Swedish Audio Brand NOCS Releases New Mini Wireless Speaker

By Andrew Peloquin  |  August 30, 2023


Swedish Audio Brand NOCS Releases New Mini Wireless Speaker

NOCS made its mark on the speaker industry with the Monolith, a high-priced, high-powered beast in a compact body. Now, they’re taking things even smaller but without sacrificing quality or potency.

The NOCS Mini is a greatly scaled-down speaker, pairing a passive radiator with two drivers and a sub-woofer tuned to frequencies as low as -40 Hz.

Though on the smaller side, it still delivers a rich, full, natural sound thanks to the unique acoustic properties incorporated by the internal bracing inside its MDF speaker cabinet.



The Sorbothane damping pads reduce vibrations, both preventing the speaker from jumping around (a problem with others when listening to bass-heavy music) and creating a more stable audio output.

The NOCS Mini is crafted to be sustainable and reduce waste. When the time comes to update or improve the speaker as technology evolves, only the components will be swapped out and the body itself will remain the same.


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