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Taschen Surfing 1778–2015 at

Taschen Surfing 1778–2015

Following over 3 years of meticulous research, this new platinum publication from Taschen is the most comprehensive visual history of surfing to date. Celebrating the art & culture of surfing with over 900 photos, this 592-page tome covers over 200 years of surfing around the globe.

Taschen To Release Definitive <i>Star Wars Archives</i> Volume 1 at

Taschen To Release Definitive Star Wars Archives Volume 1

Made with the full cooperation of George Lucas and Lucasfilm, this new premium-quality, oversized 604-page volume from Taschen covers the making of the original Star Wars trilogy—Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi—and features an exclusive interview with Lucas. The book is profusely illustrated with script pages, production documents, concept art, storyboards, on-set photography, stills, and posters.

Taschen Introduces Volume One in a New Series: A Visual History Of Graphic Design at

Taschen Introduces Volume One in a New Series: A Visual History Of Graphic Design

Edited by Jens Müller, this comprehensive 480-page visual history of graphic design is the first volume in a series. Through 480-pages and hundreds of illustrations, it chronicles the evolution of graphic design from 1890 to 1959, covering 70 years of artistic and commercial output, featuring year-by-year spreads, detailed timelines and profiles of the most important designers of each era.

Taschen HR Giger Limited Collector’s Edition at

Taschen HR Giger Limited Collector’s Edition

Best known for the horrific sci-fi monster he created in Ridley Scott’s original Alien film, the dark and psychedelic artwork of HR Giger has now been collected into a limited-edition Sumo-sized compendium covering his entire creative output. 400 pages of massive prints, fold-outs, essays, and insights from Giger scholars as well as the artist’s own writings.

The Stanley Kubrick Archives at

The Stanley Kubrick Archives

A complete compendium of still images taken from the works of master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick—everything from Killer’s Kiss To Eyes Wide Shut. As part of Taschen Books’  Bibliotheca Universalis series, the 864-page Stanley Kubrick Archives is a photo book that also includes personal material like sketches, screenplays, drafts, notes, and shooting schedules.

<i>Rocky: The Complete Films</i> Celebrates The Original Italian Stallion at

Rocky: The Complete Films Celebrates The Original Italian Stallion

In a limited Collector’s Edition numbered and signed by Sylvester Stallone himself, this 380-page Taschen hardcover includes incredible photos from all the Rocky Balboa films, starting with the original 1976-film in which Stallone was actor, writer, director, and producer. Along with the images are a facsimile of Sylvester Stallone’s handwritten notebook for the original Rocky script, interviews, ephemera, & a signed print of Stallone original art.

Steve McCurry: Afghanistan is a Body Of Work Like No Other at

Steve McCurry: Afghanistan is a Body Of Work Like No Other

Intrepid photojournalist Steve McCurry began sneaking into Afghanistan to collect images in 1979. Through 4 dangerous decades he returned to the country and emerged with an incredible portfolio. His National Geographic “Afghan Girl” cover photo is among the most iconic images of the modern era. This new Taschen hardcover is the definitive retrospective of his work.

<i>Moonfire</i>: The Epic Journey Of Apollo 11 at

Moonfire: The Epic Journey Of Apollo 11

To mark 50 years since we put a man on the moon, high-quality print publisher Taschen has created a limited 50th anniversary edition of Norman Mailer’s classic book on the groundbreaking Apollo 11 mission. Mailer was hired by LIFE magazine in 1969 to cover the moon shot & his brilliant reportage became the book, Of a Fire on the Moon, which is excerpted in this edition. There are also hundreds of photos from NASA’s archive.

National Geographic Infographics at

National Geographic Infographics

For its entire 128 years in publication, National Geographic has supported its massive editorial output and educated the world with data and infographics that help make it easier for the layman to understand important issues & info. This new full-color book from Taschen assembles 480-pages of this material, covering History, The Planet, Being Human, the Animal World, the World of Plants, Science and Technology, and Space.

75 Years of Capitol Records at

75 Years of Capitol Records

From the Beatles to The Beach Boys to The Beastie Boys, & beyond, Capitol Records is one of the most prolific record labels of all time. To celebrate 75 years of hit recordings, they teamed up with Taschen to create an oversized, 492-page hardcover history that covers it all, with photos, stories, and details behind some of the greatest records ever made.

<i>Through a Different Lens</i> Celebrates Stanley Kubrick’s Early Photography at

Through a Different Lens Celebrates Stanley Kubrick’s Early Photography

In 1945, at just 17 years old, Stanley Kubrick was a staff photographer for Look Magazine. This new monograph from Taschen collects 300 images from the burgeoning artist’s early years at Look, where he shot features that celebrated life in New York. The collection includes tear sheets, photo essays, and an introduction by photo critic Luc Sante. The book’s release coincides with the opening of a major show at the Museum Of The City Of New York.

20th Century Travel at

20th Century Travel

The golden age of travel began its boom in the 20th century, on shiny jet planes, record setting high-speed trains, ocean liners & even Greyhound buses. This new book from Taschen tracks that age of wide-eyed American wanderlust decade-by-decade with over 400 vintage print advertisements.

Build a Skeleton In Your Spare Time at

Build a Skeleton In Your Spare Time

Taschen has created a kit that lets you build a life-size model of the human skeleton made entirely of foldable paper. Pre-cut pieces of paper, requiring no scissors or glue, are assembled with detailed, step-by-step instructions. It’s got joints that bend and straighten and each piece features an anatomical label in English and Latin.

The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ at

The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

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Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a movie so groundbreaking & original, it’s hard to imagine how the cinematic masterpiece was actually made. Now the answers to all those questions can be discovered with this 562-page book from Taschen. The ultimate companion to the film, it contains on and off set photographs, pre-production paintings, conceptual designs, and publicity materials plus insights from the actors, senior production designers, & special-effects experts.