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10 Best Leather Gloves for Men

By Andrew Peloquin  |  Updated December 4, 2023

10 Best Leather Gloves for Men
Courtesy of Brooks Brothers

There are certain indispensable everyday carry items you shouldn’t step out the door without (your wallet and your watch, for one), but we here at WERD say you should round out your winter ensemble with one other must-have.

A pair of leather gloves seems to be one of those accessories you don’t realize you need until, well, your digits are freezing from the winter cold. By then, it’s too late – shop carefully this winter. And yet, like most of our favorite menswear essentials, there’s a tricky line to toe as you select the best pair of leather gloves on the market.

  • Leather gloves are typically “form over function”. They’re not built for heavy-duty applications—you’d want a pair of work gloves for that. Leather gloves are intended to keep your hands warm while complementing your outfit.
  • Warmth comes from within. While leather does provide some insulation, typically the leather used for gloves is thin enough to be supple and flexible—ergo, too thin to really keep your hands warm. That’s why so many leather gloves are lined with fabrics: fleece, Sherpa, blanket, Merino, cashmere, etc.
  • “Leather” isn’t only cow-skin. Many leather gloves are made using sheep skin, lamb skin, deer skin, pig skin (suede), even synthetic “vegan leather” (a.k.a. polyurethane leather).

Those rugged, thick work gloves you trust on cold winter mornings in the garage aren’t quite as well-suited for the everyday – be it a dinner outing or your work commute – as more sleek, yet still warm, leather gloves.

With that baseline in mind, you should look for leather gloves that pair well with business casual attire, ideally in a versatile color like black or a deep brown (either should go with mostly anything in your wardrobe).

Added touches like thin wool interior lining or wool cuffs – with snaps at the wrist for a snug fit and maximum coverage – should round out your new favorite pair of winter gloves quite nicely.

Where to begin your search for a new accessories upgrade? Start with this WERD-approved list of the best leather gloves for men.

Best Overall Leather Gloves

Downholme Classic Leather Cashmere Lined Gloves

Why did I choose it?

Between the tough sheepskin leather exterior and pure cashmere inner lining, these gloves wear tough but feel heavenly on your hands. The more you wear them, the more supple and comfortable they will become as they mold to the unique contours of your fingers and palms.

Best Inexpensive Leather Gloves
ELMA Winter Leather Gloves

Best High-end Leather Gloves
Sunspel Deerskin Glove

Best Roper Gloves
Sullivan Deerskin Roper Lined Glove

Best Leather Gloves for Outdoor Chores
GIVE'R 4 Season Glove w/ Wax Coating

Best Overall Leather Gloves

Downholme Classic Leather Cashmere Lined Gloves


If you need a good pair of gloves or want a great gift for a man, these are an amazing choice.

The gloves are shipped in a gorgeous branded gift box, which makes the whole gift-giving process a lot easier. Whoever ends up using them, just know that these gloves will more than stand up to the rigors of daily life.

The sheepskin leather exterior is tough and durable, but will grow supple and flexible the more you use them. The leather will also develop a lovely patina with repeated use, so every scuff, scratch, and crease will only add to their unique look.

And once you feel that pure cashmere inner lining, you’ll wonder how they made this glove for such a low price.

Best Inexpensive Leather Gloves

ELMA Winter Leather Gloves


Bikers and car enthusiasts, these are the gloves for you. They’re cut specifically in the “driving gloves” style, meaning they’re slightly shorter on the cuff/lower hem so they display your watch (or smartwatch) clearly for all to see.

The combination of fleece and wool on the interior ensure that your hands stay warm even if you’re roaring down the road on a motorbike, and no wind will ever pierce the thick leather exterior. The gloves are specifically designed to wrap around a steering wheel or the handlebars of your bike, and stay securely in place on your hands over a long day of driving.

Take one look at that price tag, and you’ll agree they’re absolutely worth consideration.

Best High-end Leather Gloves

Sunspel Deerskin Glove


Keep these sleek, stylish Sunspel gloves in your coat pocket, and you’ll always have warmth and elegance within reach.

The gloves are made using deerskin “fabric”, which is softer and more pliable than deerskin, but still retains the unique grain and style. The interior is lined with ultra-luxurious cashmere that you can’t help but love.

The combination of fabrics ensure your hands stay warm but prevent the gloves from being overly bulky. Thanks to the elastic cuffs, the gloves will fit pretty much any wrist, and can be worn with any overcoat, jacket, or even a greatcoat.

Best Roper Gloves

Sullivan Deerskin Roper Lined Glove


The Sullivan Lined Glove is crafted in the classic “roper” style, the gloves typically used by cowboys to rope steer and herd cattle.

Made using American deerskin, it’s soft to the touch, very lightweight, but tough enough to be used as a work glove as well as a driving or motorcycle riding glove.

The natural abrasion resistance keeps it from breaking or wearing out, and the water-resistant properties of deerskin ensure it can stand up to rain, snow, or sleet. The inner lining makes it ideal for use from autumn to spring.

Every pair of gloves is made to order, cut and hand-sewn to your exact measurements for a precise, ultra-comfortable fit.

Best Leather Gloves for Outdoor Chores

GIVE'R 4 Season Glove w/ Wax Coating


This pair of leather gloves can do it all—and I mean that literally. They’re stylish enough to pair with a business outfit, comfortable enough to wear around town, but tough enough that you can use them for manual labor and chores around the farm.

The sturdy leather is reinforced with a wax coating that adds both durability and waterproofing, then lined with 40g thinsulate to ensure your hands are shielded from the cold.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Hipora fabric used as the inner lining is waterproof, so your hands will stay dry in a downpour, but it’s breathable enough you won’t overheat or be plagued by sweaty palms. The more you use them, the more they will conform to the contours of your hands, until they feel like a second skin.

Shinola x Geier Deerskin Lined Gloves


Leather-working masters Shinola have teamed up with the Geier Glove Company to produce this beautiful glove.

The gloves use deerskin rather than cow leather, but that makes them lighter, sleeker, and suppler. Their unisex cut makes them great for any outfit and style, and you’ll love the addition of the Shinola rivet on the cuff to add a touch of flair.

Thanks to the polypropylene lining, your hands will stay warm and protected all day long. Best of all, you can select from a wide range of half-sizes (.5 inches) to ensure you find the perfect fit for your unique hands.

Overland Noble Shearling-Lined Lambskin Leather Gloves


Overland is best-known for its sheepskin products, so it’s no surprise that their lambskin gloves make it onto this list of the “best of the best”.

The lambskin is soft and beautifully supple, and will only grow more soft the more you use them. Your fingers will be in heaven cradled in the shearling interior lining, which does an amazing job of protecting against both abrasion and the cold.

The cinched wrist is the perfect choice to not only keep the gloves securely on your hands, but also pulls them tight so you can slip them under your jacket, coat, or shirt cuff. Take them walking in the countryside, strolling along the boardwalk, or out for a drive—your hands will thank you.

Brooks Brothers Lambskin Cashmere Gloves


Brooks Brothers is famous around the world for its elegance and class, and they bring their A-game into the design of these gloves.

Made from lambskin, they’re sleek, stylish, and designed to fit just right. The more use you use them, the easier they will flex and conform to your unique hand shape, until they become so comfortable you almost forget you’re wearing them.

The cashmere inner lining makes you feel like you’re sliding your hand into cotton candy, and it’s both warming and ultra-sleek against your skin. For the price, you won’t find many better quality options—on this list or anywhere else.

Aspinal of London Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves


Slide these gloves onto your hands, and there’s no winter chill that can touch you. The exterior is made with a sturdy and stylish napa leather, but it’s the cashmere interior lining that’s so game-changing.

Ultra-soft, breathable, and luxurious, it feels like a cloud against your skin and does an amazing job of trapping in warmth to protect against the cold. Wear them while driving, commuting, walking around town, or heading in and out of the office—they’re as versatile as they are stylish, and supremely comfortable to boot.

Dents Esher Wool Lined Touchscreen Leather Gloves


Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got a pair of leather gloves designed specifically for guys who need quick and easy access to their phones.

The leather finger pads allow you to use your smartphone, tablet, or any touchscreen device without ever removing the gloves, perfect for shooting off a quick email, taking a call, or answering a text while keeping your hands warm.

The leather is “hairsheep leather”, which is smoother than most other leather types, and features a silky and stylish pig suede exterior that adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the gloves. Best of all, the interior is lined with pure wool, so your hands are guaranteed to stay warm and dry all day long.

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