Solo Stove Introduces a Cheaper Gas-only Version of its Pi Pizza Oven

By Andrew Peloquin  |  August 21, 2023


Solo Stove Introduces a Cheaper Gas-only Version of its Pi Pizza Oven

Make your own pizza using the Solo Pi Prime, an ultra-portable gas-powered pizza oven you can take camping or set up in your backyard.

The “demi-dome” construction and round shape matches the look of Solo’s fire pits, but it’s got a roomy cooking chamber that can fit a 12-inch pizza with ease.



Thanks to the fact that it uses propane instead of charcoal, you have total control over the heat output. The built-in flame control knob makes it easy to raise or lower the temperature as desired so you can cook your pizza to perfect doneness. You’ll need an external propane tank, but it’ll use the generic tanks available everywhere.



One very cool bonus feature: it comes with a removable pizza stone, so you have options on how exactly you want to cook your pizza. With a cook time of roughly 90 seconds (when set to the “ideal” 700 degrees), the Solo Pi Prime makes it easy to churn out all the pizzas you need to keep your family fed.


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