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November is National Diabetes Month at

November is National Diabetes Month

Diabetes is everywhere …. someone you know, your mom, your best-friend’s kid, maybe even yourself??

You know the drill … eat better, exercise, watch your weight … but it’s hard, really hard.

Thankfully, we’re here to help.

For Good Measure blends diabetes with culinary inspiration. Low-carb cuisine that’s simple to prepare and amazing on the palate. Check it out, tell your mom, open up that refrigerator, and create something nourishing that will also keep the doctor off your back.

This is The Secret to the Easiest Thanksgiving Ever at

This is The Secret to the Easiest Thanksgiving Ever

Here’s how you can eat like a king on Thanksgiving but not spend endless hours in a completely destroyed kitchen. This recipe for a sheet pan Thanksgiving dinner for two looks about as easy as it sounds, and cooks everything together—turkey and all the fixins, on a single sheetpan. Try it. You’ll be giving thanks afterwards for minimal clean up.

Build Your Own Ultimate Breakfast Burger at

Build Your Own Ultimate Breakfast Burger

This recipe is proof positive that a “breakfast burger” is not just an odd-hours meal for hungry jetlaggers or graveyard shift zombies. Not even close. It’s a gourmet burger that blends a lean beef burger & an over-easy egg with applewood smoked bacon & BBQ sauce jam. Actually, it sorta sounds like dinner to us.

Baked Crispy Cajun Chicken Wings at

Baked Crispy Cajun Chicken Wings

Yes, you’ll need nachos, maybe some sliders, pizza & of course lots of ice-cold dad sodas but how about cooking up something new on Super Bowl Sunday? Like, Baked Crispy Cajun Chicken Wings with pineapple glaze. Sounds good & gourmet, right? Well, it is. And better yet, the recipe is pretty simple. Put on your apron & go for the Extra Point.

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Mini Tortilla Pizzas at

Mini Tortilla Pizzas

With rare exceptions, we can pretty much all agree that any pizza is good pizza.  Mini tortilla pizza most certainly is. It’s finger-food size, so easy to hold in one hand with a beer in the other. Making them is easy, too. 4 ingredients are all you need: tortillas, sauce, cheese, & pepperoni. Wanna add something else?  Do it.

Newcastle Brown Ale Chili at

Newcastle Brown Ale Chili

Generally speaking, homemade chili is pretty simple to make. All the ingredients go into one pot, add spices, and just let it do its thing. This recipe ups the ante with the addition of a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale, which is proven to give the flavor of chili a little extra snap.

Beer Roasted Nuts at

Beer Roasted Nuts

Beer. It truly does makes everything better. And if you’re having a few, you’ll need some snacks. We found an easy way for you to fortify that bowl of mixed nuts on the bar with some home-cooked craft and flavor: Coat them with a mixture of boiled molasses and your favorite ale & throw them in the oven to get glazed.

Pizza Bombs at

Pizza Bombs

With a name like this, what more do you need to know? Ok, specifics: Pizza Bombs are easy to make at home using simple ingredients: white bread, pepperoni, & mozz. Once you form your batch of bombs, you drop ’em into boiling oil, then serve with pizza sauce.

Bourbon Molasses Wings at

Bourbon Molasses Wings

The Superbowl came & went but food blogger & father Matt Robinson is always creating new ways to make real food for real men. His bourbon molasses wings are but one example of his many savory, homegrown recipes that employ fresh ingredients and simple strategies for making great meals & snacks, no matter who’s playing on Sunday.

Breakfast Sushi at

Breakfast Sushi

Could you eat sushi for breakfast? Maybe if it was this Breakfast Sushi, which doesn’t contain rice or fish or seaweed but instead, a mixture of eggs, cheese, & tater tots wrapped in bacon. Yes you would.