LED light, the multi-directional Nebo Work Light is a serious lantern for work as well as indoor-outdoor applications. The hinged design makes it stable in all positions, while adjustable lights rotate in all directions. The handles are also magnetic for convenient hands-free use. USB-C rechargeable.

Todd Snyder x L.L.Bean Heritage Boat & Tote

L.L. Bean x Todd Snyder Boat & Tote in Heritage Plaid


Buttoned-up menswear maven Todd Snyder teamed up with L.L. Bean to create the brand’s classic Boat & Tote in Heritage Plaid. With a wool exterior and rugged double-canvas construction, this handy Maine-made carryall features canvas handles and a special L.L.Bean x Todd Snyder label with zig-zag stitching.

Squeeze Your Own with this Classic Countertop Juicer

Verve Culture Small Artisan Citrus Juicer


Handmade by artisans in Mexico, this countertop juicer is a culinary classic reborn & adapted for today. The sturdy, forged metal design crushes lemons, limes, & oranges with effortless ease. It’s jaws are easy on your hands & hard on citrus.

This Milwaukee Penlight Doubles as a Laser Pointer

Milwaukee 2010R Rechargeable 250-Lumens Penlight w/ Laser Pointer


With its rechargeable battery and integrated laser pointer, this pen light from Milwaukee is a handy tool for all kinds of jobs. Toggle between two light modes: 250-lumens & 50-lumens for the torch. Or flip on the laser and point it out. The handle end of the light features a rubber bite-tip so you can safely hold it in your mouth, hands-free. Run-time is 2-8 hours depending on mode, and a 3-color battery indicator let’s you know how much life is left. Recharge via MicroUSB.

Carry Firewood or Whatever in this Rugged Tote Bag

Split Tote


Designed for simple function and years of hardworking use, Split’s American Made tote bags combine heavy-duty Cordura construction with retro climbing-inspired details. Originally created to haul firewood, they feature an open-top design, webbing strap handles, and a zippered exterior pocket.

Clara Pours You A Better French Press Coffee

Clara French Press Coffee Maker


The 24-ounce Clara French press from Fellow boasts a refined and exceedingly functional design. With insulated stainless steel construction for the vessel and the filter, it has a non-stick PTFE-coated interior (PFOA-free), and a BPA-free plastic lid & handle. Simply add grounds up to the coffee line and hot water up to the water line & you’ll get a perfect press every time.

Drink a Better Brew: Stanley Camp Pour Over Set

Stanley Camp Pour Over Coffee Set


Built to last a lifetime, Stanley’s stainless steel Camp Pour Over set makes it all but effortless to brew a perfect pour over. It uses a stainless steel filter which allows the coffee’s natural oils to more deeply infuse flavor. The mug is double-wall insulated & both components are finished in Stanley’s classic hammertone Green.

You Can Definitely Hang with ENO’s Deluxe SuperNest Hammock

Eagles Nest Outfitters SuperNest Hammock


Born in the dusty campgrounds of 90s-era music festivals, Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) remains at the forefront of hammock innovation. For their newest, the SuperNest, comfort is the focus. It features a 3D-contoured design that improves stability and safety, plus it’s built for enduring outdoor performance with breathable, weatherproof fabrication & marine-grade hardware. it comes with 2 plush pillows & dual hanging side pockets to keep things handy.

This is the Toughest Coffee Grinder Ever Made

VSSL JAVA Manual Coffee Grinder


Level up your mobile coffee game with this pocketable, adventure-ready grinder. Designed to give you the freshest ground coffee absolutely anywhere you go, the Java grinder from VSSL is a durable, smartly designed unit. It features adjustable grind to perfectly match your brewing system & a clip & flip design for convenient carry.

Be Prepared For Any Emergency with Judy Kits

Judy Emergency & Survival Kit


Judy Kits offer all-in-one emergency & survival essentials to keep you & your family safer in uncertain times. From flashlights to first aid supplies, they have everything you need for just-in-case: tools & supplies, first aid essentials, food & water, plans & guides. They offer 4 well-equipped & compact kits, for the individual, all the way up to a family of four and 1% of Judy sales go to support The LA Fire Department Foundation.

DeskSpace Puts the Moon Within Reach

DeskSpace Lunar Surface Model


Paying homage to the Apollo lunar landing, DeskSpace was created using data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter; a realistic recreation of the topography of the far side of the moon rendered in jewelry-grade concrete. It features a precision, space-grade aluminum base and is available in 2 sizes: 4”X4” & 7”X7”.

Greys Outdoor Slippers are Winter Worthy

Greys The Outdoor Slipper


Crafted from a temperature-regulating wool blend, Greys Outdoor slippers are perfect for chilly winter mornings & feature a grippy rubber outsole that will keep you cozy & dry even for outdoor use. Comfy with or without socks, they also feature a stub-proof toe box & leather pull tab quick on/off.

This Magnetic Knife Sharpener is a Blade-Saver

Work Sharp Benchtop Angle Set Knife Sharpener


One of the toughest parts of sharpening your own knives is getting the angle right so you are in fact “sharpening” it. The Angle Set Knife Sharpener eliminates the guesswork & the potential damage to your blades. The self-contained unit unfolds to reveal an A-frame consisting of adjustable 3-sided hones. They utilize magnets to keep your blade perfectly positioned while sharpening, so you can’t screw it up. As the blade gets sharper, simply adjust to use the finer hones.

The Smart-Splitter Chops Wood Without Breaking Your Back

Logosol Smart-Splitter


Designed to make easier work of splitting & chopping firewood, the Logosol Smart-Splitter is a clever old school Swedish implement for splitting logs using minimum force, with minimum risk. The Smart Splitter is a classic wood splitting tool designed for safety and ease of operation, plus the added bonus of saving your back, arms and shoulders from the rigors of this respectable but ultimately painful work.

Here’s A Chainsaw That Fits In Your Pocket

Nordic Pocket Chainsaw


If you know about the Nordic Pocket Saw, you know it’s a classic survival tool from the frozen north, basically, a human-powered chain saw. This simple but effective tool consists of a 65cm length of chain made from heat treated high carbon steel with double-cutter teeth on every major link for easily cutting in both directions. Heavy duty nylon handles give you a solid, safe grip at all times. Weighing just 4.7 ounces, it’s super packable, too. Choose from three colors.

The Compact Dozop Dolly Will Really Move You

Dozop Dolly


The Dozop Collapsible Dolly makes moves both big and small much easier. It’s lightweight (under five pounds) and easy to to assemble—ready to roll in about a minute, without the need for tools. The dolly can handle up to 250 pounds of payload and features inline skate wheels that mean smooth, steady  maneuverability over carpet and uneven surfaces. Additional parts are stored inside the self-contained design to keep things neat & orderly in between jobs.

The LD15R from Fenix is a Compact & Powerful EDC Flashlight

Fenix LD15R Flashlight


At 500-lumens, the LD15R is a powerful little EDC light. It’s got a right-angle design with dual light sources: white and red lights. Powered by one 16340 rechargeable Li-ion battery, it is also compatible with a cold-resistant CR123A battery. It’s got 4 levels of output in white & 3 levels in red. There’s also a Micro USB port for charging, a battery level indicator, two-way body clip and a magnetic tail.

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