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This Travel Mug Keeps Things Heated at

This Travel Mug Keeps Things Heated

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Brew it, boil it, reheat it. Whatever you need, the Cauldryn Travel Coffee Mug keeps things toasty. It’s a rechargeable battery-powered vacuum bottle that you program—via app or on the mug itself, to hit the perfect temperature all the way up to a boil; and it maintains that temp all day long. Plug it in to its power coaster, your car’s 12V power supply or run it off the battery, either way, your coffee will always be perfecto.

BRuX Coffee Maker Mug at

BRuX Coffee Maker Mug

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If your favorite cup o’ Joe is a pour-over you brew yourself, the BRuX coffee mug will be your go-to when you’re on-the-go. It’s a vacuum-insulated 20-ounce steel mug & self-contained brew system with a standard cone coffee filter holder that nests inside. Pop in a filter, add coffee & water. Done.

This Insulated Smart Mug Won’t Leave You Lukewarm at

This Insulated Smart Mug Won’t Leave You Lukewarm

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For home, office, or in the car, the Jül mug keeps your drinks hot from the first sip to the last drop. By simply twisting the base of the mug your drink will heat up & maintain the prefect temp from 120º to 150º. When your desired temp is reached, it lights up. A 2A plug-in USB coaster provides the power.

Topo Designs Mug at

Topo Designs Mug

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This mug from Colorado-based backpack & outdoor brand Topo Designs, features a stackable, double-wall insulated design, perfect for keeping 8-ounces of hot morning Joe or iced afternoon bourbon at prime sipping temperature.

Hot Coffee 24/7: The Ember Ceramic Mug at

Hot Coffee 24/7: The Ember Ceramic Mug

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The 10-ounce Ember ceramic mug keeps your coffee and tea at exactly the temp you like it. Controlled by a dedicated app, it allows you to remotely control and adjust temps as well as offering presets for your favorite drinks from 120º – 145º. It charges on its ceramic coaster and is IPX7 rated to be fully submersible for cleaning.

MyMug is the Last Mug You’ll Ever Need at

MyMug is the Last Mug You’ll Ever Need

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Buy one and done. That’s the thinking behind this ridiculously over-designed mug that will most likely outlive you. The American-made MyMug is made of an advanced composite that’s indestructible and to prove it, they come with a 100-year guarantee. Available in stackable 4, 8, 12, & 16 ounce sizes, they are insulated, microwave & dishwasher safe, and made with 100% FDA–approved & BPA-free materials. A funded Kickstarter.

Yecup 365 at

Yecup 365

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With the ability to heat your warm coffee up to steaming hot—158º or room-temp water to crisp & cold—50º the Yecup 365 travel mug is not just “smart” it’s truly functional. It links to your phone via bluetooth, allowing you to set the desired temp. When that temp is reached, a light on the mug begins to glow. You can also use the mug’s 10K mAh battery to charge your phone or other USB devices.

Ember Cup at

Ember Cup

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Steaming hot, lukewarm and everywhere in between, this mug will keep your coffee or tea at precisely the temperature you like it best. Rotate the integrated ring in the mug’s base to raise & lower the temp, which is displayed in lights. There’s also an Ember app you can use to preset & remotely control the cup.

Here’s How You Make Great Camp Coffee at

Here’s How You Make Great Camp Coffee

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The Titanium Coffee Filter from Varga Outdoors is a high-quality, super lightweight implement for making legit camp coffee. It’s made of 100% biocompatible Ti, features durable, double-mesh construction, and has 3 talon-style folding legs that allow it to fit cups & mugs of all sizes. There’s also a handle for lifting it off the mug so you don’t burn your fingers. Weight: 1.27 ounces, so basically, nothing.

Hide & Drink Pint Sleeve at

Hide & Drink Pint Sleeve

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That frosty pint will stay a bit cooler—and look a bit cooler too—without your hot hands wrapped around it. Slide on a handmade leather Pint Sleeve from Hide & Drink, and turn any standard pint glass into a mug.