Stussy Made Work Gloves Because Why Not

By Andrew Peloquin  |  October 4, 2023


Stussy Made Work Gloves Because Why Not

Whether you’re painting your house, framing a new room, or hanging sheet rock, you’ll want these Stussy Work Gloves to protect your hands.

We are fully aware Stussy is a streetwear brand.

These work gloves caught our editor’s eye, so we’re posting them.

The rubberized front ensures you’ve got rock-solid grip on anything, even if your hands or the object are wet, making them great for even plumbing work.

The rib-knit construction of the backing and fingers is tough enough to handle hardcore daily use, and the polyester fabric is breathable enough your hands won’t get hot and sweaty over a long day on the job. DIYers will find these are the ultimate work companion.


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