LG Put a Touchscreen TV in a Briefcase and it’s Called StanbyME Go

By Andrew Peloquin  |  August 18, 2023


LG Put a Touchscreen TV in a Briefcase and it’s Called StanbyME Go

If you’ve been looking for a solution to take your entertainment on the go in a form factor larger than your phone or tablet, LG has just the thing for you. The LG StanbyMe Go is, quite literally, a “TV in a briefcase” that you can pack on your next camping, fishing, or backpacking trip.



Its smaller size (just 27 inches) makes it the ideal portable option. When stowed in its sleek case, it’s compact enough to fit in any car, van, or SUV trunk without taking up too much space among the rest of your gear. However, when movie night rolls around, you’ll love the fact that the briefcase doubles as a stand, complete with attached swivel that lets you adjust your viewing angle.



The 1080p resolution LED screen is bright enough to see even when it’s light out, and the 20-watt Dolby Atmos surround sound speakers ensure you can hear over the noise of your fellow campers. Its three-hour battery life gives you enough time to watch virtually any movie or binge a few episodes of your favorite TV shows before it needs charging.



With an HDMI input compatible with gaming consoles and downloadable apps that give you access to streamers (including Netflix, Max, Disney+, and Prime Video), you have all the entertainment options you could ask for when out of the house.



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