Masonite Introduces the World’s First Smart Door (it’s pricey)

By Andrew Peloquin  |  August 16, 2023


Masonite Introduces the World’s First Smart Door (it’s pricey)

Take your “smart home” to a whole new level with this smart door.

The Masonite M-PWR has everything you need to add functionality to your front door: a built-in Ring video doorbell, Yale smart lock, motion-activated LED lights, and a built-in door sensor.

Rather than relying on battery power, it runs off your home’s electrical wiring, but still comes with an onboard battery that gives you up to 24 hours of run time in case your power shuts off.



All of the components are designed to be upgraded, so you can keep improving your door’s smart tech as newer-model locks, lights, and doorbells are released. Plus, it’s built using a tough, hyper-durable fiberglass that will be resilient to inclement weather and last you for decades.

If you’re willing to cough up the (admittedly high) initial investment, it’s a truly smart improvement to your home in more ways than one.


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