Curve SE Elegantly Elevates Your Laptop Screen to Eye Level

By Andrew Peloquin  |  August 10, 2023


Curve SE Elegantly Elevates Your Laptop Screen to Eye Level

Upgrade your workspace with this practical and stylish accessory.

The Curve SE is designed to serve as a stand for your MacBook, elevating it to your eye level (6.5 inches off the desk) for better ergonomics and posture. It’s designed with space enough to accommodate your hands and a keyboard and mouse close to the laptop, and the slender arms will allow ample air flow to keep your MacBook from overheating.

The modular, 3-piece metal construction (also available in a single piece design) is sturdy enough to accommodate all MacBooks as well as a wide range of laptops. You can even type or use the TouchPad on your laptop while it’s sitting on the stand—that’s how strong it is.

And, thanks to the non-slip silicone grips integrated into the underside, it won’t slide or shift around your desk, but always stay in just the right place.



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