Business Casual Attire for Men: How to Dress Well in 2024

By Beau Hayhoe  |  Updated February 27, 2024

Business Casual Attire for Men: How to Dress Well in 2024
Courtesy of Brooks Brothers

Perhaps over the past few years, you’ve adjusted to a more casual, cozy way of dressing as you work from home – and slowly return into the world at large. I know I’ve been dressing in more laidback fashion at home (say, merino joggers and a merino tee), and yet, I’m also looking for that comfort out and about in the real world.

Make no mistake, though: Heading back to the office and to formal events requires you to step up your game, and you can still dress in crisp, business casual style while nailing that blend between comfort and polish.

  • Business casual “meets” in the middle: Business casual style toes the line between comfort (with stretch chinos or Oxford shirts) and crisp, office-ready looks. It’s neither as formal as wearing a suit, nor as laidback as athleisure.
  • Business casual has plenty of building blocks: Be it a goes-with-anything navy blazer, a timeless white Oxford shirt or tan chinos, plenty of business casual pieces are the foundation of a well-rounded wardrobe.
  • Don’t be afraid to invest with “biz casual” looks: Nailing business casual style is all about getting the details right: A well-tailored navy sportcoat, for instance, can be worn practically every single day with the right outfit combination, so don’t be afraid to spend a bit more than usual.
  • Keep it simple, crisp and classic: If you’re new to the world of business casual, opt for timeless colors and silhouettes, but be sure to inject a touch of color and even pattern with accessories, your watch strap or your leather folio. The rest will take care of itself.

Dressing in business casual style might feel a bit odd or out of sorts – and I’m right there with you on that journey – but repetition makes a difference, as does finding the best business casual style picks.

Fear not, because this is where WERD enters the game to deliver the best business casual basics and know-how for your 9-to-5 grind (and beyond).


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The Blazer / Sport Coat

Below the formal tuxedo or a matching suit jacket and trousers sits the sport coat. So named because this more casual style of jacket originally was made from more rugged fabric and worn for sporting pursuits like hunting, the sport coat today (or blazer) is made to be worn with contrasting trousers, jeans or chinos, and features less construction than a suit jacket.

From my time in the menswear world, a blazer or sportcoat is like a secret weapon, particularly in a color like navy. It’s versatile, appropriate for most everything from client and coffee meetings to networking events, and happy hours, and can work well with dark, dressy jeans or chinos in a variety of colors.

Business casual sport coats and blazers come in a variety of fabrics, like wool blends or cotton stretch fabrics – these are also more laidback than suit jackets, and more comfortable to wear as a result.

Pay attention to relaxed details like patch pockets or a lack of shoulder padding, and look for a color you can wear frequently, like dark grey, charcoal or navy.

Don’t do this: Be sure to avoid wearing your suit jacket as a blazer – the suit jacket will look odd when worn with jeans, while the right blazer wears easily with chinos or denim.

Wills Stretch Wool Blazer


When it’s time to trade in your waxed trucker jacket from Huckberry for something more polished, opt for a handsome stretch wool blazer from in-house brand Wills.

From color options like charcoal to its versatile, timeless two-button build, this stretch option gets all the details right.

Faherty Brand Inlet Blazer


When I’m looking for one of the best blazers to add to my rotation, I look for a blend of comfort and style – and yes, it’s possible to hit that delicate balance even when going more tailored.

This Faherty blazer is more like an ultra-comfortable sweatshirt than a blazer, made from soft, flattering stretch knit fabric.

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Brooks Brothers Archive Blazer


It wouldn’t be a piece diving into one of the more essential items a man can own without covering Brooks Brothers, right?

The iconic menswear brand helped bring items like the chino and the Oxford shirt to more consumers, and this wool blazer harkens back to stylish days past in a flattering three-button design.

The Shirt

Your shirt is yet another key category that can make or break your business casual wardrobe.

I mentioned that dressier items like suits are best worn with a crisp, ironed dress shirt, usually made out of a more fine, thinner dress shirt fabric. So, when going with the best picks for a business casual wardrobe, choose a shirt that’s, well, more casual.

I’ve found that it’s tough to go wrong with the sturdy-yet-soft nature of the Oxford shirt (named for the Oxford cloth used in original British versions). The style features a chest pocket, a detail not found on most dress shirts, and also includes a visible buttondown collar. The buttondown design helps the collar hold its shape and makes it easier to wear unbuttoned, without a tie.

In fact, this is my preferred style of shirt to wear for business casual situations – when in doubt, the classics go the distance.

What about a tie?

If you do opt for a tie, ensure you’re sticking with something more textured and again, casual – old-school knit ties are a cool business casual style move.

I personally love wearing a knit with an Oxford shirt, since the knit tie is visually interesting and less formal than a 100 percent silk tie.

Note: If you’re ditching the blazer and Oxford shirt, opt for a well-fitting polo.

Brooks Brothers Original Polo Button-Down Oxford Shirt


When shopping for the best business casual shirts, leave it to the pros – Brooks Brothers helped bring the Oxford shirt to the masses, and they still make an excellent, classic-fitting option today.

Buck Mason California Cashmere Long Sleeve Polo


On the polo front, it’s tough to top the luxe cashmere fabric and relaxed-but-sharp long-sleeve design offered up here by Buck Mason. This is about as dressy (yet versatile) a polo as it gets, so wear it accordingly with chinos or even dark blue jeans.

The Sweater

Business casual wardrobe selections are terrific because they give you so much leeway to layer and dress in interesting ways.

For chilly fall and winter days, a well-made sweater can stand in for your blazer with ease.

As for my own wardrobe, I love the layering potential of business casual style, especially in the fall and winter months. When the time comes to put a sweater on atop a stylish Oxford shirt, count me in.

I tend to look for classic crew neck or V-neck designs, the kind you can layer over that trusty Oxford shirt, for instance.

I also opt for soft cotton or cotton stretch (or merino) blends in seasonally friendly shades. Plus, a neutral sweater in navy, tan or grey pairs up with just as many essentials as your trusty sportcoat.

Don’t do this: Avoid the type of crewneck sweatshirt you’d wear to the gym or on a casual morning at home.

Those sweatshirts are too casual for the office, but the right sweater in a fashionable color wears more than stylishly with chinos or corduroy pants (or, yes, your trusty dark blue jeans – more on those in a second).

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


Mongolian cashmere is a prized fiber for its soft weave and lightweight yet surprisingly durable build. It makes for a perfect sweater, particularly in a wildly affordable crewneck you can use to dress up a chambray shirt on the weekend or style alongside a stretch dress shirt at the office.

J.Crew Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


J.Crew is back in a big way, as if the brand ever left, but the brand still excels at making tried-and-true classics for guys. This timeless sweater offers room to layer while framing the face, thanks to the crewneck design, and the range of colors is something else..

Wills Cashmere Crewneck


There’s much to love about this Huckberry-approved crewneck, from the fact that it’s made from odor-reducing cashmere to the versatile, crisp colorway and crewneck design.

Wear it with dark selvedge jeans, a blue Oxford shirt and tan leather boots (as I would) or team it with corduroy pants for seasonal style.

The Pants

No wardrobe filled with the best picks for the perfect business casual wardrobe should overlook your pants, since they’re often what makes or breaks a look.

Granted, you can sometimes wear suit trousers with business casual looks (like wearing suit trousers alongside a cashmere sweater and an Oxford shirt), but let’s go with pants that truly fit the business casual mode.

Here, the classic chino – with a five-pocket design and sturdy-yet-soft cotton twill fabric (sometimes garment-dyed for texture and often made with stretch) is your best friend. I’ve found that chinos are the perfect middle ground for business casual style, particularly in a neutral color like navy or tan that you can team with just about anything.

When I’m dressing in business casual style, I’m mostly wearing chinos – the more versatile, the better.

The best chinos work with a blazer and buttondown, or with a merino tee-plus-blazer combination. You can even dress them down on the weekends with a henley and rugged shawl cardigan.

Dark, well-fitting jeans can also work in business casual settings, provided the jeans feature minimal fading or added details (think of them as “dressy” jeans, and wear them with your soft-shouldered navy blazer).

Don’t do this: Avoid overly formal trousers like suit pants, and make sure both your chinos and denim fit well (a slim-straight cut works well on most guys).

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants


Huckberry designed these pants to be worn just about every day, hence the name, and between the tailored-yet-comfortable fit options and the durable-yet-soft fabric, it’s not hard to see why they’re an all-time bestseller for the retailer. You’ll certainly want more than one pair, and they wear well with a blazer or an untucked Oxford shirt.

J.Crew Straight-Fit Chino Pants


When in doubt, opt for well-fitting chinos from a brand you can trust, in a fit that’s classic but not too relaxed. A straight-fit design in a rich color like a dark tan or olive is going to look great on most guys, in most seasons (and in most offices).

L.L. Bean Comfort-Fit Stretch Chino Pants


If you want a middle-of-the-road design from a trusted retailer made with long-lasting quality in mind, L.L. Bean is precisely the brand to shop. Note the use of comfortable stretch fabric and the tried-and-true fit.

The Socks

Details make the difference with an outfit, particularly as you dress to head back to the office, so make sure your ensemble is on-point from head-to-toe.  I always say that the right pair of socks is certainly no exception. For starters, opt for socks that you wouldn’t wear to the gym – no athletic socks with these looks, folks.

I favor a mix of either neutral or subtly patterned socks in soft fabrics like cotton or merino wool (for moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties), and the more wearable, the better.

In my experience, merino wool is an excellent sock fabric that can take you through a long day at the office into the night without missing a beat.

Gold Toe Canterbury Cotton Crew Socks


Gold Toe makes it easy to hit all the right marks, using comfortable, soft mercerized cotton and nylon for both durability and a smooth feel on your foot, and the brand’s signature reinforced heel and toe are also markers of top-notch design.

Boardroom Socks Over-the-Calf Merino Wool Dress Socks


For the guy that wants maximum coverage, over-the-calf dress socks are the way to go, and you might say that nobody does it better than the aptly named sock purveyors at Boardroom Socks. The USA-made construction is a mark of premium quality, while plentiful color options should suit every palette and style.

The Shoes

What’s the first thing people notice about your outfit? Sure, it might be your watch or your blazer, but when the first step literally makes a first impression, it’s all about the best dress shoes for the office. There are plenty of casual shoes you could rock these days, but you might commonly see the classic Oxford shoe.

This is a lace-up dress shoe (black is dressier, dark brown or tan works well for business casual), sometimes with a captoe design for a bit of visual interest. Think of them like your workhorse business casual shoes for most times of year.

In the warmer months, the slip-on loafer, with a sleek toe and a design that allows you to show off some ankle, can be a nice change of pace from Oxford shoes.

Every well-stocked menswear rotation of business casual picks should boast at least one pair of brown leather dress shoes. If you’re anything like me, you might grow to love brown leather dress shoes or brown leather loafers – they work seamlessly with plenty of off-duty looks, too.

And best of all is the fact that you can get much of the same refined-yet-versatile style in the brisk fall and winter months with Chelsea boots. I personally love wearing Chelsea boots as often as possible, as you get the bold style of a boot and the same refined performance as dress shoes.

Elastic side gores make it easy to step into these boots, the stacked heel and slim profile are perfectly dressy yet acceptable with chinos or denim, and they often come in handsome shades of leather to suit every style.

Don’t do this: When selecting your footwear of choice, avoid athletic sneakers or worn-out work boots.

Amberjack Oxford Dress Shoes


Dressing in business casual style gives you a bit of leeway in your footwear selection. Sure, reliable Chelsea boots or even finely polished leather dress boots are nice options to have in your rotation, but a pair of sturdy-yet-comfortable Oxford dress shoes are your best bet when wearing stretch chinos or blue jeans.

These low-profile, modern leather dress shoes from Amberjack boast remarkable comfort (I’ve tried them) and the same technology that makes your sneakers so springy and comfortable.

They’re free from too much ornate detailing and come in rich, versatile leather colors like Chestnut perfect for plenty of different business casual wardrobe pairings.

Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boots


Huckberry brought the Astorflex brand to great prominence, and in my time wearing Astorflex Chelsea boots, it’s a well-deserved honor – durable, dependable, comfortable and utterly classic (yet modern).

It comes down to the springy, soft crepe rubber sole for plenty of comfort and laidback style, along with the all-natural aged leather upper. Team these with your favorite pair of faded jeans and a classic henley to nail a casual, everyday look.

G.H. Bass & Co. Logan Leather Penny Loafers


It doesn’t get more timeless than the penny loafer, and you might say that no one does it better than G.H. Bass & Co., one of the brands that helped bring the style to the forefront. These loafers are still made much the same way, with rich leather that tends to look even better when polished to a nice shine.

The Belt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Your accessories are going to set your outfit apart from the pack, and the belt is essential when wearing an Oxford shirt and chinos (among other business casual combinations).

Your belt is going to be front and center, so make sure your selection is a belt made with a slimmer, more dressy design (versus a thick, sturdy leather work belt you’d wear with canvas work pants).

In my experience, a belt with a roller buckle or a slide clasp is going to be the right option for business casual situations.

Pay close attention to your dress shoes – your belt should closely (or exactly!) match the shade of leather of your shoes, and the color scheme should work well with your pants.

If you’re wearing navy chinos, match up a tan belt and tan dress shoes, or use a dark brown belt and dark brown dress shoes. When I’m getting dressed, I style dark brown dress shoes or Chelsea boots with a dark brown belt, and then team up my chinos accordingly (think olive, tan or navy chinos).

Don’t do this: Avoid belts made from synthetic material (like tactical belts) or belts made from sturdy yet less formal materials like cotton canvas. A good, well-made leather belt will last for years, just like your favorite dress shoes or boots.

Shinola Bedrock Belt


Shinola has made a name for itself as a brand that crafts some of the toughest, sturdiest leather goods on the market. From the moment I laid eyes on this belt, I knew it would live up to the brand’s reputation.

Crafted from Shinola’s signature premium natural grain leather, it’s sturdy and supple enough that I’m comfortable whether it’s paired with chinos or a suit.

The Bag

Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat: There are bags made for the gym, bags made to haul tools for yard work and outdoor projects, and bags made for business casual settings.

Rarely do you find one that checks all the proper boxes, but a good rule of thumb is to find a bag made from sturdy, stylish materials (like leather, canvas or even a durable nylon). As for me, I’m all about the rugged-yet-refined appeal of a bag made from leather – or even canvas with leather accents.

Some leather bags get better with age, like leather boots, and that’s a nice added bonus of making a stylish carry-all part of your day-to-day business casual ensemble.

Then, ensure that bag can haul your office essentials, like your laptop or iPad, a notebook, documents, a pen, a charger and perhaps even a water bottle. Messenger bags or briefcase-style bags deliver the utility you need while resting easily on your shoulder and fitting compactly beneath your desk, underneath a train seat or at a conference table.

Through the years, I’ve found that either a messenger bag or a briefcase can carry everything I need comfortably and in style, whether I’m wearing a lightweight navy blazer and a merino tee, or an Oxford shirt and knit tie.

Put all of these essentials together, and you’re well on your way to developing what I think might be the perfect business casual wardrobe.

Nisolo Loreto Messenger Bag


Crafted from chestnut-colored vegetable-tanned leather, this messenger is a masterpiece of craftsmanship from Leon, also known as the “leather capital of Mexico”. Organization is made easy thanks to its many pockets: an exterior pocket sized for documents and folders, an interior padded laptop pocket, a water bottle holder pocket, and smaller organization pockets for compact items.

Shinola Slim Traveler Brief


You’ve never felt smoother, softer, more buttery leather, and you’ll fall instantly in love with this sleek, sturdy briefcase by Shinola. The leather will develop a patina and grow truly unique with years of use, but it will be highly resistant to scuffs, abrasions, and wear. Be warned, though: it’s only lightly treated, so there is a risk of damage if exposed to water or stains (coffee, soda, juice, food, etc.). However, for men who want to look their best at the office and around town, you can’t beat this briefcase.

What is business casual attire?

Business casual is neither too stuffy or formal, nor too laidback – think of it like a middle ground, one that works at a large majority of offices these days. Even if you work from home multiple days a week, as I do, the return to the office is where these business casual basics are going to come in handy.

It’s crisp, but not as refined as wearing a suit, nor is it as relaxed as wearing lounge pants and a merino T-shirt on the weekend. In fact, dressing in business casual fashion is one of my favorite ways to dress, since it works well with pieces that I love (like an Oxford shirt), plus accessories that I admire (like an office-ready leather watch and crisp leather dress shoes).

Dressing business casual these days means you’re mixing and matching tried-and-true menswear staples with a decidedly dressy (but still casual!) approach.

To name but one example: You’ve probably got a navy suit in your wardrobe. Replace that suit jacket with a more casual sport coat, swap out your starched white dress shirt for a more easygoing Oxford shirt, and trade in your suit trousers for tan chinos. Boom: You’ve just gained but one example of how to dress business casual.

When should you dress in business casual attire?

Go with more formal wear (like a sharp suit, or even a suit sans tie) for big presentations, for instance, but you should be able to stick with business casual men’s style picks most of the rest of the week.

In my experience, every guy can look great in well-fitting business casual pieces, like a subtle navy blazer and a well-fitting Oxford shirt and chinos.

And yet, when in doubt (as in, dressing for a wedding or another formal event), try to follow the provided dress code. The rest of the time? Business casual style is your best friend, and this is our guide on how to wear it well.

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