A Greener Way To Clean Your Clothes: The Drumi Washer at werd.com

A Greener Way To Clean Your Clothes: The Drumi Washer

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Winner of the James Dyson Design Award, the Drumi is a new kind of washing machine—an ultra-efficient, compact, sustainable & portable one. It is also electricity free, allowing you to save money, water and energy. With a small amount of water, detergent and a powerful foot pump, it does small loads on the road or at home, in just a few minutes.

Stanley is Philippe Starck’s Director’s Chair at werd.com

Stanley is Philippe Starck’s Director’s Chair

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French designer Philippe Starck, in partnership with Italian furniture-maker Magis, has created a fresh, industrial take on the classic wood-frame Director’s Chair. Starck’s Stanley chair is made with fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene and features the distinctive folding, scissor leg design. A durable, high performance fabric is used for the seat and back. The Stanley is available in black, white, & beige.

2017 Triumph Street Triples at werd.com

2017 Triumph Street Triples

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Triumph is calling their newest line of 756cc Street Triples, “the most exciting, dynamic, agile and intuitive performance street bikes” they’ve ever made. Available in 3 variants, the S, R, & RS, each with its own level of power, performance, technology and suspension. These iconic, naked street fighter bikes feature a new Daytona-derived 3-cylinder that delivers a more than 16% increase in power.

Lucid Motors Air at werd.com

Lucid Motors Air

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Led by a former member of the Tesla tech team, California-based Lucid Motors has just unveiled their first car. The Air is a fully electric luxury sedan that boasts a 400-mile range and snaps from 0-60 in just 2.5 seconds. The vehicles will be built in Arizona and hit the market in 2018. Pricing should be squarely north of $100k.

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Ducati 750SS Kraken Custom Motorcycle by Iron Pirate Garage at werd.com

Ducati 750SS Kraken Custom Motorcycle by Iron Pirate Garage

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Italy’s Iron Pirate Garage truly lives up to their name by throwing caution overboard with this one-off custom Ducati. The 750 was stripped of all plastics and blacked out for a Mad Max look. Then the low & lean ‘Kraken’ got a custom tank, chopped & re-shaped rear end, & solid mag Harley wheels fitted with oversized Shinko Super Classic rubber.

D’Alembert Leather Goods at werd.com

D’Alembert Leather Goods

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D’Alembert makes luxury leather goods using supple, unfinished French calfskin; then through the hand-application of dyes, creams, pigments, and waxes, infuses bold, one-of-a-kind colors. The new collection includes wallets, card cases, and a 13” MacBook laptop sleeve.

99: Stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky at werd.com

99: Stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky

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Wayne Gretzky is hockey’s undisputed G.O.A.T. and in this new book he discusses candidly, for the first time, what the game looks like to him and introduces us to the people who inspired and motivated him: mentors, teammates, rivals, the famous and the lesser known, weaving together lives and moments from an extraordinary career.

Brew: The Foolproof Guide to Making World-Class Beer at Home at werd.com

Brew: The Foolproof Guide to Making World-Class Beer at Home

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It’s easy to complicate the homebrewing process with all of the specialized “must have” equipment they say you need. This book takes a different approach. It’s a comprehensive guide that walks you through every step of the process using a minimum of equipment.  And it covers all sorts of brews: American, European, and British beers, as well as specialty beers like sours, lagers, and lambics.

Nike Roshe Two at werd.com

Nike Roshe Two

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One of Nike’s most popular shoes, the Roshe One, now has a predecessor. The all-new Roshe Two is slightly sleeker than the original but retains the comfortable, stretchable & breathable upper. It features a Tri-fusion IU midsole that incorporates foam of 3 different densities to balance comfort & support. It will be available from the SNRKS App, at global retailers and via the Nike Tech Book on September 1.

Lego Bucket Wheel Excavator at werd.com

Lego Bucket Wheel Excavator

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With over 3,900 pieces, Lego’s forthcoming Bucket Wheel Excavator is officially the largest Lego Technic set to date. Completed, it stands 16-inches tall & 18-inches long. It’s got countless moving parts like a rotating bucket, working tank treads, & conveyor belts—even a motor.  And how cool is it that it can be rebuilt into an aggregate processing plant?

Freenote Vagabond Chino at werd.com

Freenote Vagabond Chino

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Freenote’s classic military-style Vagabond Chino is constructed from dead stock US military fabric leftover from the Korean war. They’ve also got some modern details that won’t be found on the government-issue originals, like Japanese indigo-dyed pocketing fabric and custom Corozo belt buttons. Freenote also makes a boardshort using dead stock nylon from military flight jackets. Made in the USA.

Lolo Lid Stealth Cozy at werd.com

Lolo Lid Stealth Cozy

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For those annoying times & places where drinking a cold one would be frowned upon,  Lolo Lids keep the good times rolling. The plastic, no leak re-useable lids snap onto an open beer can, allowing you to conceal the beer in a coffee cup—& it’s a perfect fit for a Starbucks Venti or 7-Eleven cups. Who couldn’t use an instant stealth koozie? Available in black or white.

Handcrafted 1 Gallon Winemaking Kit at werd.com

Handcrafted 1 Gallon Winemaking Kit

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This one-gallon winemaking kit includes everything you need to make your own vino at home with a simple, orderly & stylish workstation made of wood. In addition to the glass carboys and vintner’s instruments, the recipe pack includes a juice bag, wine yeast, oak chips, stabilizers & clarifiers, corks, & most importantly: detailed instructions.

Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 at werd.com

Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3

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The 800 D3 loudspeaker is the flagship of Bowers & Wilkins’ Diamond range—and they’re calling this updated design the best system they’ve ever made. The towers boast A-grade materials & technologies: two 10-inch Aerofoil bass drivers with carbon fiber construction, Diamond Dome tweeters, aluminum Turbine heads, & Continuum cones.

My Lost Brothers at werd.com

My Lost Brothers

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Brendan McDonough fought his way out of heroin addiction to become an elite firefighter with Arizona’s Granite Mountain Hotshots. But in 2013, his team of 19 was trapped & quickly killed by a 3,000-degree inferno in Yarnell, Arizona. The greatest loss of American firefighters since 9/11. McDonough was the sole survivor & this is his memoir.

Nike Flyknit Chukka Golf Shoe at werd.com Nike Flyknit Chukka Golf Shoe at werd.com

Nike Flyknit Chukka Golf Shoe

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Not everyone wants to look like dear old dad out on the course. If that’s you, Nike’s Flyknit Chukka golf shoe will give you that sportier look while providing superior support, breathability and flexibility. The mid-top profile with a sock-like fit around the ankle keeps out debris & the knobbed but spike-free design, while providing great grip on the grass, is more versatile than traditional spikes.

ExoLens x Zeiss at werd.com

ExoLens x Zeiss

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Zeiss is the global gold standard in camera lens technology. Now they’ve created a collection of high-quality external glass lenses for your iPhone 6. With a machined aluminum bracket that attaches to both your phone & a standard tripod mount, the screw-on lenses will seriously step-up your mobile phonetography. The collection includes a telephoto, a wide-angle, and a zoomable macro lens.

ZUS Charger and Locator at werd.com

ZUS Charger and Locator

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The German-designed, military-grade ZUS is a smart USB car charger that also remembers where you parked, so you don’t have to wander the parking lot setting off the alarm. It also offers charging speeds 2X faster than most chargers & can fully charge 2 iPad Airs in under 4 hours.