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ENO’s SkyLoft Hammock is Better than a Giant Taco at

ENO’s SkyLoft Hammock is Better than a Giant Taco

We’re swinging right into prime hammock season, so the timing is perfect for the ENO SkyLoft. This hammock eliminates the common “taco” effect of a gathered-end hammock by using spreader bars to create a truly flat surface. No backaches or hunched shoulders when you wake up from your siesta. At 3 pounds, plus the weight of accessories like a bug net & rainfly, the SkyLoft is really meant for car camping & backyard chilling rather than the backcountry.

Hydro Hammock at

Hydro Hammock

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A combination hot tub & hammock, the Hydro Hammock also works as a portable hot tub liner for sand or snow, a hammock waterbed, and swinging pool. Let that all sink in. It’s got a water heating system that hooks up simply with your garden hose or it can draw water from a stream or lake.

Snugpack Hammock Cocoon at

Snugpack Hammock Cocoon

The compression of your sleeping bag and clothing against the tension of the hammock can make you chilly. The Hammock Cocoon solves that problem. It encases your entire hammock with layers of Travelsoft insulation—this not only reduces compression but keeps you warmer and even reduces wind chill. Made of anti-bacterial fabric it stores in a compact compression stuff sack & weighs just 6 pounds.

TREEO is a Hammock and a Couple Other Things at

TREEO is a Hammock and a Couple Other Things

The TREEO is a 3-in-1 hammock that easily transforms from a hammock to a beach blanket to a rain fly, all by pulling the quick draw cord system. With a kit that includes tree straps, stakes, and guy lines, it’s like the Swiss Army Knife of hammocks, giving you lots of options for all your outdoor excursions. Made of triple-stitched ripstop nylon, it features taped seams, and rain-proof PU 2000 coating. A funded Kickstarter.

Kammok Introduces 4-Season Mantis Camping Hammock at

Kammok Introduces 4-Season Mantis Camping Hammock

The all-in-one Mantis hammock tent from Kammok gives intrepid tree dwellers they need for camping up off the ground, all year round. This lightweight versatile hammock is equipped with customizable features for every season: an insect net, rainfly, and a winter barrier. Smaller than your sleeping bag and lighter than a 1-person tent, it is designed to keep things light & fast for those minimalist strike missions or longer backpacking trips when every ounce of weight makes the difference. Another funded Kickstarter.

Serac Sequoia XL Wide Camping Hammock at

Serac Sequoia XL Wide Camping Hammock

The doublewide Sequoia XL hammock is wider and longer than most and includes two 6-foot tree straps & aluminum carabiners for quick set-up. 10 anchor points allow you control height & slack while giving you maximum space in the hammock. The whole system stuffs neatly into an attached compression sack for easy portability.

This Hammock Just Turned Up The Heat at

This Hammock Just Turned Up The Heat

The Premus camping hammock from Swayy solves one of the most common problems of sleeping in a hammock: cold butt syndrome. Its design uses 3 layers of material and Primaloft insulation to eliminate cold spots and keep you cozy. At just 5.1 pounds it weighs less than most 1-person camp sleep systems.

Hangout Anywhere with Kammok’s Swiftlet Hammock Stand at

Hangout Anywhere with Kammok’s Swiftlet Hammock Stand

From the park to your patio, Kammok’s Swiftlet hammock stand is the perfect place to hang. Hammock at the beach, campout, or tailgate with no trees needed. Use it in lounge or chair mode with all Kammok model hammocks and most others. This portable, aluminum tube-framed stand weighs just 15 pounds and breaks down to fit easily in your trunk with its handy travel bag.

This Folding Hammock Sets Up Anywhere at

This Folding Hammock Sets Up Anywhere

With this hammock, no trees are needed. The Mock One folding hammock sets up easily and can even double as a legit overnight shelter, complete with mosquito mesh netting and a weatherproof rainfly. It will hold up to 250-pounds and accommodate people up to 6’5”. It weighs just 16-pounds, making it perfect for car-camping or bikepacking missions.

Nube Stratos Modular Hammock Shelter at

Nube Stratos Modular Hammock Shelter

The Stratos is a fresh take on a hammock-style camping shelter. It’s lightweight & modular with a two-layered system to keep weather out & insects out while providing dry storage for up to 100lbs. of gear. The system consists of the Stratos Fly, which offers extreme wind and rain protection and the Stratos Shield, a zippered mesh cover that offers insect protection & gear storage beneath your hammock. via

Kammok’s Sunda 2.0 is the Ultimate Tent-Hammock at

Kammok’s Sunda 2.0 is the Ultimate Tent-Hammock

When it comes to versatile sleep shelters, Kammok can really hang. Their new Sunda 2 is a ground-to-air tent, a lightweight and durable re-design of their original tent-hammock. Merging a freestanding 2-person tent and 1-person all-in-one hammock tent into a single shelter, this new model features an integrated rainfly, waterproof bathtub floor & sets up faster and easier, boasting 8 feet in length for the tallest campers and 40” height for comfortable sitting inside. A funded Kickstarter.

Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad at

Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad

Trying to wedge a standard sleeping pad into your hammock is far from ideal. But the Hammock V sleeping pad is. It’s purpose-built, with coated non-slip zones so it stays put, a V-Chamber design that limits air movement, and a shape wraps around your body to keep the cold from creeping in from below. Weighs just 27 ounces & inflates with 15-20 breaths.

The Koala is a Hammock & Camp Chair In One at

The Koala is a Hammock & Camp Chair In One

The hammock craze shows no sign of slowing down and we can totally hang with that. The latest standout is the Koala from Crua Outdoors. The design allows you set-up in the normal lie-flat position or configure it for sitting up as well as offering weatherproof protection day or night. To go from laying to seated position requires the use of the 3rd anchor strap and simply pulling the strap to raise into the desired seating position. Then just kick back and chill.

This Camping Hammock Sleeps Two, If You Can Hang at

This Camping Hammock Sleeps Two, If You Can Hang

Designed to sleep two campers comfortably, the Vertex Double Person hammock from Clark Outdoor is built around a patented system that provides independent suspension for two beds in one enclosure. It features fully zippered no-see-um netting for easy entrance/exit from both sides, plus an insulating layer of breathable nylon for extra protection. A fully waterproof rain fly is sold separately.

Jammock Hammock at

Jammock Hammock

It turns your truck bed or Jeep roll cage into a place to hang out. The American-made Jammock is a hammock for your vehicle made out of 1000 Denier Cordura. In your Jeep Wrangler (1987 to present YJ, TJ, JK, JKU) it offers shade and/or rooftop seating. In your pickup (fits most) it will keep cargo secure & provide a nice place to nap.

Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock at

Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock

Sea To Summit’s Ultralight is the world’s lightest hammock. It is made with Nylon 66 monofilament fabric resulting in its featherweight 4.9-ounce weight yet it’s strong enough to support a 300-pound camper. Hardware is made of 6061 aluminum and all seams and loops are optimized for durability. Its integrated stuff sack is designed space to store your suspension straps. Available March 2017.

The Haven Hammock Tent is Better for Your Back at

The Haven Hammock Tent is Better for Your Back

Combining the features of a camping hammock with the comfort of a flat, cushy bed, the one-person Haven Tent is suspended above the ground with a single anchor-point on each tree and has an inflatable mattress inside that keeps you from rolling up like a burrito. The whole weatherproof system weighs under 5-pounds, making it a great option for both backpacking & car camping. A funded Kickstarter.