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Linedock Lets You Plug It All In for WFH Freedom at

Linedock Lets You Plug It All In for WFH Freedom

Designed to be the ultimate companion for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, LineDock is an all-in-one dock that augments your laptop with one extra charge, 9 extra ports and 1TB of storage. The docks include 3X USB-C, 3X USB 3.0, 1X SD card reader, 1X HDMI, 1X Mini Display Port, and 1X 4K display output. Plug in a 2nd display in 4k, power up devices with its 100W pass-through power, & use the 20K mAh battery to charge your MacBook to 100% in just 2 hours. Super-thin, lightweight, and sized perfectly for your Macbook.

Go Huge with LG’s 88-Inch 8K OLED TV at

Go Huge with LG’s 88-Inch 8K OLED TV

LG’s absolutely massive SIGNATURE Z9 88-inch 8K OLED TV is the future of television technology & it’s available now if you have the cash. The wall-size display delivers stunning image quality, with 4X more pixels than a 4K display. It also features support for HDMI 2.1 Apple AirPlay 2, & HomeKit. Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa will be built-in for select markets.

iPad Pro at

iPad Pro

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Apple just unveiled the massive 12.9-inch iPad Pro & Tim Cook called it the most advanced tablet & display they’ve ever built: the new 5.6 million pixel display is better than a 15-inch Macbook Pro with Retina. This big boy has a 10-hour battery life and also gives you the option of a 32, 64, or 128GB model with the largest offering LTE connectivity. New jumbo iPad accessories include a Smart Keyboard & Apple Pencil, a stylus made for drawing. Available November 2015.Available November 2015.
Pixel Phone by Google at

Pixel Phone by Google

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Two new HTC-built phones from Google have just been officially unveiled. The difference between Google’s Pixel & Pixel XL mainly comes down to the size & resolution of their screens. The Pixel gets a 5-inch 1080p display & the XL gives you a 5.5-inch Quad HD panel display. Both run Google’s Android software on a Snapdragon 821 processor and have Google Assistant built-in as well as supporting Google Daydream VR.

The Blloc Phone Delivers More Function with Fewer Distractions at

The Blloc Phone Delivers More Function with Fewer Distractions

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The point of the Blloc phone is to keep things simple & streamlined, so you’re less distracted by it. To that end, it features a clean, black & white display for all your phone’s apps & functions. The display is a 5.5” LCD, it has 4GB RAM memory, 3100 mAh fast-charging battery, 64GB of storage with an SD card slot and Bluetooth 4.0. The camera uses a 13 mega-pixel sensor, delivers RAW format output and shoots 4K video at 30fps.

The Book One from Porsche Design is a Stylish Laptop & Tablet In One at

The Book One from Porsche Design is a Stylish Laptop & Tablet In One

Porsche Design is anything but predictable and with the release of the BOOK ONE they’re exploring new terrain yet again. This time, a 2-in-1 laptop computer with a detachable display that functions as a tablet. The display is deployed using a VarioHinge, inspired by the gearbox of a sports car. Under the hood there’s a 7th Gen 2.70 GHz Intel i7-7500U processor, 16 GB RAM, & 512 GB SSD hard drive. Battery life is 14 hours.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium at

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

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Sony just rolled out their new range of Xperia phones and the big want in the lineup is the luxurious Z5 Premium, the first phone to ever offer a 4K display. The 5.5-inch display boasts 806ppi resolution & will upscale lower-res video & images to 4K quality.

OAXIS InkCase i6 at

OAXIS InkCase i6

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When one screen isn’t enough: The InkCase i6 adds a 4.3-inch E-Ink display to the back of your iPhone 6 and connects to the device via Bluetooth. Use it to get messages, news and other notifications, all without having to access the iPhone’s built-in display. Convenient. Also saves battery.

Eve Rolls Out Spectrum Gaming Displays at

Eve Rolls Out Spectrum Gaming Displays

With designs developed through extensive gamer and crowd-funding input, Finnish tech brand Eve is rolling out 3 new gaming monitors in the Spectrum series. All three 27-inch monitors boast 16×9 aspect ratio, HDR display and plenty of ports: 3X USB-A, 2X USB-C, USB-B, HDMI, & 2X display ports. They range in resolution from 2560x1440p up to 4K.

Measure Time & Earth’s Rotation with the Urwerk UR-100 at

Measure Time & Earth’s Rotation with the Urwerk UR-100

Urwerk is a Swiss watchmaker known for its eclectic and ambitious creations. The latest is the space-age UR-100 GunMetal. It pays tribute to earlier Urwerk models as well as referencing a 19th-century pendulum clock owned by the designer’s father—an antique clock that didn’t tell time but calculated the distance the Earth rotates on its axis at the equator in kilometers, through a retrograde display. This stunningly intricate display makes up the dial and features a wandering hour system that’s surprisingly easy to read. This 41mm automatic is powered by a caliber 12.01 movement. Only 25 watches will be produced.

AirBar Turns Your MacBook Air into a Touchscreen at

AirBar Turns Your MacBook Air into a Touchscreen

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The AirBar device converts your MacBook Air display into a fully functioning touchscreen. It attaches with magnets at the bottom of your display, plugs into your USB port, and instantly enables full touchscreen gesture interaction. Tap on the apps in your dock to open, swipe a finger or double-tap when viewing maps or photos, scroll on your favorite websites—plus lots more for editing, viewing, and creativity in all your applications.

Vestaboard Shares Your Messages Mechanically at

Vestaboard Shares Your Messages Mechanically

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Like those classic schedule signs in the train stations of Europe, the Vestaboard is a mechanical display that scrolls rapidly through wheels of characters, stopping to create each new message. With Vestaboard you can share your messages, plus calendars, and a whole range of other display functions directly from your phone. Get messages, share updates, and run apps like Twitter, Envoy, and Google Calendar, and see it all up there on the wall. It measures 37” X 21” and is 3.1” deep.

EyeRide HUD Makes Your Helmet Smarter at

EyeRide HUD Makes Your Helmet Smarter

Created by ex-BMW & Airbus optics and photonics engineers, the EyeRide HUD is a portable heads-up display that makes any helmet smart. Lightweight and powered by a Sony OLED, it is a patented all-in-one device with safe, hands-free functionality that helps you keep your eyes on the road. Approved for use in the U.S., Canada, & Europe, it provides a sharp, easy-to-read display that is infinitely safer than trying to use a smartphone while touring on 2 wheels. A funded Kickstarter.

Etch Clock at

Etch Clock

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The Swiss made Etch Clock creates its unique & strangely soothing display by transforming an elastic membrane into 3D digital numbers that appear engraved upon its surface. The sleek design measures 15 inches & features an aluminum frame. A mobile app allows you to sync the clock as well as programming its 2 display modes.

‘The Wall’ is Samsung’s Latest Big-Screen Innovation at

‘The Wall’ is Samsung’s Latest Big-Screen Innovation

Every year, big screens are a big part of the CES hype. This year, Samsung is snagging headlines for their 146-inch 4K display called simply, “The Wall” that utilizes not LCD, not OLED but, wait for it… MicroLED. This technology is like tiny-tiny lightbulbs used to combine each pixel in the screen’s display, we can only assume that it’s awesome. No word yet on pricing or availability.

LG 38-Inch UltraWide Monitor at

LG 38-Inch UltraWide Monitor

LG’s new 38-inch monitor will be the world’s largest curved display—a 3840 x 1600 PS UltraWide QHD+ unit featuring 4K resolution. A USB-C port and two Bluetooth speakers are also built-in, making this the ultimate display for entertainment, gaming and, if you can find the time, work. Available September 2016.

Nixon Mission Smartwatch at

Nixon Mission Smartwatch

Action sports watchmaker Nixon has finally created a smartwatch tuned for surfers and skiers. The Mission offers an Android-powered brain that delivers surf and snow data from around the world with a pair of pre-loaded apps. Its AMOLED display is protected by Gorilla Glass, it’s water resistant up to 100 meters & the brand is offering lots of options for customization from various straps and finishes to custom display options.

Audi’s New A6 Gets a Tech Overhaul at

Audi’s New A6 Gets a Tech Overhaul

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For 2019, the 8th generation Audi A6 sedan got hooked up with some fresh tech upgrades: Virtual Cockpit gauge display, a 10-inch display to view MMI Navigation Plus, a smaller 8-inch touchscreen to control the nav, climate, and text inputs. There’s also Connect Key keyless lock/unlock & remote car start from your Android smartphone. Under the hood, the new A6 is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 that outputs 340 horsepower plus a mild hybrid, that uses a 48-volt battery for start/stop and fuel-savings while it coasts at speeds from 34-99.

Polyera Wove Band at

Polyera Wove Band

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Unlike most smart watches that just look like an uglier but higher tech version of a traditional watch, the Wove Band features a flexible band with an e-ink display that wraps all the way around your wrist. More space for your display means more info on-screen. The device displays both vertically when worn and landscape mode when laid flat. Available in 2016.