Month: March 2021

OnePlus Put Hasselblad Cameras in Its New 9 Series

The latest & greatest from phone-maker OnePlus, is the 9. With RAM & storage capacity on par with the latest high-end Samsung & iPhone models, the 9 stands apart with […]

Bluetti has Backup Power for Your Whole Home

Bluetti’s backup power banks will keep your home humming right along when the power goes out. Their EP500 and EP500 Pro power banks deliver 5100Wh of LiFePO4 battery storage, feature 2000-3000W inverters, […]

Lego Launches 2,354-Piece Space Shuttle Discovery Set

Lego & NASA teamed up for the creation of a new 2354-piece Space Shuttle Discovery set. The set features the iconic Discovery as well as the Hubble Telescope launched on […]

Show Your Love of Reading with a Bookworm Wallet

Featuring colorful art borrowed from vintage bookcovers, Bookworm’s Well Read leather wallet collection keeps your love of literature in the back pocket. Choose from several wallet designs featuring either American […]

Astell&Kern Plug In with a Compact USB-C DAC

The very pocketable USB-C DAC from premium audio brand Astell&Kern debuts. It’s a cable bridge that plugs in between your USB-C Android device & headphones to bring you robust, distortion-free […]

Sony Releases Its First 360 Reality Audio Speakers

As the first Sony speakers to feature the brand’s 360 Reality Audio format, the new 360 Reality Audio bluetooth speakers deliver immersive 360 soundscapes. There are 2 models: the RA3000 […]

Igloo Cleans Up with 100% Recycled ECOCOOL Collection

Igloo’s ECOCOOL collection are the world’s first hard-sided coolers made entirely from recycled plastic. They are made in the USA with a recycled resin compound derived from post-consumer plastics like […]

Make Yourself Loud & Clear with HyperWhistle

HyperWhistle is the world’s loudest human-powered whistle, capable of eardrum-shattering volume up to 142 decibels & audible at a distance of 2 miles. For reference, a Boeing 747 hits about […]

8BitDo Levels Up with Pro2 Game Controller

The new Pro2 is 8BitDo’s most powerful bluetooth game controller yet. They added a pair of Pro back buttons to keep your thumbs in play at all times. Another sweet […]

Designed By Readers: The Bowio Booklight

If the tactile feel & blue-light-free pleasure of reading actual paper books is your thing, the Bowio booklight will brighten up your evenings. Designed by a team of avid readers […]

Carry It All On the Hitch with Yakima’s EXO System

The Yakima EXO is a new modular hitch system that will allow you to stack an insane amount of gear on your vehicle’s trailer hitch. The system includes the Exo […]

Tactica Built a Pro-Grade Bottle Opener

The X.10 from Melbourne-based EDC specialist Tactica is a perfectly balanced pro-grade bottle popper. Finished in smooth, shot-blasted stainless steel, it weighs a hefty 3-ounces, providing a solid hand-feel for […]

Braun x Virgil Abloh 2021 Wandanlage Hi-Fi Audio System

As it marks its centennial, Germany’s iconic Braun brand has created a unique collab with global design influencer Virgil Abloh. From deep in the Braun archive, Virgil unearthed and updated […]

The Collected Works of Jim Morrison: Poetry, Journals, Transcripts, and Lyrics

Created in collaboration with Jim Morrison’s estate, the forthcoming The Collected Works … is an almost 600-page anthology of the writings of the late poet and iconic Doors’ front man. It […]

Make Your Bike Theftproof with Litelok Core

Designed for high-risk urban areas, the Litelok Core is a flexible, wearable, and lightweight bike lock. Super secure too, even rated strong enough for a motorcycle. Its strength its Boaflexicore, […]

Sink Screws Fast with Leatherman’s Ratchet Driver

For all 20 of the various Leatherman multi-tools that feature a bit driver—cranking down screws is about to get easier. The Ratchet Driver snaps on to your bit driver, adding […]

Let PooPail Handle Your Pet’s Dirty Work

As the world’s only 2-in-1 solution for cleaning up dog poop, the PooPail eliminates the part of pet ownership that really stinks. The 4-gallon pail carries comfortably with an extended […]

BMW Introduces 530-HP i4 Electric Sedan

BMW just unveiled its first all-electric sedan, the i4. Boasting 530 horsepower and a range of up to 300 miles, it will also be offered in an M performance model. […]

Garmin’s Approach G12 Might Be the Ultimate Golf Partner

Clip Garmin’s Approach G12 to your pocket or golf bag & this thin GPS range finder displays distances to the green at a glance on more than 42,000 courses worldwide. […]

This Isn’t Dad’s Fender Jazzmaster

The Acoustasonic Jazzmaster is Fender’s newest electric-acoustic hybrid, blurring the line—deliberately so—between guitar and digital device. The results are interesting. It’s got a thin-line mahogany body and a Humbucker pickup. […]