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The Best EDC Gear: Everyday Carry Tools for 2024

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated November 29, 2023

The Best EDC Gear: Everyday Carry Tools for 2024

Everyday Carry is about solving problems & fixing issues on-the-fly. It’s about small, versatile tools and implements that help you work smarter not harder. Lucky for us, having the tool to do the trick in our pocket, or clipped to the keychain, is easier than ever. It’s actually choosing your EDC arsenal that’s tough. That’s where WERD comes in. We unpacked a ton of clever, pocketable products to create this list of The Best EDC.


  • Compact and convenient: These little tools are sized just right to clip onto your key ring, clip onto your belt, or sit in your pocket, ready to be used at a moment’s notice and always within reach.
  • Designed for functionality: Each item serves a specific purpose—cracking a beer, cutting open boxes, stripping wires, pulling nails, lighting up the night, and more—but many feature add-ons that provide multiple functions in one.
  • Durability matters: They’re usually built tough, using cutting-edge materials like machined titanium or aerospace-grade aluminum or carbon fiber or even just durable high-grade stainless steel. Convenience is the most important feature, but durability comes in a close second.

Equipped with the right pocket knife or carefully chosen multi-tool kept always at the ready, we can pry, slice, tighten, wrench or repair many of the challenges that daily life throws in our path. And it seems that for every little need or niche, there’s a titanium tool or EDC implement purpose-built for the task at hand.

From walletsfolding knives and weatherproof torches, to classic multi-tools, small flashlights and pocket pouches for tiny cargo, we created this list as your go-to guide to the year’s most essential EDC.

Leatherman Releases the ARC, its Best Multi-Tool in Years – Maybe Ever

Leatherman ARC Multi-Tool


I’ve been a die-hard Leatherman Wave+ guy for over two years now, carrying it with me wherever I go. But after taking a closer look at Leatherman’s brand new ARC, I might just be tempted to upgrade.

There’s a lot to love about the ARC:

  • It’s got everything I love about my Wave+, including diamond-coated file, small and large bit drivers, spring-action scissors, an “impact surface” I can use to hammer in nails, wire and hard-wire cutters, and more tools—a total of 20 in all.
  • A one-handed, easy-open design that uses magnets to keep the knife closed when not in use, but allows it to be easily flipped open with a flick of the wrist. Not only is this convenient, but it looks and feels cool, too.
  • The first use of Leatherman’s brand new MagnaCut steel blade, which offers even better blade strength, edge retention, and corrosion-resistance than the standard steel blade.
  • DLC coating on the blade and handles to prevent corrosion, scuffs, and scratches. Basically, it just adds toughness to an already hardy tool.

The upgraded design and enhanced tools promise to make the ARC a multi-tool even long-time Leatherman users like me can absolutely love.

The WESN CB Carabiner is Forged from a Single Piece of Titanium

WESN CB Carabiner


The WESN CB keychain offers a minimalist, lightweight, yet extremely durable carabiner solution for minimizing clutter.

It’s precision machine-milled from a single piece of high-strength titanium, strong enough that you can use it for carrying everything from groceries to your keys and your favorite small tools.

At just 2.5 inches long and 1 inch wide, it’s virtually weightless (just half an ounce) but rugged enough that you can trust it to last a lifetime. It’s the ultimate solution for streamlining and improving your EDC gear.

The VSSL Mini Stash Light Provides Handy Storage Inside an LED Lantern

VSSL Mini Stash Light


The VSSL Mini Stash Light is the perfect 2-in-1 solution to bring along on your next camping, hiking, fishing, and boating trips.

The integrated LED lantern delivers 20 hours of runtime, and it’s easily recharged via USB. Thanks to the Split Flip Carabiner, you can carry it attached to your everyday backpack, hang it from a tent hook, or hold it easily in your hand. The internal storage can be customized using VSSL’s Aluminum Refill Tins to accommodate the specific items you want to store inside.

The military-grade aluminum housing is waterproof and virtually indestructible, so all your stored items will be safe from submersion, impact, drops, falls, spills, and the heat of your campfire.

The fact that it’s backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty proves how tough and reliable it is. It’ll serve you well for decades and countless adventures to come.

Nitecore’s EDC 27 Flashlight Ditches the Cylindrical Standard

Nitecore EDC 27 Flashlight


This little flashlight is the addition your EDC gear loadout has been missing. The built-in clip makes it easy to secure to your belt, pouch, or backpack, keeping it always within easy reach. Rather than the classic round shape, the EDC 27’s body is rectangular, roughly the same dimensions as your favorite pocket knife.

Don’t let its small size fool you into thinking it’s not powerful. When switched onto high, it can generate up to 3,000 lumens and cast a beam 200 meters.

The integrated battery pack has a truly impressive run-time of 37 hours and is easily charged using the provided USB cable. It’s even impact- and water-resistant, built for use in pretty much any emergency, tactical, survival, or outdoors situation. You’ll never have to worry about the titanium-coated stainless steel body getting scratched, scuffed, dented, or rusted.

The WESN Allman Solves the Dilemma of: Which Knife Should I Bring?

WESN Allman


Give your EDC gear a major upgrade with the WESN Allman. This folding pocket knife is crafted to be the ideal harmony between form and function. Its size is small enough to fit in any pocket but with a blade sufficiently large for your daily tasks, whether at home, out camping, in the field, or on a job site.

It’s lightweight but the CPM S35VN steel is tough enough to withstand anything you could throw at it. You’ll love how nicely it fits in your hand and the excellent balance, making it easy to wield.

Thanks to the G10 scales, it’ll stay firmly gripped even if your hands are wet, slippery, or you’re wearing work gloves. The pocket clip will keep it within easy reach as you carry it, but it’s also got a lanyard hole so you can wear it around your neck or strap it to your work belt.

The Palmer is a Classic Utility Knife with a Killer Design

The Palmer Utility Knife


Here’s a beautifully designed and ultra-portable box cutter. The Palmer is designed to fit comfortably into even small pockets, or you can attach it to your key ring or a lanyard for more convenient carry.

It nestles in the palm of your hand for easier wielding and allows you to extend/retract the blade quickly using just your thumb. The anodized aluminum handle is insanely tough, capable of shrugging off water damage and scuffs.

When the time comes to swap out the blade, you’ll find it’s a no-hassle, tool-free job that takes just a few seconds thanks to the Palmer’s patent-pending mechanism. Best of all, you can swap out the blade for the standard utility blades you can find in any hardware store, so you can travel with the Palmer in your pocket (sans blade) and replace the blade at your destination. Now that’s everyday carry convenience and comfort you can love.

Save Your Fingers with the 2nd Generation Keyring from Orbitkey

Orbitkey Key Ring


Screwpop’s Magnetic Toolkey is a 15-in-1 Multi-tool

Screwpop Magnetic Toolkey


The Slyde King Flashlight Slides Open to Reveal an LED Work Light

Slyde King Flashlight


This LED flashlight is designed to make your life easier, safer, and more convenient. Not only is it a flashlight, but it can be pulled open and transformed into a work light perfect for use on any DIY task or job site.

The magnetized base lets you work hands-free, and you’ll find the battery life is good enough (2-12 hours for the flashlight, 4-24 hours for the work light) to keep up with whatever job you’re doing without needing frequent re-charging. However, when the time comes to charge, the USB-C port cuts down on how long it takes for the built-in battery to be tanked up and ready for work.

The flashlight generates up to 2,000 lumens, and the work light up to 500 lumens. The light comes with four modes, a 4X twist zoom (to let you switch from floodlight to spotlight), a battery level indicator, and a rubberized grip that keeps it securely in your hands even if you’re working in wet or muddy conditions.

Add to that IP67 waterproof rating and a body made from aircraft grade aluminum, and you’ve got a truly functional, durable flashlight you’ll use for years to come.

Organize Your EDC with the VIPERADE VE6 Utility Pouch

VIPERADE VE6 Utility Pouch


Whether you’re on the job site or on vacation, you’ll be glad you had this pocket organizer on you. Wear it around your neck (courtesy of the lanyard), clip it to your belt, or keep it in your backpack—however you wear it, it’ll ensure you’ve got everything well-organized and within easy reach.

The pouch features 3 slot pockets for various tools: knives, pens, screwdrivers, bottle openers, or anything else you need to carry. There’s also an extra-large pocket sized just right for your passport, travel documents, or your work notebook. Built from tough 500-denier polyester, it’s both wear- and scratch-resistant, and reinforced with nylon stitching and an abrasion-resistant fleece lining that will keep both the pouch and your EDC gear protected.

DAKA Pouches Keep the Small Stuff Organized

Magpul Daka Pouch


True Utility Titanium Locking Pocket Multi-Tool

True Utility Titanium Locking Pocket Multi-Tool


Gerber Dibs is a Pocketable Fixed-Blade Knife

Gerber Dibs Pocketable Fixed-Blade Knife


Protect Your Gen 3 AirPods with the Twelve South AirSnap

Twelve South AirSnap Gen 3


The WUBEN G2 is a Bright Little EDC Keychain Light

WUBEN G2 EDC Keychain Light


Gerber Savvy is an EDC Superstar

Gerber Savvy


Dango Carabiner and Shackle Makes Organizing Your Pockets a Breeze

Dango Carabiner and Shackle


Clean Carry: Bellroy Key Case

Bellroy Key Case


Offering sleek, bundled storage for 3-5, Bellroy’s Key Case features a unique flipper mechanism that ejects keys one-handed while keeping them secure on a detachable cord loop for a car key or fob. The exterior is smooth, eco-tanned leather finish & the hardware is stainless steel. Choose from 5 colors.

By the Numbers: Acebeam Rider RX 650 Lumens Flashlight

Acebeam Rider RX 650 Lumens Flashlight


The numbers tell you all you need to know about this little badass. The Acebeam Rider RX is a compact & waterproof EDC flashlight that delivers 650 lumens of bright-white light that it can throw into a 300-foot beam. It’s got 5 power modes. 2-way clip. Max run-time: up to 7 days. Weight: 82 grams.

Still Our Favorite Classic Carry: Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool


Lightweight & airline-safe, Gerber’s Shard keychain tool is a proven EDC classic. It also happens to be the one tiny tool we go to most often. With a durable titanium nitride coating & sized perfectly for your pocket, it offers small & medium flat drivers, a Philips head driver, wire stripper, pry bar, bottle opener, & lanyard hole. It weighs about half an ounce.

Bag Not Forgotten: The Droplet Stuff Sack from Matador

Droplet Water-Resistant Stuff Sack


The Droplet stuff stack is big enough for a few items from the market; a wet swimsuit, or to handle all the junk packed in your pockets. But when you’re not using it, the water-resistant sack stuffs into a convenient silicone keychain case. And that way, it stays handy.

Waterproof Protection: Evergreen EDC Dry Box Case

Evergreen Waterproof Dry Box


With its travel-safe, Mil-spec & Made in the USA design, Evergreen’s 56 waterproof dry box case features a secure, keyed locking latch closure and IP67 submersion-proof protection for your small valuables and electronics. It floats with up to 3-pounds inside, with space for a firearm, camera, passports, keys, wallets, phone, GoPro, medical supplies & more. Choose from 7 colors.

Gerber’s Prybrid Utility is a Sharp, Pocketable Multi-tool

Gerber Gear Prybrid Utility


Blending the best of a replaceable utility blade knife and a compact multi-tool, Gerber’s Prybrid Utility is a pocket and keychain-friendly EDC implement offering 8 different tools, including wire strippers, bottle opener, Standard Utility blade, and more.

Keep Small Stuff Safe in This Watertight EDC Capsule

Dango Capsule Mini


Dango’s Capsule Mini is an ideal EDC storage solution that will keep those small essentials close at hand. CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum this slender, watertight, & food-grade screw-top tube is the perfect vessel for tiny items you need to keep protected. It’s 2.5 long & .25” in diameter and features a lanyard loop or keyring loop on the lid. Available in stain silver or black.

The FishFace is an EDC Multi-Tool with Bite

FishFace 18-in-1 Pocket Multi-Tool


The FishFace from True Utility is an 18-in-1 EDC multi-tool no larger than the other keys on your keychain but it puts in overtime. It features Phillips and flat screwdrivers, wrenches, hex drive, pry bar, file, nail tool, bottle opener, box opener and cutter. Made of stainless steel with a black titanium coating, it’s built for daily duty & with its sprung ’biner clip, stays right by your side.

Park Your Phone Anywhere with the Spigen Kickstand

Spigen U100 Universal Phone Kickstand


Designed to work with any & every phone, the Spigen U100 Universal kickstand is a versatile, minimalist cell phone stand. For hands-free viewing, reading, gaming, & creating content, this simple & streamlined adhesive stand keeps your phone upright when you need it & flips up out of the way when you don’t. Choose black, silver, or rose gold.

WESN Goods Makes Titanium EDC Even Better

WESN Microblade


The Microblade 2.0 marks yet another solid entry into the EDC category from Detroit’s WESN Goods. It keeps the titanium construction that made it so popular but has been nicely upgraded with a high carbon, high chromium D2 tool-grade steel blade for even better hardness, toughness, and abrasion resistance. The locking blade is 1.5” long and the knife is 3.75” overall when open.

The Titanium Nitecore NSH10 is a Featherweight EDC Clip

Nitecore NSH10 Titanium Multi-Tool Keychain Carabiner


Nitecore’s NSH10 is one badass ’biner. Technically, it’s a Multi-use Snap Hook but whatever you call it, this is one solid clip for your EDC essentials. Machined from TC4 titanium alloy, it features secure 45º elastic spring gates and a sandblasted, anti-corrosion finish. Bonus functions include bottle opener, hanging hook, and flat head screwdriver.

The James Brand Introduces The Duval, EDC for the Modern Gentleman

The James Brand Duval


The James Brand knows how to keep things simple. And by simple, we mean elegant. And that’s precisely why the product they make sells out. That’s sure to be the case with their latest drop, The Duval, a slim, functional frame-locking front-flipper with a 2.6” S35v stainless blade. They’re calling it the Modern Gentleman’s Knife. No argument here. It’s available with rosewood, Green Micarta, or titanium scales as well as optional Damascus steel blade variant.

Check Out This Awesome EDC Adjustable Wrench

Big Idea Design Ti EDC Wrench


Made of solid, Grade 5 Titanium, the Ti EDC Wrench is a pocket-friendly adjustable tool optimized for everyday carry & versatile utility. It works with both standard (SAE) & metric bolts in 25 different sizes. It features a low-profile design and full grip handle.

The LD15R from Fenix is a Compact & Powerful EDC Flashlight

Fenix LD15R Flashlight


At 500-lumens, the LD15R is a powerful little EDC light. It’s got a right-angle design with dual light sources: white and red lights. Powered by one 16340 rechargeable Li-ion battery, it is also compatible with a cold-resistant CR123A battery. It’s got 4 levels of output in white & 3 levels in red. There’s also a Micro USB port for charging, a battery level indicator, two-way body clip and a magnetic tail.

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