35 Perfect Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men in 2022

By Staff Writers  |  Updated November 10, 2022

35 Perfect Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men in 2022

Sadly, it can feel like stocking stuffers for men are thrown together as an afterthought. You know what I’m talking about: dollar store headphones, a backup power cable, colorful socks, a necktie…boring.

This year, show the man in your life how much you care. Below, we’ve gathered a list of items small enough to fit in his stocking, but which prove that you’re thinking of him beyond the basics. They’re more than just a Christmas appetizer; done right, they can be the main course.

If you want to expand your search beyond what we feature here, focus on some of our other stocking-size lists of the best, including pocket knives, small flashlights, apple watch bands, carabiner keychains, minimalist wallets, bottle openers, and everyday carry tools.

The Clark Fork Copper Flask is Wrapped in Premium Horween Leather

Clark Fork Copper Flask


For those camping, hunting, or snowboarding trips, you’ll want to keep this flask close at hand. It’s built from copper-coated stainless steel, combining durability and eye-catching style into one masterpiece of metalwork. But then it goes a step farther by wrapping the entire flask in premium Horween leather etched with the brand’s logo and sinew-stitched to ensure it always stays firmly in place. The more you use it, the more the copper and leather will patina, becoming more beautiful with every passing year. Thanks to its six-ounce capacity, you’ve got enough to share with all the fellas. Makes a great gift for a man who enjoys indulging in the finer things.

The Palmer is a Classic Utility Knife with a Killer Design

The Palmer Utility Knife


Here’s a beautifully designed and ultra-portable box cutter. The Palmer is designed to fit comfortably into even small pockets, or you can attach it to your key ring or a lanyard for more convenient carry. It nestles in the palm of your hand for easier wielding and allows you to extend/retract the blade quickly using just your thumb. The anodized aluminum handle is insanely tough, capable of shrugging off water damage and scuffs.     When the time comes to swap out the blade, you’ll find it’s a no-hassle, tool-free job that takes just a few seconds thanks to the Palmer’s patent-pending mechanism. Best of all, you can swap out the blade for the standard utility blades you can find in any hardware store, so you can travel with the Palmer in your pocket (sans blade) and replace the blade at your destination. Now that’s everyday carry convenience and comfort you can love.  

The Stitchless Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet has a Snappy Magnetic Closure

Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet


Get rid of your old, worn-out, bulky wallet, and streamline your EDC carry with this classy Bellroy wallet. The Apex Slim Sleeve is perfect for guys who just want to carry the basics: a few credit cards, a couple of IDs, and a bit of cash for emergencies. Not only is it sized to hold 6-8 cards, but it comes with a cash pocket for a few bills and a built-in RFID blocker. The wallet is made using environmentally certified leather that is joined together using heat-bonding, which produces a bond just as sturdy as stitching but with far less bulk. It’s also pre-molded so there’s no need to break it in, easily opened and closed thanks to the magnetic snap closures, and guaranteed tough. Now that’s a wallet you can love.  

Screwpop’s Magnetic Toolkey is a 15-in-1 Multi-tool

Screwpop Magnetic Toolkey


This little EDC tool is just 0.125 inches thick and weighs just .65 ounces, but it comes with a plethora of useful tools: a serrated edge cutter, imperial and metric rulers, wire stripper, quarter-inch wrench, can opener, slotted and Philips head screwdrivers, 180-degree protractor, bike spoke key, bottle opener, fine file edge, and four-sized closed wrench. There’s also an integrated neodymium magnet so you can store the key on your fridge, toolbox, or even the side of your car. Now that’s a handy multi-tool you’ll be more than happy to carry around everywhere you go.  

GIVE’R Four Season Glove Can Handle Both Hot & Cold Situations

GIVE’R Four Season Glove


Wear these gloves for any chore and on any job site, all year round, and your hands will stay toasty warm & protected. The gloves are made from tough leather produced by Pakistani master leather-workers, after which they’re sent to Wyoming to be hand-treated with a special waterproof wax coating that shrugs off rain and wet. The interior is lined with 40g Thinsulate insulation that will keep out the cold but still allow decent breathability for your hands. The ribbed cuff not only improves the fit, but adds an extra layer of warmth beneath your long-sleeved shirt or jacket. They’re designed for four-season use, and they’re durable enough to handle anything you throw at them. Once they’re properly broken in, they’ll quickly become the most comfortable and best-loved pair of gloves you’ll ever own.

The Slyde King Flashlight Slides Open to Reveal an LED Work Light

Slyde King Flashlight


This LED flashlight is designed to make your life easier, safer, and more convenient. Not only is it a flashlight, but it can be pulled open and transformed into a work light perfect for use on any DIY task or job site. The magnetized base lets you work hands-free, and you’ll find the battery life is good enough (2-12 hours for the flashlight, 4-24 hours for the work light) to keep up with whatever job you’re doing without needing frequent re-charging. However, when the time comes to charge, the USB-C port cuts down on how long it takes for the built-in battery to be tanked up and ready for work. The flashlight generates up to 2,000 lumens, and the work light up to 500 lumens. The light comes with four modes, a 4X twist zoom (to let you switch from floodlight to spotlight), a battery level indicator, and a rubberized grip that keeps it securely in your hands even if you’re working in wet or muddy conditions. Add to that IP67 waterproof rating and a body made from aircraft grade aluminum, and you’ve got a truly functional, durable flashlight you’ll use for years to come.

This Titanium Multifunction Carabiner has a Decent Flashlight Built-in

Multifunction Carabiner with a Flashlight Built-in


Clip this badass little accessory to your belt or keychain to be prepared for anything. First off, it’s an ultra-tough carabiner made from titanium, meaning it’s strong enough to hold your keys and tools anywhere you go. It’s also got a built-in LED flashlight capable of generating up to 360 lumens, with four lighting modes plus a strobe function that turns it into a useful self-defense tool (along with a bottom bezel that can be used as knuckle-dusters). It even serves as a bottle opener, is IPX5 waterproof rated, and impact-resistant up to 1.5 meters. Thanks to its built-in lithium battery, it’s easily charged and delivers surprisingly good battery life for such a compact device.

Less Bulky, Still Smart: Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon

Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon


Oura brings a brand new level of innovation and style to its smart ring, finally achieving that perfectly smooth, round look that we’ve all been waiting for. It looks and wears just like any modern wedding band, but wait until you see just how many features the tiny gadget packs—including built-in LED sensors, IR RPG sensor, and skin temperature sensors that monitor everything from stress to sleep quality to heart rate to blood oxygen levels. All the data it collects is relayed via Bluetooth to your smartphone app and displayed on the companion app. It’s also compatible with Google Fit, Strava, and Apple Health. Weighing in at less than 6 grams, it’s made from ultra-tough titanium (waterproof up to 100 meters) with beautiful rose gold, silver, black, and stealth black finishes. All this, and a seven day battery life? Yes, please.  

Second Generation AirFly Turns any 3.5 Audio Jack into a Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter

AirFly Turns any 3.5 Audio Jack into a Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter


The second-gen AirFly device steps its functionality and versatility up a notch, cementing its place as one of the best AirPods add-ons around. Plug this clever gadget into any 3.5mm jack on any device—be it old iPod, a treadmill, an airplane entertainment system, or a gaming rig with no Bluetooth compatibility—and AirFly will let you connect your wireless earbuds in an instant. Not only is the second-gen model smaller than the original, but it packs a longer battery life (20 hours) and features a battery life indicator to let you know when it’s time to re-charge. Best of all, it retails at a lower price than the original.  

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II


Bose takes a swing at the title of “best noise canceling earbuds” with the QuietComfort II, and I’ll admit, they come darned close to earning it. Beautifully small (33% smaller than the QuietComfort originals) and lightweight (just 6 grams per bud), the earbuds nestle comfortably in your ears and feature eartips and stability bands that can be adjusted for a perfect fit. The CustomTune sound calibration not only maximizes active and passive noise canceling, but guarantees a “bespoke” sound output based on the acoustic response of your specific ear canal. The earbuds are constantly analyzing your environment and adapting its active noise canceling via the one internal and three external microphone arrays. With 6 hours of battery life plus three full charges from the case, you’ve got enough juice to last (literally) an entire day. Using these headphones in tandem with the Bose Music control app makes it easy to adjust the EQ, raise and lower noise-cancellation, and access additional features so you can customize your sound just the way you like it.

Stow Your Cards and Cash in the Zip Pouch from Alpaka

Zip Pouch from Alpaka


Carry this little pouch on your person (or in your bag) at all times to ensure your most valuable items are secure and close at hand. The pouch acts like a wallet and is sized to hold up to 12 cards, as well as a bit of cash and a spare SIM card for your smartphone. It’s made using a weatherproof, carbon-neutral exterior fabric and a ripstop nylon interior that will shrug off water. Integrated into the pouch is RFID-blocking to protect your cards against theft. Secure it inside your backpack or briefcase using the HUB Keychain (sold separately) so you’ll never have to worry about losing it, no matter how crazy your next adventure becomes. via  

Gerber Dibs is a Pocketable Fixed-Blade Knife

Gerber Dibs Pocketable Fixed-Blade Knife


The Dibs by Gerber combines the compact size of a folding knife with the sturdy frame of a fixed-blade knife, putting in your hands a truly versatile and reliable tool. The full tang makes this knife suitable for prying and leveraging, improving its balance and durability, but at just under 6 inches long, it’s small enough to fit in the provided sheath on your belt. The blade is on the shorter side—just 2.5 inches—yet clip point makes it beautifully versatile for cutting, gutting, skinning, and slicing. The PVD coating on both the blade and handle ensures it’s resistant to corrosion, and the knife is backed by Gerber’s limited lifetime warranty.  

Protect Your Gen 3 AirPods with the Twelve South AirSnap

Twelve South AirSnap Gen 3


Keep your AirPods safe and close at hand with the AirSnap. Designed specifically for the 3rd Gen AirPods, the AirSnap serves as both a charging case and a way to ensure you never lose your AirPods. The case comes with an integrated steel S-clip that makes it easy to attach to your backpack, pouch, or keychain, or you can use the “wristlet” lanyard to keep it close to your hands at all times. The exterior is made with tough-and-rugged premium top-grain leather, and features a sturdy snap that will keep the case closed no matter how active you are. The case won’t interfere with wireless charging and has an opening for you to connect the AirPods case to a USB charger. Available in three colors (brown, black, and mauve), it’s a stylish upgrade to your on-the-go gear.

AOHI Magcube 40W Foldable Charger Optimizes Charging for Two Devices

AOHI Magcube 40W Foldable Charger for Two Devices


Say goodbye to bulky, chunky chargers, and say hello to one of the most portable power solutions around. This AOHI Magcube charger is designed with foldable plug prongs that make it delightfully compact, sized just right to fit in any pouch, backpack, or briefcase. It’s capable of supporting up to 40W fast-charging for laptops, tablets, and smartphones, with dual USB-C ports that optimizes power supply to your devices to ensure the most efficient charge time. Thanks to the integrated PI technology, your devices are protected while plugged in, and the charger even auto-adjusts output power according to which device is connected.

The WUBEN G2 is a Bright Little EDC Keychain Light

WUBEN G2 EDC Keychain Light


Carry this tiny light on your keychain, and you’ll never be stuck in the dark. With an output of 500 lumens (easily as bright as any light bulb in your house), it’s the perfect compact flashlight to take camping, use around the house, even crawl under your car to check your oil with. The five settings (ranging from soft “moon” to ultra-bright “Turbo”) let you choose just how bright you want the light to shine, and extends the life of the 28mAh battery to up to 70 hours of continuous run-time. It weighs just 28 grams, attaches to your keychain, and is easily charged via USB-C to ensure shorter charge time and greater power. This is an ultra-convenient little addition to your EDC loadout.

Nomad & Orbitkey Collaborate on the Leather Key Organizer

Nomad & Orbitkey Leather Key Organizer


Stay organized in style with the Nomad Key Organizer. Designed in collaboration with Orbitkey, this handy little device is the perfect solution for keeping all of your keys neatly together and always handy. The key-holder is sized perfectly for all key-hole sizes, and it will hold anywhere from 2-7 keys, including car keys and key fobs. The strap is made from beautiful Horween leather that develops a gorgeous patina as it ages, growing more beautiful the more you use it. And thanks to the PVD-coated stainless steel D-ring at the end, it’s easy to secure it to your belt, vest, or backpack for every day carry. via

This Multifunctional Pen Does Plenty More than Just Paperwork

Multifunctional Pen


DIYers and handymen are guaranteed to love this little multi-tool—a pen that is just so much more. In addition to a ballpoint pen, it’s also a Philips and flathead screwdriver, a 10 cm/4 inch ruler, a spirit level, and a touchscreen stylus. Thanks to its built-in pocket clip, you can keep it tucked safely into your shirt pocket or easily handy in your pants pocket. It includes 3 additional refills so you’ve got backups in case the pen starts running dry. It’s super-tough and ultra-handy—the pen you’ll always carry around and keep close-at-hand for those in-the-moment home improvements.

überleben Tindår Wick & Bellow Makes Fire-Starting a Snap

überleben Tindår Wick & Bellow Fire Starter


Sick and tired of struggling to get your campfire lit? You’ll never have to worry about it again with this fire-starting kit in your pack. The paraffin wax-infused hemp catches a spark instantly, but doesn’t burn through in minutes like regular rope. Instead, thanks to the wax, it acts more like a candle wick, burning for an hour or more—plenty of time to set it to your kindling to get that flame roaring. Though it’s only 6mm thick, it’s 13 feet long, so you’ve got hours of burn-time to look forward to. The included sleeve makes it easy to snuff out the flame or let it burn longer, staying cool to the touch even after close contact with a blazing fire. Best of all, the box doubles as a bellows, making it easier than ever to get that campfire started in even the worst weather conditions.

Marshall Introduces the Willen Ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker

Marshall Willen Ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker


When you think Marshall, you instantly think of guitar and bass amps famous for their smooth, crisp, high-quality sound. Well, now you get that same sound from your favorite music player, but you can ditch the messy tangle of guitar cables and go wireless via Bluetooth. The Willen is Marshall’s most compact portable speaker to date. IP67 dust- and water-resistance allow you to take it anywhere.  As expected, Marshall delivers warm tones, dynamic highs, and solid bass that keeps you moving and grooving with any beat. Not only does the Marshall Bluetooth app let you stream music directly to the speakers, but you can actually pair multiple speakers to give you that “big stack” sound you want. With more than 15 hours per charge, it’s a listening experience guaranteed to take your music to the next level.

Be Prepared for Anything and Everything with the VSSL Essentials Collection

VSSL Essentials Kits


These kits are designed to be ultra-portable and tough enough to withstand literally anything—from a boat capsize to an avalanche—but contain all the survival tools you need for your camping, hiking, trekking, and mountaineering adventures. Hyper-tough rope, razor-sharp blades, fishing line and hooks, first aid supplies, fire starters, and survival gear, these kits have it all. You’ll become a prepared outdoorsman in no time with these fellas in your back pocket.

Very Handy: Gentlemen’s Hardware Manicure Set

Gentlemen's Hardware Travel Manicure Set


With the manicure set from Gentlemen’s Hardware, your nail grooming regime gets a welcomed upgrade. Neatly packaged in a fabric case, it contains a complete set of stainless steel tools that includes nail clippers, nail scissors, tweezers and a nail file.

Gerber Devour Titanium is a Camp Kitchen Essential

Gerber Devour Titanium Camp Kitchen Essential


Gerber’s award-winning Devour eating utensil got a Titanium upgrade that makes it even lighter and stronger than ever. Featuring the same 9 functions that made the original so popular, the Devour Titanium is a one-tool solution for camp cooking, eating, and cleaning. It snaps together for secure, compact portability & each tool also works independently.

Clean Carry: Bellroy Key Case

Bellroy Key Case


Offering sleek, bundled storage for 3-5, Bellroy’s Key Case features a unique flipper mechanism that ejects keys one-handed while keeping them secure on a detachable cord loop for a car key or fob. The exterior is smooth, eco-tanned leather finish & the hardware is stainless steel. Choose from 5 colors.

By the Numbers: Acebeam Rider RX 650 Lumens Flashlight

Acebeam Rider RX 650 Lumens Flashlight


The numbers tell you all you need to know about this little badass. The Acebeam Rider RX is a compact & waterproof EDC flashlight that delivers 650 lumens of bright-white light that it can throw into a 300-foot beam. It’s got 5 power modes. 2-way clip. Max run-time: up to 7 days. Weight: 82 grams.

Garmin inReach Mini 2 Keeps You Connected Farther Off the Grid

Garmin inReach Mini 2


The inReach Mini 2 is a 2-way emergency comms beacon designed to keep you connected in the most remote corners of the world. It tracks with not just GPS but GALILEO, QZSS and BeiDou satellite networks. Users can send SOS to Garmin’s 24/7 professionally-staffed International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) & the device can also pair wirelessly with your phone via Bluetooth or ANT+. Sat subscription required.

Bag Not Forgotten: The Droplet Stuff Sack from Matador

Droplet Water-Resistant Stuff Sack


The Droplet stuff stack is big enough for a few items from the market; a wet swimsuit, or to handle all the junk packed in your pockets. But when you’re not using it, the water-resistant sack stuffs into a convenient silicone keychain case. And that way, it stays handy.

Gain New Power: Baseus GaN III Charger

Baseus USB-C Charging Station


Equipped with 3 fast charging ports & 2 outlets, this 65W USB-C GaN III charger can power up 6 devices simultaneously. In addition to powering your Macbook & most other laptops, it’ll do the same for iPhone, iPad, Samsung smartphones, bluetooth earphones, e-readers, portable speakers, and everything else in your life powered by a USB cord.

Just Write: The Kepler Pen

Craighill Kepler Pen


For those who prefer putting pen to paper, the push-button Kepler ballpoint from Craighill is a refined writing instrument; a supple metal stylus that utilizes standard Schmidt 635 ink refills. With its sculptural lines and ergonomic feel, it just feels right in your hand. Choose from brass, stainless steel, and PVD black-coated stainless steel finish.

For Better Phone Photos, Pull Out the Pocket Tripod PRO

Pocket Tripod PRO


You’d probably carry a tripod if it fit in your wallet, right? Okay, well the Pocket Tripod PRO does. It’s the size of a credit card and twice as thick, so it slides right into your pocket or wallet. And despite its small size, it delivers all the essential functions you’d expect from a full-size tripod: Carbon fiber legs, angle indicator, soft-contact grip, and fluid tilt adjustment.

Mophie’s 3-in-1 Travel Charger Takes MagSafe Power To-Go

Mophie 3-in-1 Travel Charger


Available exclusively through the Apple Store, Mophie’s latest MagSafe compatible charger is a portable, 3-in-1 folding design made to charge up up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once, delivering 15W of output. When not in use, it folds flat into a handy folio. Recharge via USB-C.

The G5 Field Wallet is a Pocket Pelican Case

Pelican G5 Field Wallet


With its Aircraft-grade aluminum shell and RFID Blocking barrier, Pelican’s G5 Personal Utility RF Field Wallet keeps your cards, cash, and small EDC items safe, secure and accessible at all times. The case is Crushproof & Waterproof with an IP67 rating for submersion at 1 meter for 30 minutes. Lifetime guarantee.

The Douk-Douk is an International EDC Classic

Douk-Douk Pocket Knife


With eye-catching etching on its 3 1/18th inch stainless steel blade, the French-made Douk-Douk folder is a do-it-all pocket knife that soldiers in the French Foreign Legion have been carrying for more than 70 years.

Don’t Blow It, Get the PurePort Multi-Tool Kit

PurePort Multi-Tool Phone Cleaner Kit


Quit blowing into it. It’s not working. If you’re ready to handle sketchy ports and lint-laden iPhone plugs properly, the PurePort Multi-Tool kit has all the tools you need. With this clever tool you can easily clean & repair iPhone and iPad ports, cables and all connectors—remove lint, dust, & dirt safely and correctly to fix unreliable charging and poor connections.

This Magnetic LED Light is The Bomb

STKR Concepts Magnetic Light Mine


With a design that looks like a little explosive mine, this hands-free magnetic task light sticks to metal at any angle, providing bright LED when & where you need it most. Roughly the size of a golf ball, it gets into tight spots your other lights won’t and carries easily on your keyring or sticks to your toolbox where it’s easy to reach.

Keep Small Stuff Safe in This Watertight EDC Capsule

Dango Capsule Mini


Dango’s Capsule Mini is an ideal EDC storage solution that will keep those small essentials close at hand. CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum this slender, watertight, & food-grade screw-top tube is the perfect vessel for tiny items you need to keep protected. It’s 2.5 long & .25” in diameter and features a lanyard loop or keyring loop on the lid. Available in stain silver or black.

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