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17 Best Cozy House Slippers for Men

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated December 6, 2023

17 Best Cozy House Slippers for Men
Courtesy of Greats

For those days you plan to move from lounging on your couch to sitting on your deck enjoying a cup of coffee in the last rays of autumn sunlight, a great pair of slippers will come in handy.

There’s something wonderfully cozy about wearing slippers. Whether first thing in the morning or last thing at night, you slip your feet into a pair of slippers that keep your toes toasty warm. Plus, there’s a bit of arch support and cushioning to keep you comfortable as you move around your home.

Below, I’ve collected a list of the slippers I’ve loved and used over the years, along with a few that have caught my eye. Some are designed for indoor use exclusively, others for indoor and outdoor use.

Best Overall

The North Face Thermoball Traction Mule V

Why did I choose it?

Solid construction, a great brand, water resistance, ultra-cozy warmth and a grippy sole all come together to make this the perfect slipper for both house and camp.

Best Moc-style Slipper
EasyMoc Slipper

Best Wool Slipper
Greys Wool Outdoor Slipper

Best Leather Slipper
WP Standard Mr. Grumpy Leather Slippers

Warmest Slipper
UGG Ascot Slipper

Best Overall

The North Face Thermoball Traction Mule V


When the winter days get truly cold here in Canada, I want a bit more insulation to keep my feet toasty and warm. That’s exactly what The North Face Thermoball Traction Mule V slippers provide.

The synthetic ThermoBall Eco insulation integrated into the knitted upper functions just like down and traps body heat close to my skin. The recycled ripstop fabric upper is tough enough to stand up to chores around the house as well as puttering around my garage, and it’s finished with a DWR coating that shrugs off water, spills, and stains with ease.

Add to that a rubber outsole (made from 20% recycled materials) that offers excellent traction and a built-in footbed for extra cushioning, and they’re one of the most reliable, versatile, and comfortable house slippers I’ve found.

Best Moc-style Slipper

EasyMoc Slipper


With the EasyMoc Slipper, you can always dress smart, even in the comfort of your own home. This moccasin slipper is cut like your favorite pair of boat shoes, using Natural Chromexcel suede leather and an ultra-tough Vibram sole to protect your feet.

The suede leather will not be happy if it gets wet or snow-logged, so make sure to keep it indoors and out of the elements to keep them in tip-top shape. Around your house, you’ll feel comfortable doing any chore or task thanks to the built-in Ortholite Comfort Hybrid Recycled Footbed cushions.

Proudly support a US-made product (using only materials from the USA) and trust that it’s one you’ll continue using year after year.

Best Wool Slipper

Greys Wool Outdoor Slipper


You know how warm and cozy a good pair of woolen socks can be when the weather turns cold. Well, now imagine that instead of socks, it’s a pair of woolen slippers.

These Greys slippers are made using only premium quality wool for the upper, making it ultra-soft, insanely warm, but still offering excellent moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties.

The recycled rubber outsole provides good traction even on slippery surfaces, so you can walk to your mailbox or take out the garbage fully confident in your footing. Plus, the reinforced toe box prevents you from stubbing your toe and gives you a bit of extra padding to keep your feet comfortable. Once you slip on these handmade slippers, you’ll never want to take them off.

Best Leather Slipper

WP Standard Mr. Grumpy Leather Slippers


At the end of a long work day, I love stepping out of the shower, sliding on a pair of comfy woolen socks, and stepping into my WP Standard Mr. Grumpy Leather Slippers.

The full grain leather on the outside is gorgeous and durable, but the interior leather lining is soft against my feet and does an impressive job of keeping me warm even during the cooler months.

The rubber soles make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (easy for me to head to my mailbox across the street), and the addition of cushioning into the heel means I can wear them all day long without foot fatigue. They’re as handsome and comfortable a pair of slippers as I could ask for.

Warmest Slipper

UGG Ascot Slipper


If you want warm above all else, then you want UGGs. These Ascot Slippers are made with the same dyed sheep fur lining that put UGG boots on the map, but instead of being ankle-high boots, you get a stylish Ascot slipper that will make you look and feel like a true gentleman.

The shoe is made from a beautiful, sturdy leather that is suited only for indoor use (no getting it wet or snowy), but will grow more beautiful over time as it develops its unique patina. The rubber sole ensures your feet are always stable on any surface, no matter how slippery.

Baffin Cush


You’ve never seen a slipper quite like Baffin’s Cush. Designed to be a “sleeping bag for your feet”, these badass little slippers are the perfect winter outdoor wear, warm and sturdy enough to use when camping, ice fishing, or sledding in the snow.

The durable nylon bottoms will resist abrasions, rips, and the cold, while the soft nylon uppers with their insulation will ensure your feet stay warm even when the temperature plummets.

They’re useful for both indoor and outdoor use, and as long as they’re on your feet, you’ll never truly feel the cold.

Greats The Foster Slipper


Thanks to the cushioned leather footbed and natural rubber outsole, the Foster Slipper provides enough cushioning to protect your feet from the outdoors.

When the weather starts getting cold, the puffer jacket inspired upper is more than warm enough to shrug off the chill. Best of all, the mesh lining will keep your feet from overheating or getting too sweaty.

The nylon upper is made from recycled materials (carpet and fishing nets), so it’s an eco-friendly product you can be proud to purchase and wear.

OluKai Mua 'Ili Slipper


Give your feet a little vacation at home with these Hawaiian-made and inspired slippers. The Mua ‘Ili Slipper is easy to slip on and off at the end of a long day, and the shearling lining will be cloud-soft on your feet.

The wet-grip rubber outsole can handle outdoor jaunts or cleaning your house from top to bottom with equal efficiency.

Thanks to the full-grain leather upper, you’ll look truly stylish without ever having to get out of your pajamas. Plus, the more you use them, the more beautiful they’ll become as the leather develops its unique and luxurious patina.

Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling


You won’t find many sandals and slippers more comfortable than Birkenstocks, and few as warm as the Zermatt Shearling slippers.

The shoes are built using the anatomically shaped cork footbed we all know and love, which offers excellent cushioning and support for your feet, adapting to your unique physiology over time to become even more comfortable with regular use.

Thanks to the wool felt upper and shearling lining, your foot will be cozy even when the weather is cold. With the addition of a latex sole, you’ve got solid traction both indoors and outdoors. It’s a pair of slippers you’re all but guaranteed to love.

SUBU Indoor/Outdoor Packable Slippers


This pair of slippers offers you the one thing you never knew you wanted: packability. That’s right, you can throw these in your backpack, duffle bag, or suitcase and take them with you on any holiday, business trip, or family visit.

They’re designed to fold up small, and even include a nylon band that lets you store them in a folded-up position so you can stick them in any corner or crevice in your bag. But once unfolded, you’ll find the water-repellent Teflon-coated nylon upper, polyester insulation, plush faux-fur lining, four-layered cushioned insole, and rubber sole make for a truly game-changing pair of slippers you can wear both indoors and outdoors with equal comfort.

The North Face Nuptse Mule


If you’re the adventurous sort, you’ll be well and truly familiar with The North Face, a quality brand renowned for its sturdy sport-compatible wear. These slippers live up to the durability for which The North Face is known, but bring in enough comfort and warmth to make them a truly epic pair of slippers.

The slippers are insulated with 550 fill power RDS-certified goosedown, which is thick enough to shrug off the cold even if there’s snow on the ground or ice in the wind.

The durable rubber outsole not only offers good protection, but also provides amazing grip on wet or slippery surfaces.

The foldable heel lets you wear them both as shoes and slip-ons, and the webbing pull loops at the heel make it easy to pull them on and off. With its recycled ripstop upper, you can walk out into the snow or rain trusting the shoes will keep your feet dry.

Beckett Simonon Jones Slippers


Beckett Simonon makes luxury-quality footwear, but these Jones Slippers are surprisingly affordable. They’ll feel like an absolute splurge, though, thanks to the sleek and stylish pebbled leather upper, abrasion-resistant EVA sole, and cotton candy-soft fleece lining.

Slide in and out of these bad boys with ease, and kick your feet up at the end of a long day confident that you look great and feel cozy.



You won’t find many cozier pairs of slippers than these. Sanuk brings you something truly spectacular with the Cozy Vibe: a pair of slip-on style slippers that grip your heels just enough to make them feel like full shoes.

The eco-minded will love to hear that these shoes go full green in every way possible, using recycled materials like bio-based sugar cane EVA foam, recycled plastic, and renewable hemp. The woolen lining is beautifully soft and keeps your feet warm, while the plush footbed and sturdy sole offer cushioning enough for any indoor activity.

Birkenstock Boston Shearling


I love my Birks! As a good Canadian who wears sandals everywhere, Birkenstocks are my go-to brand for weekend footwear. And when winter sets in for real and temperatures start to plummet, I’ll exchange my sandals for these plush, fleece-lined slippers.

The Boston Shearling slippers have all the cushioning and support that makes Birks such versatile sandals, with the sturdy cork-latex footbed and EVA sole. However, they’re also lined with genuine shearling that is amazing for trapping in body heat and keeping the cold out.

The suede leather upper adds both durability and a touch of elegance that pair nicely with any jeans, pants, tracksuits, or slacks I wear around the house. As with all Birkenstocks, the German-made quality is undeniable—these truly are built to last you for at least ten winters. 

KuaiLu Sherpa-Lined Slippers


The KuaiLu slippers were built for big, heavy guys like me who want extra arch support and cushioning in their around-the-house shoes.

The combination of high-density memory foam and Yoga mat cushioning integrated into the insoles will make the shoes incredibly comfortable to walk around all day in or even to work on my feet for long hours like I do at my standing desk. They’re created to mold to the shape of your feet, cradling you so your feet stay firmly in place whatever you’re doing.

The non-scuff sole is compatible with any floor—from hardwood to vinyl to linoleum—and will be stiff and thick enough to provide a layer of protection between your feet and the floor. Thanks to their ultra-plush Sherpa lining, they’ll be velvety-soft on your skin and offer excellent insulation against the cold.

Ariat Lasso Square Toe Slipper


Ariat makes my favorite cowboy boots and work boots, so it came as no surprise that I fell instantly in love with their slippers.

These Square Toe slippers fit and feel similar to my favorite Ariat cowboy boots (the WorkHogs), thanks to their roomy forefoot and square toe. The genuine suede upper and detailed stitching give it that “Western” look that I love.

The EVA sole is compatible with both indoor and outdoor use, and the integrated foam footbed offers amazing cushioning. The heel pull tab and elastic stretch panels make it easy to pull these slippers on and off, but their enclosed design ensures they fit snugly on my feet and never slide around, no matter what I’m doing. Best of all, the single stitch welt finishing makes them as tough as my favorite cowboy boots.

Greys Insulated Summit Slipper


For those days you need to venture outside to fetch the paper or let out your pet, these are the slippers you’ll want to have waiting for you.

The textured rubber outsole is grippy, and will give you solid footing on icy, snowy, or wet surfaces. However, it’s non-marking so you can use it indoors trusting that they won’t scuff or stain your floor.

Pair that with a durable quilted-stitched nylon upper, synthetic insulation, and a cushy wool-lined insole, and you’ve got a pair of slippers that feel like magic on your feet.

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